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Old 09-29-2007, 06:10 PM
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Default It Constrains Us

It Constrains Us

„For the love of Christ constraineth us” Corinthians: 5; 14
The good prayer

Chapter Five of the second Epistle to the Corinthians was read.
Love constrains the bare-footed to put on shoes, the hungry to eat, the naked to put on clothes, the ignorant to acquire knowledge, the rich to open their hearts and give. Love constrains us to everything. You will do any good you want to do only if Love constrains you. This word is strong.

The most capable Christians have completed their studies long ago and have been conferred diplomas in Heaven and have taken assignments to serve at various offices. The mediocre ones were left here. You are some of those mediocre ones; you are not lagging behind; you are not from the very capable either; because if you had been from the very capable ones, you would have completed your studies. While some of you repeat the same class for two or three years and say that they do not remember. Well, when they have to give - they do not remember, but when they have to take - they remember. You will say now, “Why do I repeat the class?” If I tell you why you dropped, we shall waste time. You know why sometimes your sons and daughters repeat a class at school, don’t you? The same reasons are valid for you too. Some want to have an easy life. Who has stayed to study for four-five hours in the evening? Such people say, “I’ll study in my old age”, but such people are sorry for not studying when they become old. This is one of the reasons, but there are also external reasons: some people will talk you out of it, “Why do you have to walk along this Path?”

You do not have to repeat a class at least now. What’s gone is gone; it’s all the same whether you do or don’t know the reasons. But what one can do under the present circumstances – this is what is important. The main point is to complete your studies, to prepare yourself to work, not to talk only.

I want to take you to an actual, a real thought. For example, you do not know how to make experiments. Read the Bible! When Christ was talking – people then were like you – they did not understand what He wanted to tell them. So one day the disciples told Him, “Why do you talk to them like this?” Christ answered, “They are not granted.” Because His listeners were not from the capable ones, but were ignorant, lagging behind. Jews in the time of Christ were backward, while the most capable, the prophets were His disciples. John says that out of all the Jewish people one hundred and forty-four thousand were capable. However, there is no Bulgarian prophet to say how many Bulgarians are capable. I do not want to write about this, if a Bulgarian John comes, he may write and prophesy. A disciple can be incapable for a period of time and may later on become capable; it is possible for a student to be very capable for some time and to become incapable afterwards. It is possible for somebody not to be beautiful until a certain age and then to become beautiful. In “The Miserables” Cosette was not beautiful in the beginning and then she became beautiful. And when she became beautiful, what did she acquire alongside this? Who is the main hero in this novel?

A voice from the audience: Jean Valjean.
Cosette was a huge trial for Jean Valjean, so that it could be seen how he would act. He was put to a test, he made a sacrifice and he elevated. Every human being has one’s Cosette, she will become beautiful and she will leave this person. So such a person must sacrifice something from oneself. In this book Hugo wanted to put forward the idea that there is no elevating in the world without sacrifice. You cannot elevate yourself without sacrificing. If you do not work, you can’t become rich. If one does not put clothes on, one cannot be dressed; if one does not put shoes on, one cannot walk in shoes.

In the quoted line Paul says, “The Love of Christ constrains us”. There were cases when you felt Love, which one of you has not felt Love? Whenever people felt that Love constrained them, they have acted foolishly. When a child does something out of Love, the mother tells the child that the child is silly. The child has to put up with reproaches and derision everywhere. But if the child is persistent in the constraint of this Love, the child will in the end be elevated. At first Love will start with the less important issues. It will be laughed at in the beginning. Love that is not laughed at is no Love. When Love comes, one forgets the laughter of people, they laugh while one is thinking of completely different things. People may say whatever they feel like, but one does not pay any attention either to their laughter or to their reproach. One has an idea and keeps smiling. But when Love is lost, one becomes very clever, starts clenching one’s lips, narrowing one’s eyes, anointing one’s face, putting on clothes, putting on this or that. One realizes oneself that all of this does not add up to anything. You eat in order to anoint yourself internally, to put on weight, to grow muscles. You eat and drink but there is no Love, there is nothing to constrain you. In the end you become fat and start suffering. When Love comes, eating is different: people of Love do not store fat, but they store muscles, they have a body of muscles. These people of Love are very enduring. A person within whom Love acts can endure any suffering. A person who has Love can endure fasts as well.

I have seen a person suffering and laughing at the illness, saying to it, ‘Now that there is nothing for you to do, you are dealing with me!’ If it were somebody else, he or she would have shouted, while he was laughing and saying, ‘The disease will pass away, at a wrong door is the disease knocking.’ And indeed, the disease passes away. Or put in other words, there is suffering caused by beings lower than the human beings. Any suffering that embitters one is coming from a lower being. Well, there is also suffering caused by Higher Beings. For example, your teacher can assign to you a problem or work difficult to do. You will get tired of doing the work, but anyway you will acquire something. Do mothers not work; do teachers not work; do artists or architects not work? All of them work. Sculptors carve with their chisel, they have their ideas; they will carve statues to educate people. Then there will be the moral reward that one has contributed an idea, so that people can see the good that was invested in it. Or [imagine] a writer who had been writing a book for years, so that people can read and benefit. I mean good writers.
You have come to school to study, not to listen to me talking about salvation; you know this. Salvation is the easiest of jobs. When Love constraints you, this is the easiest job, when it does not constrain you – then it is the most difficult of jobs. When Love acts within you, even the King will visit you. When Love acts all doors are open to you – wherever you may knock, you will be received. There is a Magic Power in Love. It resembles the hungry one, when a hungry person sees somebody carrying bread, the hungry one says, ‘Do come in!’ Because such a person, no matter where he enters, will anyway give something.

One has to have something in one’s mind. Sometimes the human heart is empty. Why should people love if there is nothing planted in this soul? The soul is the person himself. Somebody asks if a human being has a soul or not. The soul is the one that feels, that is conscious. If you have no soul you cannot live. Therefore, any being that has a soul, lives, has life. These souls, however, differ: there are smaller, bigger, more advanced, less advanced souls. Out of all the souls the human souls are most advanced, while animal souls are not advanced. If you leave an animal at home, you know what it can do. No matter how you train it you can’t expect it to make much progress. But you have to thank animals that they have plowed and worked for us so far. If it were not for the horses to transport the required goods, if it were not for the plants too, who sacrifice for us, to help us, to deliver fruit to us! If it were not for the wheat! These are all souls – plant souls. All these souls came to our aid; they came to help human beings. Somebody asks what we have to do. I tell such a person: do what wheat does; do what pears do; do what trees do; do what oxen do; do what horses do; do what good people do! If the issue is not comprehended in this way, it can’t be understood properly.

Some have a superficial understanding of Christianity, of the New Teaching. A student wants to be given a high grade. High grades should correspond to knowledge. In certain subjects where students recite what they have learned, they may memorise it by heart, but such learning is no help in life. For instance, when one digs the vineyard, does one recite poetry? There one has to raise and place the hoe; one has to be able to dig. When one has to build a house, one needs to have certain understanding of this art. Some other time one is required to have understanding of weaving. What I am telling you is supposed to be an incentive for you, because your advanced brothers from the Invisible world who have completed their course of development assess you according to the efforts you make. When a Light brother comes in, he watches your efforts and is interested in inasmuch as you make efforts. If you are willing, he will teach you, if you are slumbering and awaiting things to happen on their own accord, he will come and pass away.

Since you have awoken in life, you will start encountering obstacles from now on. Because it is alive people who suffer, not dead ones. Stones suffer less, plants suffer more, and animals suffer still more, while human beings, as their consciousness is most advanced, suffer most of all. And with the believers, with those who have Love, suffering is still greater. A suffering person is a living person. Some suffer, but they feel pity for suffering. This is no suffering. Suffering cannot produce pity. The one who feels pity for a suffering person, is healthy; such a person does not suffer, such a person wants to save the suffering person, wants to eliminate the conditions that cause suffering. While somebody wants to eliminate these conditions with you or with others, there is something that darkens your mind. You sometimes worry; for instance, a thought gets into somebody that he/she will die and he/she cannot get rid of it. He comes home and thinks that the house will fall apart over him; he gets into his car and thinks that it will capsize; he does not dare cross the river, not to get drowned. The poor person, he is in a very awful situation, looking around and thinks that life has no meaning. Why is this person afraid that he will die? There is something that scares him a great deal, but he cannot explain it to himself. There is an internal fear within him that causes him suffering. This soul must be liberated. What is the fear in this case generated by? Somebody has mounted on horseback and keeps spurring the horse on. This horse is afraid. Whom from? From the person mounted on his back. Somebody has got into your mind and keeps spurring you; you ride at full speed, you gallop, you traverse around, you seek somebody to let you free. Finally a good person appears and says, ‘Get down from this horse!’ Sin is a condition riding the human soul. It is taken around as a horse all day long. Where does salvation reside? To be saved from the one who is on top of you. How can this be done? He [the one on top] will be taken off your back and they will say, ‘Off you go to the forest, stay there and graze!’ And if you are offered a bag of barley, do not take it, you need no corn. Graze only the grass in the forest, drink water there. Whatever heavenly words they may tell you, do not pay any attention. Haven’t you received very polite letters which you carry with you for years like a horse-rider? You still keep the hope that what will happen, will happen in years, and the one riding on your back does not do you any good, he takes care of his one interest, he is a thief. Having ridden the horse for several years, he will sell it and will go away. You will be changing masters and in the end nothing will remain of you.

When talking about Love we understand one being freed from the miseries of Life. As long as there is somebody to love, you are already in the kingdom of salvation. This is the day of salvation. As soon as Love is talked about, it has come to free the human being. This is an entire science. A person not only has to free oneself, but has also to correct the mischief one generates within oneself. There is mischief in the human mind, in the human heart; all of this should be changed. For example, a doubt starts growing in you. What is this doubt due to? To the horse-rider. Then hatred starts growing. It is also due to the horse-rider. Then bitterness, vindictiveness starts growing. All the bad qualities have come from the one who tortured you. The one who had ridden you, who has imparted all his bad qualities into you. When an evil spirit enters a human being, it will mar the human being, it will make all sorts of bad injections like a doctor, and the human being will have to clean oneself for years to come. For example, somebody tells you that death is the end of everything for human beings and you immediately believe it. Do you know what this looks like?

Imagine that you live in the evening, and there comes a philosopher, turns on the switch and says, ‘We form this light, I make light.’ This is true only for twelve hours. After twelve hours you may stay waiting for the light from the philosopher, but when it comes close to the Sunrise, he says, ‘Come on, go to bed, and tonight I will again talk to you about this teaching.’ You sleep during the whole day and in the evening he talks to you again. No, you have to make another experiment: there is light that does not come out as a result of turning on the switch, and this light does not shine for one only human being, it shines upon the entire earth; wait for six hours and see that great light looms in the East, the Sun rises. And if somebody comes to you again in the evening to tell you that he makes the light, will you believe him? The earth resembles this philosophical love, the love of electric switches: somebody comes and turns on the switch. This love may appear when a lamp or a candle is lit. But the moment the gas in the lamp burns out, the moment the candle burns down, love finishes. Wires may get torn with electricity and the light goes out. This is ordinary life about which people say, ‘When a person dies, everything is over.’

A human being on entering the other world will enter into an area much more beautiful than the earth. But one has to be prepared for it. It is sometimes not useful to think about the other world, because we will forget this world and won’t finish our work here. Human beings have to develop new organs.

Somebody says, ‘My elder brother and my mother left for the other world.’ But if you do not have organs you won’t be able to communicate with them. It is just like you shouting loudly at a deaf person so that the deaf person can hear you. When you yell, he will try to read your lips, but chances are that he may or may not understand you. So I say that some of you have developed organs for those people close to you who have left for the other world and you can communicate with them. You have not made experiments.

You will make an experiment to transfer thoughts: sisters who love each other should sit at two opposite sides and at 12 o’clock one of them should send a thought and the other one should receive it. On the following morning she should say what she received or should write the thought down and place it into an envelop. Such experiments have been made. If you develop your apparatus in this way, then people close to you who have left for the other world will be able to tell you something. For example, some of them see that there is a great trial ahead of you and they will tell you take care of yourself.

For example, a thief will come to your place; they will tell you to take care, not to receive him. Or to be aware of something else: for example your child is naughty; the child can set the house on fire. The beings from the other world will tell you favourable conditions: that whoever will help you, that there is no reason for you to lose heart, that things will shortly come back to normal. If any you, the sisters, has such a gift, then she will be the communications stations. This will happen practically – a link between the visible and the Invisible worlds.

Some people live for themselves, for the sake of their stomachs. The head, the stomach, the lungs etc., have to live for the whole body. I have seen educated people not only in Bulgaria but also abroad who do not understand this. A child has to have a gift; if the child has no gift, the issue is solved.[A1]
So now, some of you try your best to transmit thoughts to each other. You now communicate telepathically, but you understand each other in a distorted way. Someone says, ‘Sister what’s-her-name does not love me.’ This is no telepathy. Or you say, ‘Sister what’s-her-name loves me.’ This is no telepathy. You make your conclusion from a movement of this sister or from her narrowing her eyes or pursing her lips, or from a word she mentioned. This is no telepathy; this is distorted understanding. Telepathy is when you know that a sister whom you have not met loves you and you love her. This sister writes letters to you without seeing you. She has not seen even your portrait.

Now, good relations have to be formed, but you are afraid of forming love relations between the souls. You are afraid of Love. You have only one small love, the macaroni love. I call the earthly love a macaroni love. It is nice, goes without saying, it’s quite nice this love: when you boil the macaroni, you grate some cheese and pour butter lavishly on top, very delicious the dish is! I now make a comparison. Can you compare the macaroni to nice apples, pears, grapes or with any tropical fruit, or with nice boiled wheat?

Love: you have to understand what it is. Love is what makes human beings, what introduces Life, Light, Joy, knowledge, wealth – all of this. You have to first pass through the love of the world, until you finally arrive at that Divine Love, at the unattainable Love. One has to first start with the small love, until one reaches the great Love. How much water does the small insect have to drink? The bigger the fly, the more and more water it drinks, until we reach the human beings. Only the human beings know how to drink water. The animals, the mammals often die out of drinking too much water. This is not the way to drink water. Sometimes birds, hens drink water more appropriately: they take a gulp, raise their heads upwards and drink again. I find the way hens drink water best of all. I have also noticed how some people do not know how to eat. A swine, after digging its snout into the trough, does not rise any more; this the worst of eating habits. When swallowing a bite, you will thank God; then you take a second bite, you will chew it and you will be thankful etc. And now, when you eat, your ears flap. This friction creates diseases.

Eating is supposed to be an educational method. As God is hidden in the wheat, when you express your gratitude, God will open to you and will grant you His blessing. God is in bread. You pray constantly for Christ to come and reveal Himself to you to see, but when he comes in the bread, you try to get rid of Him as soon as possible and you throw the remains. People renounce Christ from where he will come; while people seek Christ where He is not. Christ will never come to the place where people seek Him. It is said, ‘I am the living bread and the one who eats from it will have life within oneself’.

You will keep this thought in your mind for one, two, three days, for a month and then this thought will grow in you, this bread will grow up within you.
You say, ‘What is Love? Not to find somebody who will love me and whom I will love!’ What does loving mean, what does it mean to love somebody and to be loved? When the Lord comes to love you, this will be the death of you. A bear when it meets you and when it starts loving you, it will eat you up. God will never punish a bear for eating you. If a bear eats up only one person and nobody else, this eating is OK. If it wants to eat a person per day, then it’s another matter. These are comparisons.

When you examine the words of Christ and of the prophets, they have to be impressed into you. And the whole world will acquire different dimensions for you. Whatever object you may touch, you will be receptive, sensitive to things. If a sensitive child who loves his/her mother, touches an object that has been touched by her, this child will know that his/her mother has touched it. If we love God, He has to come to us, and if God loves us, we have to go to Him. If God has forsaken you, He is waiting for you to love Him, so that He can come to you. When a certain disease comes to you, then God wants to call you to the other world. But you say that you are not ready yet. He wants to love you, but the sick person says, ‘Tell God that I’m not ready yet, tell Him to postpone this job.’ I say: it can be postponed, God says, ‘It’s either you love me or I love you.’ There is no middle ground, there isn’t much freedom here.
I now have an understanding and I will tell you how I look upon things: when a scoundrel robs me, I am glad that God granted him the freedom to rob me, but I do not approve of the deed of the scoundrel. The freedom of the scoundrel is from god, but his deed is not from god. Because a better master will come tomorrow and he will rob the scoundrel. How good God is! I see that God has granted you freedom, and I sometimes see that you are not willing to study.

Now, let’s leave the homes and let’s start studying! Christ will never come by force, if you do not love Him. The maiden, when she sits down thinking, she attracts the young lad in a telepathic way. She puts something into her mind and she starts imagining him and she says, ‘Come here, I grew older, people are already laughing at me, I want to get married!’ Finally a thought dawns upon the young lad that he must go and find her and he says, ‘I found your address with the greatest difficulty.’ This law is valid for the Spiritual world as well: if you do not think about God for a long time, you won’t accomplish anything.

In the Orthodox Church people cross themselves. What does crossing mean? You start first with the life that is on the head. When you place your three fingers on the head, this means that you have to think; you will place your hand on the head and you will think. Then you will place your hand on the heart and you will think; you will make experiments. In the end you will place your hand on both your shoulders and you will say, ‘I will go to work!’ This is what crossing is. For example, some suffering comes; suffering is crossing. You have to think about why you are suffering. Place suffering in your mind, think about it – why and what for it has come. Then place it on your heart, then – on your shoulders. Think, keep thinking and Light will come into you and the suffering will disappear! When you have had it for three days in your head, three days in your heart and three days on your shoulders, will become friends. You will say, ‘I have been a nagger so far, but not any longer.’ While the suffering will say, ‘What is it that you want? I have some money for rainy days.’

‘The Love of Christ compels us.’ Now is the time when all of you have to be bearers [A2] of the Divine, the Divine within you should be gushing! I go to a water fountain; I stop there; I have a rest at a water spring; I sit down and talk with the water. It tells me a story – how it visited the grass blades; what it did there; how it entered a garden, how it went to see somebody who was sick and how it helped him, how it quenched somebody’s thirst, how it gave consolation to somebody – a whole story. You say, ‘Water is just murmuring.’ It does not murmur; it talks. If only we could work like it! The saints went to the springs. Water can never be marred; Life can never be marred. The heart may only suffer a little, when certain things disturb you. The soul suffers sometime, but it never becomes ordinary, because it is not from the material world. It is temporarily bonded with the body; some day it will leave the body and get free. It can always get free. No prisons, no shackles can be in its way; when the right time comes it leaves, it is free. Human beings are also free, suffice it they love the Good. Once Love comes, you will break free from the prison. Certainly the one who knows will leave one’s body. In the early times of Christianity those, who helped in the church, prayed and an angel came. The elevated spirits have power; they rule the laws; there is no barrier for them. You have not prayed long enough to make an angel come. One hundred and twenty people prayed and the angel came and told Peter, ‘Go and preach, tell them that wherever there is Love, shackles go off!’

You have to unite into one in the new direction. We shall show you the Path! Do not think that a lot can be accomplished in a short time. This Path is difficult. But I would recommend an experiment to you: every sister should take a notebook and should first start with John’s Gospel. If a doubt comes to your mind all of sudden, select a line. Take out the ten most important lines from John’s Gospel. To make sure that you have found the most important lines that you need, try to heal yourself when a disease comes to you. You have ten lines; you will read them, you will want to turn the disease to God. It is a living being. You will read the first line, the second one, the third one etc. – you will read these lines for three days on end. If they influence you, they are for you, if they do not – they are not for you. Then select other ten lines, then again, until the disease goes away. When you select ten lines for a third time, as soon as you say the line, the disease will be there.

I shall tell you what happened once: fifteen years ago a brother from Vidin[1], who was very much into spiritism, took me to a séance of his. His séances were said to be very successful, so he took me to enjoy them. I went there. In one house there were as many people as there are here. They lined in the form of a big chain. There were people of different view points – believers and non-believers. They laugh. One of the masters laughs saying, ‘Non-sense.’ A sister was obsessed by a spirit, while they were laughing. She hit with her hand and fainted. She was obsessed by a spirit, a Bulgarian one. They want to send him to school, but wouldn’t go out. It is already 12 o’clock at midnight, but he did not come out. My friend came to me and told me, ‘What shall we do? What a pity for the mistress!’ I say, ‘Let’s have a second séance now. Everybody line up, kneel down and read the Lord’s Prayer! You will read the Lord’s Prayer the way you have never read it before!’ All were interested and elevated. The brother was holding the mistress by the hand and when we were saying the words ‘Because Thine is the Kingdom and the power, and the Glory for ever and ever. Amen!’ She awoke and came round.

The brother was convinced that this is no hypnosis, but there is an external power. Thus the spirit was sent to study at last. Those who do not understand the laws will say, ‘Why do we need such séances, one can go crazy!’ but in fact the whole world has gone crazy nowadays. These murders, these thefts that take place, are caused by such ‘advanced’ beings that obsess people and spend their lives doing nonsense. People should now learn the right Path, the Divine Path, they have to arrive at the true Path that gives meaning to Life.
‘Love compels us.’ When one suffering comes, we have to transform it. Everything assists for the better those people who love God. Sometimes both hatred and doubt are living beings; you are full of tenants, you are rented. I myself do not object to tenants, but let them be good tenants who pay for their expenses. But they come and destroy the house. One has to be in good shape! The opposite is also true. The Scripture reads, ‘I shall send my Spirit – the Spirit of the Truth’. These light Spirits, on coming, will impart something to the human being and it will become a man of arts, it will start working, helping. When the Divine Spirit comes to a human being, the human being gets out of the stagnation and gets down to work.

Apply John’s lines not only to diseases, but to other contradictions as well that you might have. For example, you experience a certain indisposition of spirit; try to find a line, another line, still a third line, and place at a special place with the line that removes the indisposition and brings Light into you, so that you can see the power of God.

Christ says, ‘I am the path, the Truth and the Life’. The Path is the material life with all of its goods, the Truth is the knowledge, and the Life – this is the heart, all that which you desire. Only when you come to know God all the material goods will come. When you come to know the Truth, it will bring Light into you. God not only created man, but He breathed a living soul into man. This is the living Christ. The heart will renovate; then you will understand what the Truth is. When Life on the Earth starts becoming clear to you, a desire to help people will be born within you. Then you are in the Path of the Truth. When you have Love to everything, then you are in Life. This is a whole science that you have to start studying from now on.

Sometimes you feel indisposed. After an hour or two it disappears. This must be within you like an art; if you take the violin you should be able to play. When a person can play well, inspiration is sure to come. The Scripture reads, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, who will instruct you to any Truth’. Love must compel us to everything.

Next time bring your notebooks where you wrote the selected ten lines.
Well, I will point them out to you:

Chapter 14; pp. 15,16: „If ye love Me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever."
Chapter 11; p. 42: „And I knew that Thou hearest Me always, but because of the people who stand by I said it, that they may believe that Thou hast sent Me."
Chapter 12; p. 26: „If any man serve Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there shall also My servant be. If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor."
Chapter 8; p.29: „29And He that sent Me is with Me. The Father hath not left Me alone, for I do always those things that please Him."
Chapter 6; p.63: „63It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."
Chapter ?; p.33: „He that hath received His testimony hath set his seal to this: that God is true."
Chapter ?; p.?: „Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily I say unto thee, unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."
Chapter 20; p.22: „And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said unto them, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost."
Chapter 21; p. 5: „5Then Jesus said unto them, "Children, have ye any meat?" And they answered Him, "No."
Chapter 15; p.26: „But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth who proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me."
Test the power of these lines when you feel indisposed. Learn them for next time. If any of you cannot learn them all, let her learn at least some of them. Learn them for two weeks. We shall recite them in the evening after 10 o’clock and in the morning when we have the best of dispositions.
The Lord’s Prayer

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) held this lecture on 24 March 1932 in
Sofia, Izgreva

[1] Vidin - the most North-western town in Bulgaria along the Danube River.
[A1][if the child has no gift, the issue is {not} solved.]
[A2][when all of you should be bearers] or [for all of you to be bearers]


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