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Default The World Shift favoring the East and the Feminine and the Disintegration of Islam

The World Shift favoring the East and the Feminine and the Disintegration of Islam

by Carl Johan Calleman

From the perspective of the cosmic plan and the Mayan calendar the Oneness Celebration takes places at a very significant point in time. In the Galactic Underworld we are approaching the Seventh Heaven beginning on December 4 of 2004, when the World Tree once again will start to make itself known and this time it will favor the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half. The Oneness Celebration includes the day (June 6, 4 Ahau), when the current NIGHT reaches its midpoint and the approach to dawn begins.

Hence, the Oneness Celebration takes place at a time when the planet is starting to gear up for a very powerful shift away from the dominance of the West and towards the creation of a global balance. In Europe this is evident in the shift of the center of gravitation of the European Union as this is expanded to include several members in Eastern Europe as of May 1. This in fact means that the European Union becomes balanced with respect to the trunk of the World Tree along the 12th longitude East. Until now the European Union and its predecessor in the common market has clearly had its center in Western Europe, West of the World Tree, and the balancing of Europe in this respect is part of the balancing of the entire planet. The recent election results in Spain, pointing away from its participation in the Western coalition in Iraq, only serve to underscore the movement towards the East in the current Underworld. The point to realize is that this is not a transition that is dependent on any particular administration in the US. The balancing of Europe on both sides of the World Tree in fact was something I had predicted already in The Mayan Calendar and is part of the larger cosmic time plan.

Part of the shift is also the planned end of the occupation of Iraq by the Western coalition as of July 1, 2004. This shift towards the Eastern Hemisphere is further compounded by the increase in relative economic strength of the Asian nations; The Tiger Economies, China and increasingly India. Even though the presidential candidates of the US election campaign are overbidding each other in claiming that jobs must remain in the US, it should be clear to everyone that the jobs will go where the lowest salaries are. Given the rapid development of the competence of the work force of many Asian nations it seems likely that it is exactly in this direction that they will go. We will in fact find that the world will be increasingly mentally attuned to what is typical of the Eastern Hemisphere. India will develop a kind of spiritual leadership for the planet and especially as its economy grows this will be all the more apparent.

The chief initial loser in this ongoing shift in the world however seems to be Islam, and especially its Sunni variety, which is the most discriminatory against women. At first sight this may seem very contradictory as, after all, Islam is a religion that has almost all of its weight in the Eastern Hemisphere. The current decline of the power of the Muslim world however finds its origin exactly in this location in the Eastern Hemisphere, which conflicts sharply with the left brain nature of this religion. At the current time it thus seems that there is no nation or group in the Muslim world that would be able to pose a serious challenge to the West spiritually, economically or otherwise. Everywhere Muslim nations are being pushed back. Egypt, which emerged in the fifties as the leading Arab nation has been weakened through its defeats in wars against Israel and economic stagnation. Recently, the Sunni regimes of Iraq and Afghanistan have been defeated, Libya and Iran has been forced to soften their stance. The same may be said for Pakistan in its relation to India. Israel seems just as powerful compared to the Palestinians as ever and at the current time the very survival of the Arab League, the only modern semblance of the Muslim unity of the Caliphate and the Sultanate in earlier times, seems to be at stake. Compounding this sense of weakness rulings in both France and Sweden have come out against the hiding of the faces of Islamic women and the expansion of Islam to Europe seems to have found its limitations.

While the terrorism of certain groups of Sunni Muslims poses a risk to the inhabitants of many countries, this does not reflect a position of strength of Islam or of such groups like Al-Qaeda, but the very opposite. The suicide bomber plays a role much more akin to the Kamikaze Pilots in the ending days of Japan of World War II, than of the victorious armies of Muhammad in the seventh century. A suicide bombing seems more like a desperate act of someone whose civilization is falling apart than as a sign of having wind on the back. The Quran clearly states that suicide is not a permissible act under any circumstances and yet they happen. While there are many different terrorist groups, it seems that very few except for the Muslim groups practise the desperate act of suicide bombings.

On one level the reason is that there is an obligation of every Muslim to seek to spread this religion to every part of the world and certainly to reconquer every Muslim land lost to infidels. The problem with this attitude has been that ever since 1683, with the defeat of the Turkish Sultanate at Vienna, and especially after the beginning of the Planetary Underworld in 1755, the political power of the Islamic world has been one of constant decline. While a brief recovery seemed to be at hand during the oil crisis of 1973, the very existence of the state of Israel, land lost from Islam harboring its third holiest city, remains a constant proof of the weakness of Islam. Given the intermeshing of political and religious power in this religion, this is in the Arab and Muslim world perceived much as a sign of the weakness of their religion.

”Why is this?” we may ask. Why is Islam, a religion of the Eastern Hemisphere weakened at the same time as this very same hemisphere as such is strengthened? The chief reason is that while Islam is a religion of the Eastern Hemisphere it is also an extremely dualist religion created by the left brain hemisphere. This is very clear just from the fact that in the Sunni Arabic area men dress in white and women in black. It is clear also from the fact that in Mosques pictures (which are perceived through the right brain hemisphere) are forbidden, while written texts (created through the left brain hemispheres) from the Quran are covering the walls. The omnipresent repression of the image of the woman (through the clothing imposed) serves exactly the same function, one of repressing and taking away the right brain image as well as the feminine qualities at large. Regardless of what rationale, if any, is presented for the dualist filtering out of all aspects of the feminine it is clear that Islam is a religion that filters out the right brain hemisphere. The reason that Shia Muslims today seem to be in a strengthened positioned versus the Sunni is then simply that their repression of the feminine is not as consistent as in the former tradition. There is little to indicate that Muhammad personally disfavored women and so the tradition that emphasizes the importance of his very family, Shia, also means less repression of women.

Of course, also the other monotheist religions that emerged in the consciousness of the National Underworld, which has dominated the world since the beginning of the Mayan Long Count about 5000 years ago, are products of left brain rule. They are however currently in a better position as they are not to the same extent geographically based in the Eastern Hemisphere. Islam’s problem is that it is a dualist left brain religion, which is not consistent with the current global creation field that enlightens the Eastern Hemisphere. This, by itself, means that the evolution is now moving away from left brain dominance and is supporting the return of the feminine and the goddess. Ultimately, this is the reason that many Muslims, and especially those of the more dualist Sunni variety, see no future for themselves and their religion. The repression of the woman that has been an integral part of their way of life will now, because of the changing global creation field, by necessity come to an end. For those that identify very strongly with the traditional Jihad ideals of Islam, and the practices of subordinating women, the world is coming to an end. This is the true background to the terrorism and suicide bombings whose victims are not only Israel and the symbols of Western power. Various expressions of the Shia Muslims, not to mention a country like Turkey, which has moved towards separating the state from the religion and provided extensive rights for women are just as much the targets of such desperate campaigns.

In the years ahead we may expect all organized dualist religions to disintegrate. Their many practices of sexual and gender repression as well as internal hierarchical structures are not consistent with the global creation of the Galactic Underworld generating energies favoring the East and right brain. Islam is however likely to first have to relate to these energies because of its primary location in the Eastern Hemisphere. The many mystical traditions emphasizing the unity with God and practicing of compassion extending to all members of the human race, regardless of religious or other affiliation, will however be their legacy for the future. The words of the Quran describing the end of creation, “judgement day”, as a time “when no soul shall control another soul and the control shall be entirely Allah’s” are words for the future – one of true equality and the disintegration of all control-based human hierarchies. The future belongs to spiritual traditions that recognize all human beings as equal children of the divine, while those that seek to maintain a dualist separation into believers and unbelievers will disintegrate. This shift away from dualism takes place as Venus, a symbol of Islam ever since the original visions of Muhammad at the time of one of its conjunction with the moon, very directly conjuncts with the sun and radiates the energy of the Returning Goddess to the Earth. In this new light created by the unification of Venus with the sun only those aspects of Islam that fully embrace the feminine and the “unbelievers” will be able to survive.


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