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Old 12-02-2007, 07:13 AM
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Default Cleanliness of life

Cleanliness of life

I am going to read some verses from John the Apostle.
Every man needs three important and essential things to maintain one’s life - and they are: Light, Life and Love. Light lightens the physical world and helps us to understand Life. If a man does not understand laws of Light then he would not understand Life’s laws; if one cannot understand laws of Life one could not understand laws of Love. If one does not understand laws of Light, Life and Love one will have inner disagreement and the result will lead to outer dissonance.

In the organic world, Light is connected with food, which a man consumes - without light and warmth no food can be produced. It means that man’s stomach depends on the light and on the warmth. Food is used to supply the body with the elements through which life exists. Today everybody and all live creatures from the smallest to the biggest strive toward happiness and security. This striving exists in a family, too, in a community; in nations - all strive to organize their life. I am asking you who succeeds in it. More sensible families, community and nations who understand laws of Light, Life and Love can organize their life somewhat in order to live better. The rest, who do not understand these laws, get superstitious and achieve nothing. Why does this happen? It is this way, because these people look for their happiness at the beginning of their life, at the beginning of each work, whereas happiness is at the final result of each work, happiness appears at the final result of one’s life.

All people today have in mind to advance in their careers, to get richer, and to become scholarly, to be strong, or all of this means that they want to be happy. Therefore, if happiness is an aim of life then everybody should be inclined to learn the way, which leads to it - without happiness life does not have outside expression. On the Earth a sign of happiness is our health - the first important thing for a man is man’s health. A man must be healthy, but man’s health depends on physical correlation between one’s organs. If the correlation between one’s brain, lungs and stomach is accurate then one’s health is good - these three organs form three great worlds. Many people mix up paunch with stomach and say: “A man should not eat much.” Paunch and stomach are completely different things. In the human’s stomach there are 10 millions workers – these are cells that digest food. If we paid each worker one lev per day then we should pay 10 millions leva just for our digestion system daily; it is obvious from this example how great the job is that these cells do. This comes to show us what large quantity of energy nature spends in order to keep these cells in good condition. And after that huge job people do not value life. Why don’t they? Because they do not understand how many creatures work for them for nothing and what huge quantity of energy nature spends to sustain Life.

People today – those who rule over the world, scholars and philosophers - are busy with an idea that is not real: they want to create in our life some rules, justice and happiness without understanding laws of happiness. Despite this trend almost nowhere can you see ideal families, community or states. This is a result of disharmony between three worlds - physical, spiritual and mental - when there is no harmony, there is no correct coordination. For example if the light that permeates our eyes is very strong then our eyes contract immediately, because they cannot suspend it - otherwise this strong light will cause big harm to them.

If light is very weak then one’s eyes open wide like the eyes of night birds, they prepare to accept more light; but this extra opening of eyes affects another way. Man’s eyes should not be like those of night birds, open too wide or like eyes of day birds, too shrunken. People, whose eyes are opened wide, have understanding for life which can be compared with the night light; those, whose eyes are shrunken, have understanding about the life that can be compared with the day light. And they are two different categories of people who do not have and cannot have anything in common. What can be born in the dark night? During a dark night wheat does not grow and fruit does not ripen - night is created just for rest, real Life, real growing and ripening is during the day.

I say that a Night can be compared with people’s sufferings in life, while a day - with delightfulness. You can ask me: “Why do sorrows and sufferings come to man’s life? There is some balance between sufferings and delightfulness: sorrows and sufferings are necessary for man’s rest, while delightfulness - for work. Outside Life there is no delightfulness or sorrow, but they cannot be separated from it as well. If you separate them from life then Life itself will become aimless. And there is not a more awful suffering for a man to have an aimless life; just in this case a man can see that sufferings and delightfulness are in their own place. But when a man cannot use them for his benefit, then they have not done their positive work; who has not benefited from the sufferings and delightfulness then this man is like a blind man and cannot see all the blessings running along with them. For example, I will ask you the following question. If you meet a wealthy man who lives in constant fear for his money, who is scared of being poor again and who is afraid of robbery, does that man benefit in any way from his money, does his money bring him any happiness? No, he does not benefit. This man lives in constant fear, in suffering, because he is afraid of losing his happiness, which he finds in having a huge amount of money. Consequently, his money makes him feel more miserable, than happy.

When does wealth bring more sufferings to a man than delight?
- When the people surrounding him want to become rich without making enough efforts for that. Misery of people nowadays is in unwillingness to work - everyone wants to work as less as possible. I agree with the opinion that hard work is not sensible. We have not come to Earth to be slaves of labour. Unreasonable hard work implicates people’s trend to become rich, to make provisions for all their life. Labour must be replaced by sensible work, and sensible work is possible only when good understanding exists between people for even only one point of view. If there is understanding only for one key thing in people’s life then they will be able to make sensible connections with Light, Life and Love. Light is a collection of the consciousness of all living creatures - from the smallest to the biggest, including Man. Life itself is an inner part of all life; this means that between all living creatures something exists generally, because everything alive lives, i.e. there is something universal in the life of everyone and everything. But Life of a man differs from life of other creatures with its sensibility - in this meaning only a man lives. Sensibility is the most valuable thing in man’s life. The word “Life” means sensibility. Where sensibility does not exist - then there is not a life; if there is even a small mark of sensibility then Life exists as well. Love is a divine world that is a foundation of all other worlds. People’s fault nowadays is when they separate God from Love, i.e. from the world that sustains everything. God does not exist outside Love; outside Love we cannot be recognize God.

As we cannot know God without Love we cannot recognize a man outside a Sensible life. Therefore Love is an important and lofty part of our Life - a man’s life should be occupied with it. It is a symbol of a light of man’s life too - while a man is able to experience love, he can see everything in the right way; when a man stops to experience love, one’s life gets dim and he cannot see anything.

Power, that maintains the entire life, comes from the three most important elements in it –from Light, from Life and from Love. The same statement is valid for a man: a man can gain energy to sustain his organism from Light itself, if a man knows Light’s laws, from Life, if one understands it and from Love if one trends towards it. These are three central sources from where a man can accept Strength, Vitality and Health - if one has these three things; one has achieved real happiness here on Earth. Jesus Christ says: “I am the fine shepherd; the fine shepherd surrenders his soul on behalf of the sheep.” In the words fine shepherd Jesus Christ means the best possible material goods that must be given to all people; in the word sheep He means all sensible people. In the word shepherd He meant the divine beginnings in a man on which one can always rely. As a human body cannot live without a head, in the same way a herd cannot exist without a shepherd.
The symbol of a shepherd in the human’s body is his head, sheep are his lungs, and Light - this is the human’s stomach, from where he should take his energy.

I am saying: it does not matter how good or bad a man is if one does not understand Light’s laws; in that case one cannot benefit from it. If one cannot catch real meaning of Light, he will not have the right understanding for the world and will watch it as he watches an art gallery.

However, there are some rules and methods through which a man can benefit from Light. Sometimes the wrong acceptance of Light leads to sickness in a man, which is as a result of that anomaly.

If we rely on information from science, Light is stored in a different way in different kinds of food. Depending on that, it has a different influence on a human body. Some food has a beneficial effect on man’s system whilst other – unfavorable. Those foods that have an adverse effect on a man’s body are very often the reason for his sickness. Therefore, food that people consume represents light that is stored in their different organs in a different way. Thus, each man who wants to be healthy must take that kind of food which is suitable for his system - this is the real hygiene of our Life.

For this reason, the hygiene of our life should start from the exact way of using the benefits from the Light, which is stored in plants and vegetables.
If light, that we accept cannot be transferred into living energy, we say that the food is not well digested. It means that between that food and your body there is not a good correlation.

Some medical experts, who have studied the hygiene of food and some physiologies, recommend that kind of food nowadays that is not acceptable and does not achieve the most desired effect for keeping the body fit enough. Some specialists recommend meat food whereas the others - vegetarian. However, some vegetarian food contains certain oils, more than meat does and it can destroy the human’s stomach much worse than meat does. To avoid this misbalance in one’s system each person should discover which food is good for him - which food Mother Nature has prepared for him.

This is one of the most important questions, which every sensible person must think about; it is not so important what exactly is written in books concerning this matter, but everybody must find his own food, like all animals do. Who has taught sheep to feed on grass, and what is more, who has taught them to choose the grass suitable just for sheep? Without reading from special books, sheep know what kind of grass to graze. Sheep choose their food themselves whereas a man must read lots of scholarly books in order to find out which food is fine for him and which is not. Regarding the choice of our food Nature placed in man an inner instinct or an inner feeling to recognize what is good for him. And if a man goes back to his first condition of cleanliness and purity he will find out which food is good and the most appropriate just for him. If a man relies on Nature to guide him, he will solve not only the problem with his food, but he will also be familiar with exactly what kind of life to live and how to live it. Contemporary people speak a lot about bringing up young persons today, they use many new rules and methods, and despite of that fact they still have very little achievement in that area - why? They have taken the other path from the initial Life’s way.

The mother is teaching her daughter for many years how to maintain her life and that daughter still is incompetent. I will ask you how do little birds bring up their offspring, how do they teach them how to live? When a bird’s son is getting married does he ask his parents which wife to choose and how to live? The bird’s son does not take an advice from his parents, because knowledge is inside him. The bird’s mother and father do not even ask why he has chosen one or another wife - they completely agree with his choice. When bees hive then the mother and the father leave their home and sons and daughters stay. Parents of bees go to a new hive and leave the old one to their children. The same law is valid for the birds. Old birds leave their nest and start building a new one while young birds stay in the old nest. In man’s world the opposite rule is valid. Parents stay in their old house and children leave it and go to a new one. I am saying these facts in order to pay attention to the circumstances that since people have changed their right direction in their life, they have forgotten everything which had been given to them and now they are learning it again. They are in contradiction and often ask each other: “Who will teach us, who will bring us up?” They forget that that knowledge is placed inside them and they can very easily reverse it - when?

When they go back to the primary life, to life of cleanliness – this is the answer to the question. If a bird can find its way in life, if a microbe knows how to live, then so much more can man as a sensible creature, made in God’s image, he could maintain his life by himself.

I am saying that a man who wants to move forward in his life he must understand and follow the laws of Light, Life and Love. Today not just ordinary people, but also philosophers, scholars and writers do not know what Light requires from them, they do not understand what Life requires from them and what Love requires. They do not know what Light, Life and Love are. All people say that God is Love, but what is the relation between God’s love and them, they do not know. However, if people manifest God’s Love in their life in the right way then they will set up a beginning of a new Sensible Life - Sensible life is everlasting life; Life without sufferings and misery. With lack of God’s Love you will have a Life full with sufferings and restrictions. A man does not come to the Earth for sufferings, though. He came to the Earth to study, to develop one’s skills.

If somebody asks a man why he has come to Earth, he does not know what the Earth looks like. They do not even know that. They do not know how to answer. Earth has a shape of a ship, which had a lot of chimneys. Today just 56 are left, 56 volcanoes that smoke all the time. It indicates that the Earth keeps on travelling in space. People are passengers in that ship and consider different topics while travelling in it. They discuss personal, domestic, public and national questions. One day The Earth will arrive at its destination, will honk its horn and will say: “All passengers must leave the ship Earth and go to the shore, leave the ship!” From the port all passengers will continue their life on the land, while the ship will go back to fetch other passengers at the same place.

And when somebody says that he will leave this world, this is true if he means The Earth; scientists believe that one day the planet Earth will lose the possibility to nourish its population and they must look for another place to settle on. We believe in everlasting Life - Life is not single, but it lasts forever, it cannot be divided nor can it die. Outer forms are getting destroyed, but its inner form continues to live - nothing can destroy it, nothing can deaden it. Life is stronger than death, for it death does not exist, but people think they will die. They are like Nastradin Hodja who used to say: ”When my wife dies, half of Life dies, when I die the entire world dies with me.” And people today think the same - they say: ”As long as we live, the entire world lives, when we die, the world dies with us, too.” This is not any philosophy at all.

Under the word death it is understood going from one form of life to another, from one life to another life. To go from a lower step in a life to a higher one makes sense, however if you die and go to a lower level of life - it does not make sense. When they said that with death everything ends, this is a misleading, this thought is wrong - ending concerns just inner forms, inner circumstances, in which a man had lived earlier. Childhood of a boy lasts 7 years - from one to seven; from seven to fourteen years of one’s life a man goes through his teen age, and from fourteen to twenty one he goes through his youth, he becomes a young man and starts his adult life. After that age a man is getting mature and gradually he is getting older and older. I am asking? Where is his youth? His youth has changed, but has not disappeared, the young man has not died, and the child has not died as well. These are periods of the same Life, which in the physical world reach his limit as an old man.

An old man leaves this world and goes to another world and a baby is born somewhere instead of his life.

Consequently that meaning which in the physical world is called death is nothing else than changing forms - an old man leaves, a baby comes. A man does not die, but changes his form and place - he goes out from one place and goes into another one. You will ask: “What happened with the old man?“ He left his old house which was not hygienic and went to a new one, clean and hygienic. If you look for him in his new house he might say: “Please, accept my apology to you but I cannot welcome you, because I have not yet settled in my new house. Wait for me until I settle down and in a couple of years you are welcome to be my guests.”

This is a new way to understand Life. You can say: “The old man has passed away. Let God forgives all his sins.” Where has he gone? – “To the other world, to Heaven.” Who understands it this way he will be in the same contradiction like a religious man who listened to a sermon of an English preacher about “that world”. The daughter of the religious man had died a short time ago and he asked the preacher: “As you are preaching about “that world” could you tell me please, where is my daughter now?” The preacher answered: “She is in Heaven.” One of the men, sitting next to him, said: “Sir, your daughter is not in Heaven, but at the meeting here, with you.” The preacher says that the man’s daughter is in Heaven, but cannot see her, while the other man, who prays to God all the time, says that she is at the meeting and he can see her and he even describes her hair, height, says what colour her eyes are e.g. at the same time he tells her father what his daughter wants from him. Which of the two men speak the truth? The priest claims something that he does not see, while the man says what he sees and knows.

Most of the people think that with death everything ends. If it is true, it is all right, but if a dead man can speak even when he is dead, what you would say about this? If you go closer to a dead man and start speaking with him, is he really dead? He is not. For somebody “to die”, it is understood a total disappearance of one’s conscience and absolutely forgetting about one existing. But it does not happen this way. Why? These kinds of things do not exist in the entirety of Nature. That, what we call death, is just a transaction from one place to another. When somebody dies, he is gradually forgotten by other people, disappears from their attention, but for oneself, consciously, he never stopped to exist. Note that in physical Life man’s attention often goes from one object to another depending on how interesting for a man the next object is. If one object makes a bigger impression, when one object attracts your attention much more than the other then one’s mind strays from the less attractive object. It is true that a man can be dead in regards to objects that make less of an impression to him and can be alive for objects that make a stronger impression. Therefore one’s mind strays away from one object to another object, from one place to another place and when an object or a person does not exist in somebody’s mind he says that this object or that person is dead for him. This object is dead just for him, but not for everybody. When you watch an old man you can see that he lives in the physical world, but very often passes to the Spiritual world. He lives in both worlds - physical and spiritual, when he is alive for the physical world, he is dead for the Spiritual and vice versa when he is alive for the Spiritual world he is dead for the physical one. With one’s inner feeling a man understands that everlasting life exists, and that is why he is preparing to pass from one state into another, e.g. born from a woman and mortal, from lack of love into eternal Life and into Love.

Thus if a man understands life in its narrow and limited meaning and betrays Light, then a man will be dead for Light. He will not be interested whether or not the Sun shines, because he will concentrate his mind just on Life itself. If one understands just Love, then he will be interested only and just in it and will not pay any attention to the manifestations of Life. This concern is just for limited life; however one’s conscience can be in alert for Life, for Light and for Love. It means one’s mind can be concerned about the physical, Spiritual and Divine world. If a man in the physical world ignores Light then one will have a sick stomach, and as a result his body will become weak. If one ignores Life then one’s lungs will suffer and get weak; if one ignores Love as a result one’s mind will be affected. When one breaks the laws of Light this affects one’s stomach; if one ignores the laws of Life one’s lungs suffer, when one breaks the laws of Love then one’s mind, one’s head suffers. I am asking you, where is a man – in his stomach, in his lungs or in his mind?

Now, when we know about the three things of vital importance - Life, Light and Love, we will meet three categories of people. Some of them devote themselves entirely to Life; they want to research it in all small details, as a result of that they go to extreme situations. Religious people have betrayed the physical world, they have betrayed Light, and as a result they lived in deserts, in monasteries and convents, but they did not find out the real meaning of Life - they betrayed the physical world in advantage for the spiritual. The third category of people have become mystics in order to understand Love, but even this way they did not find out the genuine meaning of their life. And all these ways are extremism. The way of a mystic person is not bad, but they should not pass their mystic mood to people who do not have the same background. If one wants to understand the true meaning of one’s life, if one wants to benefit themselves and other people one must start from the physical world, from Light and gradually to continue into the Spiritual and Divine world. The one, who wants to have the true understanding of Life, must learn equally about all aspects in it. Light in which we live is not something arbitrarily - it represents the source of good things of life, which must be used. If we are able to transform physical energy into spiritual and if we can convey this energy to a spiritual way, this means transferring physical goods into the Spiritual world. This Jesus conveyed in his words: “Rather, store up for yourself treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

Therefore people must learn and practice the laws of Life, of Light and of Love if they want to be happy. It is not enough for people just to be familiar with them; these laws must be accomplished as well. Many people say that the field must be ploughed very deep, but they do not do it. It is written that you must sow good seeds in your field, but you do not do it; it is written that you must do good, but you do not do good - and after all this you expect good results. No, knowledge that you do not practice in your life cannot bring you good results.

I will ask you a question, which is: if a man cannot place in one’s mind the highest minded thoughts, in one’s heart the noblest feelings and in his will - the most decent behaviour and acts, how will one manifest one’s life? If he cannot manifest his life through his thoughts, feelings and acts then it does not matter how well and how much he will speak about Life, Light and Love. That man cannot benefit from life at all. You can get real achievements only when you are in a very close relation with Life, Light and Love - and this connection must not be a single act, but long lasting acts. For example, when a man was born he established this relation with life, but if he does not want to lose it he must uninterruptedly rehabilitate it; the same way he must rehabilitate his connection with Light and Love without breaking it. A connection with Love can be supported just by the thought of God. A link with Life can be supported by love to other people - the one, who does not love people, cannot have the support of life. A connection with Light is supported by love to the physical life - the person, who does not love physical life he or she cannot have any relation with Light. The most important, the highest things in physical world are warmth and Light, therefore we must love all the precious things in life. Without Light and warmth we cannot understand relationships, structure and manifestations of real Life. If we do not understand Life, we will not understand love, too.

Jesus says: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” If a man understands the way and the life then he will understand the truth as well. The truth contains all understandable things while the lie all things that you cannot understand at all. The things that one can understand bring life whereas the things that cannot be understood bring death. It is said: “Truth will break you free” - it has all the circumstances in which Life, Light and Love reveal themselves in all their power. The words; “I am the way and the truth and the Life” can be transformed into words: I am The Light, The Life and The Love. The way means the physical world, The life means the man. And Life reveals only in The Truth, in the Wisdom and in the Love - this Jesus meant with the words: “I am the fine shepherd” consequently everybody can be a fine shepherd to his thoughts, a fine shepherd to his feelings and a fine shepherd to his acts. These things Jesus preached 2000 years ago and we can manifest them in our personal and community life today.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 02.08.1931 10 o’clock in the morning


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