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Old 12-01-2007, 04:51 AM
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Default Love, Reason , Love for Truth

Love, Reason , Love for Truth

Yesterday you read chapter 26 from Genesis. What did you understand from this chapter? (- God’s blessing passes from one person to another). That is right, where there are conditions, blessing passes from one person to another. So each river flows through such places where there are conditions for it; each tree grows where there are conditions for it; each person lives where there are conditions for his development, for awakening of his thought – such is the law. Some people say that their things are not going well; when their things are not going well, it shows that they have not got into conditions favourable to them. What must they do then? They have to change the conditions in which they are – once they change the conditions, things will also go well. Someone complains that his wheat did not grow – why? This is because he has sowed it on a stony place – if he changes the conditions, his wheat will grow. To sow your wheat on a stony place and wait for it to grow, it is just the same as to climb up a rock and say: “There is no one to bring me a piece of bread, no one loves me!” I say: climb down the rock, go to the valley among people – you will find bread there. – “How’s that – people should know that I have climbed the rock and they have to bring me some bread.” They should know, but they do not want to know – what will you do then? Nothing else remains but to climb down the rock and go to the valley to get as much bread as you like. How can you tell, maybe some people know that you are in the mountains, maybe they know that you need bread, but they have no possibility to come to you – maybe the conditions do not allow them to get in touch with you.

Present people, when they do not understand each other, easily take offence. For example, when listening to someone talking, they say: “These and these words refer precisely to me”. I say: if indeed the words of a speaker refer to the distorted thought of one of the listeners, let him throw it away, let him eliminate this thought from himself; but if the words refer to his right thought, let him keep it within himself. Someone says: “I did a bad action”. This action was done also by your great-grand-father and your great-grand-mother, as well as your grand-father and grand-mother, but you also repeat it again. Most people today act exactly like their great-grand-fathers and great-grand-mothers, and many people act like animals, but they all have to grow out of these old habits. It is already time for people to give up the old habits, acquired from their ancestors, as well as the habits of animals.

For instance, you enter someone else’s yard and the dog starts to bark at you right away. Even if you are a saint, when you enter another’s yard, the dog will bark by all means – with its barking it wants to say: “How dare you come into someone else’s yard without permission?” When you do not understand this law, you pick up a stone, throw it at the dog and say: “Who put you to guard this home?” In this case the dog bares its teeth against the person who has entered and tells him: “Do you know that there is a master here?” You throw the stone at the dog and say: “I acknowledge no master at all!” The dog acts like an animal, but you do not act better either. You should not throw a stone, but ask yourselves why the dog barks – there must be some reason for the dog to bark. If a bear appears against this dog, the latter will immediately retreat, hide somewhere and stop barking.

An important question, that should be considered, is the question of the readings that are given to you during the day. From each reading, one has to draw at least one basic rule or one basic law, because there is a certain connection between him and what he has read. If there is no inner connection between yesterday and the present day, and also if there is no connection between today and tomorrow, then everything one does is useless. If there is no connection between the single facts and phenomena in Life, then the blessing cannot come either. By connecting the single facts and phenomena in their lives, people will learn to think rightly – the principal purpose in their life is to learn to think like God. For thousands of years now, people have lived in monasteries and in deserts, studied at universities and a series of other educational institutions, with the sole purpose of learning to think rightly as God does. If they cannot achieve this, then any efforts and any science will be useless.

I am asking: which are the basic qualities of God’s thought? One of the essential qualities of God’s thought is incessancy – there is a close bond between all God’s thoughts. Nothing can separate one thought of God from another one – they are inextricably bound up with each other. However, this quality is missing in human thought. For instance, someone holds a high opinion of his friend; someone else comes and tells him something bad about his friend – he changes his opinion right away and no longer thinks as before. I am asking: can the friendly feeling change? Essentially, it is unchanging, because God has planted it in man; once friendship is a Divine feeling, nothing in the world is able to change it. Therefore, if the friendship of someone changes, it is not from God – you should always have this in mind. Someone says: “I used to have strong faith, but it has waned now.” If your faith is from God, nothing is able to change it – if it changes, it is not from God. Generally, faith that changes is not from God.

Someone says: “Why does God not think of me?” Because you do not think of Him, either. – “Why does God not love me?” Because you do not love Him, either. You have shut yourself up, and you want to be loved. If a child shuts its mouth, how will the mother be able to manifest her love towards it – she brings it a cup of milk, a piece of bread, but it sits before her with its mouth shut, and does not open it; once it opens its mouth, then the mother will love it as well. Most of present people do the same in relation to God – they shut their hearts to Him, do not allow Him in, but at the same time they want from God to love them. How can He love them, should He come with a pair of tongs and open the hearts of people with them? No, this is violence, and Love does not use violence. God says to people: “Seek for Me in a day of sorrow.” They do not listen to Him, do not pray, nor acknowledge Him, until one day the Angel of death comes and takes them – you say, “A person named so-and-so has died.” This person was a pot for which the potter tells his servant: “Break this pot; it must not live any more!” You say: “We do not know why we have to pray”. The one, who wants to live and not be broken like an earthenware pot, should pray. – “I want to live, learn and rejoice at God’s world.” Once you want to live, you will pray to God, you will believe and you will study.

Many would like to know what God is like. I say: Whoever wants to know what God is, first he has to know something about his own self – what he is like. – “Does God love me?” – First you should know whether you love God – if you know that you love Him, then you will know that He loves you, too. – “Is God just?” If you are just, you will know what God’s Justice is like; if you are not just, there is no way you can understand God’s Justice. It is said in the Scripture: “God’s anger will descend upon the sons of disobedience” – in human language, this verse means: “God’s anger will descend upon all pots which do not do His will, and will break them into thousands of pieces”. Is that possible? Of course it is possible – is there a potter who, seeing that some of his pots are not made as they should be, does not take a hammer and break them to thousand of pieces? Once he has broken them, he says: “I will make new, better pots!” Is there a person who has not broken bottles or pots – once he takes a pot or a bottle in his hands and notices that it smells, he immediately throws it on the ground to break it and says: “I will buy myself a new one.”

So, out of this reasoning, I draw the following conclusion: throw aside every thought or feeling which does not serve you, let them be broken; throw aside every bad desire which you have once tried and seen that it is stinking; throw aside every bad act. Why would you need these old, stinking bottles and pots – let them be broken, they are useless. You will be better without them – you were not born with them, but they came later. Buy new, nice, clean pots! Once you free yourselves of the old and stinking ones, then only the Divine will remain in you – then God will know you and you will know Him. If God knows you, then you will be glad, cheerful and strong; if God knows you, then you will have a connection with Him. There is nothing greater for a man than to be connected with God!

Someone says: “When I get connected with God, will I see Him?” What does “seeing something” mean? One can see an object or a face, only if he loves it; one can see things only when his consciousness is absolutely awake in the world of Love, which he lives in. If his consciousness is not awakened in this world, he sees as through a fog, and this is not seeing but peering. The one who can make use of the fruit of an apple, he sees and understands the apple; if he cannot use its fruit, he neither sees nor understands it. If you do not make use of the fruits of the apple, no matter how much you assure others that you see it, you delude yourselves as much as you want to delude others – you use food that ruins your stomach and you say that this food is not good. Is it necessary that someone from outside comes to persuade you that this food is good – your stomach is a specialist, it checks, tries out the food and then expresses an opinion. Every other persuasion, which comes from outside of you, is a delusion, and each delusion is an old teaching.

I say: today all people need the right views, a right outlook on things. It is not enough for one only to think that he is doing God’s Will, but one ought to fulfill it in the right way – we have come here to comprehend God’s Will and fulfill it. The one, who is not ready for this work, must not come to the Lakes any more. If he wants to come for his own pleasure, he is free - but coming here and deluding himself that he is doing God’s Will, is not allowed. You should serve God as I serve Him. There is no need for you to waste your time only in deluding that you will do this or that – Heaven has had enough of delusions and unfulfilled promises of people. What do people do today? They gather around some scientist and begin to flatter him, to glorify him, in order to wring something from him. What is this flattery, this praising? This is nothing else but halters on his head and packsaddles upon his back. No, throw aside all kinds of halters and packsaddles – one has to be free! It means nothing if these halters are gold or silver – they are halters nevertheless. A free person brooks no halters, no packsaddles, nor nails. He wants his hands and feet to be free from chains, his mind to be free from halters, his heart to be free from packsaddles, and his soul and Spirit to be free from all nails – this is the new philosophy of Life.

And after all this, the ignorant ones will come to say that God spoke to them through some prophetess, or through their grand-mother or grand-father who have passed to the kingdom-come. What does God say to them? – That wheat should be offered for the sake of the one who has passed. I say: If your fellows, who have passed to the next world, would like to eat wheat, their situation is not very good – the one who wants to eat wheat, let him come to this world, for wheat cannot be offered from this world to the next one. The Holy Mother of God had said through some prophetess, that if people want to succeed in their matters, they should light candles and icon-lamps for her. What kind of a prophesy is this – the Holy Mother of God does not need your candles and icon-lamps, these are delusions. It is not a way to make prophesies. Someone thinks up something and he is reputed to be a prophet. There were prophets in the old times, and today there are many prophets, too, but a true prophet radically differs from a fake prophet.
I am asking – what is the difference between the true prophet and the fake prophet? The fake prophet is like the boza -seller – he walks along the street crying: “Boza, boza!” and once you drink up a glass of it, he immediately says: “Pay now!” You meet a religious, pious sister who says that she speaks with God, lives according to God, but visits this or that fortune-teller to tell her the future by wax. I say: if this sister believes in God and lives in conformity with His laws, then after having her meal of pure, healthy food, such as given by Nature, does she need to go to some prophet or prophetess and eat from their banitsa ? Once she has a bit of such banitsa, her stomach gets ruined. When someone’s stomach gets ruined from the banitsa of some prophet or prophetess, then these are fake prophets. Such a prophet is said to be a banker among people, and whoever asks from him anything, he says: “This is an easy job, we will settle everything.” And, indeed, he settles things easily: he takes forty or fifty per cent interest and does not think – he strips the skin from people. I call these fake prophets, “dealers of human skins”. I pass by the shop of one of these dealers and I read the inscription: “Prophet’s shop” – I say: I do not enter such a shop! If a prophet becomes a grocer, he is a fake prophet – commerce is not for the prophet.

And so, God’s blessing passes upon us, too, just as thoughts are transmitted from one person to another. One kind of thoughts go according to the law of Love, others go according to the law of Wisdom, while a third kind of thoughts go according to the law of Truth. However, no matter in which way thoughts go, their results are the same for erudite and simple people, for righteous and sinful ones. Water equally washes the righteous and the sinful one; the difference lies only in the following: from the sinful one, water becomes very unclean, very muddled, while from the righteous one, it becomes cleaner and clearer – this depends on the degree of Purity. When the water that someone washes with, is completely clean, this person is a saint. Some thoughts are able to stain someone just as water is stained by sinful people. Someone is in low spirits and is discontent– why? A bad thought has entered his mind and is torturing him. What must this person do? He must throw the stinking pot down on the earth and break it – the bad thought is an unclean pot that must be broken by all means. This pot has remained from your grandfather and grandmother, but today you do not need it any more. You say: “What are we going to do in the future?” You will work to make new pots which you will fill with new, pure thoughts.

So, when coming to the Lakes, we have in mind to fulfill God’s Will. Once we do God’s Will, then Nature will be better disposed towards us as well. Once we do God’s Will, then God also takes interest in us and blesses us; if we do not do His Will and do not walk into His Path, then He takes no interest in us, either – such is the law. Don’t you do just the same with your servants – when you have a good servant, you take interest in him and raise his salary; if your servant is not good and does not do your will, you are not pleased with him and you take no interest in his state. The thoughts, feelings and acts of many people are not correct but yet they want Heaven to be interested in them – Heaven is interested in people inasmuch as they are interested in Heaven.

Present people know this but still they are prone to think that even when they sin, God still forgives them. This thought is right but on several conditions, namely: God forgives the sins of people, if they have Love in them, if they are reasonable , and if they love Truth. Therefore, if someone loves God, if he is reasonable and truth-loving, then whatever sin he might commit, he will be forgiven. The one who does not have these three qualities in himself, he can’t be forgiven any sin. The verse “And I will wipe out their sins” refers to this very case – God will wipe out the sins of humans if they have Love, if they are reasonable and if they are truth-loving.

I say: There is nothing more beautiful for a person than having Love within himself, being reasonable and loving Truth; whatever such a person says, it all happens. The one, who does not have these qualities in himself, can do nothing – if he decides to predict something, he will lie - his prophesy will never come true. This is not bad, either, but it must always be taken into consideration, so that one does not fall into delusion. Because even when someone lies, he still does some work. And the one who has worked has to be paid something for his labour – whether he will be paid more or less, depends on the nature of his work and the profit of it. How can you pay for the favour that someone has done for you? Three conditions are requested from a person so that he might be capable of repaying everyone who has done him some favour or some good – these are the following: he should love the person who does him the favour; he should be reasonable; and finally, he should be truth-loving. So, if you wish to uplift yourselves, to have achievements - apply Love, Reason and Truth in your life; once you apply them, then things will happen as you say.

You say: “What can one say that can be implemented?” For instance, one can tell the fog and clouds to rise so that the weather clears up – if he says this, the weather will clear up. He can bring down all the peaks around us and raise an earthquake.

But I am asking, in the condition we are now, what is the sense of bringing down peaks to raise an earthquake? If there are righteous people here and if a big army of soldiers comes against them to kill them, then it does make sense to raise an earthquake and bring down mountain peaks – in this way at least you will help the righteous people by making a way to save them. Some people say: “So this person who can raise an earthquake in Nature, is very strong”. I will explain with an example what the power of this person is: imagine that a scientist makes a bomb that contains a large quantity of explosive substance; this bomb has a small fuse that can be just clicked by the scientist, and the bomb will catch fire and detonate. This person is really strong because he was able to make the bomb and knows how to detonate it, but a little, weak child can also detonate the bomb so that it explodes. So the child can work the same miracle as the scientist does. The difference between the power of the scientist and that of the child lies in the following: when the bomb explodes, the child will be hurt while the scientist will not – why? Because the child is unwise, while the scientist is reasonable, he knows how to detonate the bomb. In the same way, many of the present people, when facing such bombs, detonate them just like little children would do, and the bombs explode. For this reason, the Invisible world has consciously placed people away from these bombs, so that they do not explode. There are such bombs in lots of places in Rila, so when walking and approaching one of them, one has to be attentive, and not touch their fuses so that they do not explode. Places with such bombs are very dangerous and must be avoided.

The essential thought over which one has to work, is to find a way for purifying one’s consciousness. For that purpose he has to keep in contact with God, to be in unity with His thoughts, feelings and acts. Man lives and moves with Him in order not to interrupt his own thought – whatever is spoken to him from outside, he must have something constant in himself. Only in this way one can get younger – the first condition for getting younger is being in contact with God. If you did not break this connection, by now you should all have become saints – only this one can become a saint, the one who has uninterrupted Love towards God. I look at Love from a new point of view: Love is a force that gives equal goods and equal conditions for development to all people – it gives Freedom and expanse for humans to manifest in all directions of Life.

You say: “Can everything be loved?” Only the reasonable thing can be loved. Humans are reasonable beings, therefore they deserve to be loved – when you love a person, you love God in him. The one, who has come out of God, can be loved; the one, who has not come out of God, does not deserve to be loved. And vice versa – all who have come out of God, have to love Him. In this respect Love should exist as an inner law in man – through Love, one keeps contact with God and with all living beings. So, Love is a boon for the person himself, in the first place, and then for others around him. The real thing in Love is the bond between thoughts, feelings and acts – these of the individual as well as those of all people. This Love is accessible to everyone – it is Love of the first grade. Is there a greater blessing for a person than having a bond between his mind, heart and will?

I say: keep in your mind the thought “Love towards God” – through this thought you will solve all questions, it is a key in human Life. Without it you will come upon another principle in Life, which should not be spoken of much. This principle exists also in the very Nature; once a person comes across it, he gets sour, sullen and constantly dissatisfied. If you come to this principle, do not try to tame it, but move aside from it and do not touch it! Once someone touches this rough principle, he gets rough and sullen, too, and says: “Do not touch me, I am very cross” – and when you look at this person, you see that he has bristled up all over. The cross thing is not the person itself, but that rough principle he has got in touch with.

Now all of you are interested in this question: what will happen to you. I will tell you what will happen to you: if you have a bond between your thoughts, feelings and acts, you will all become kings. I am asking, if you all become kings, then who will be the subjects? And beside this, when you are kings, there will be not enough room for all of you on the Earth, and you will consequently scatter – some of you will go to the Moon, others – to the various stars, and you will greet each other only from a distance. This is the outer, physical side of the question. However, from the word “king” in its inner sense, I understand “a free person”. Only the perfect one can be absolutely free. A free person says: “I am a king, nothing worries me”. – Why? – “This is because I am free in my thoughts, feelings and acts”.

Freedom implies also harmony – once someone is free in one’s thoughts, feelings and acts, he is in harmony with himself, with Nature and with God, and then he says: “I am a king today!” Tomorrow he loses this bond and says: “I am dethroned today”; when he restores his bond, he becomes a king again. The same thing happens to you, too – at times you are ascended on the king’s throne, at others you are dethroned. Freedom, harmony and perfection are the qualities of a true king. The one, who takes this position only externally, is not a king – we see that the kings in the world are not free, but they are dependent on many things.

When speaking of purifying the consciousness, one should be acquainted with the law of discernment – to discern Divine from human. Every thought, which does not change under all conditions, is Divine. Every feeling, which does not change even at the biggest perturbations, is Divine. Thoughts and feelings, which change under the conditions of Life and depend on them, are not Divine. Once you aspire to this philosophy of Life and reach it, you have to pass it on to the other people as well – how will you pass it on? Truth and Love are to be transmitted through contact and not in a mechanical way; one cannot pass something on to others if he does not have it in himself.

Thinking that you can transmit something to others, without having it in yourself, is equivalent to lighting a fire without any spark – fire is lit by fire. Where do the sparks come from? They come from God – the lighting spark of fire is Love which comes from God. Since Love, Wisdom and Truth come from God, we can perceive them from Him and pass them on to other people. In this case we can all be bearers, vehicles of God’s Love, Wisdom and Truth – to be vehicles means to be in touch with God.

I say: the one, who wants to be a vehicle of God, should find Him and connect with Him. When you find God, what are you going to tell Him? You should all know this - there is no need to tell you. What do you do when you are hungry and you find a loaf of bread? You take the bread with both hands, embrace it close to you, press it and start to break pieces off it and eat; after this you feel content and well disposed. Now that I am breaking the bread to pieces, so it has already blossomed in my hands; if I am eating it, it has already become ripe; once I have finished my meal, it has already gone inside me and become one with me. After this, the bread and me take a walk, talk, go around to see God’s estates – we are both merry and content the whole day long. So, when you break the bread to pieces, it does not die, but goes inside you to live together with you. Until one clenches the bread between one’s hands, until one breaks it and chews it between one’s teeth, one cannot come to know the bread; said in other words: until one comes to love bread, until one comes to know the elements which constitute it, and until one comes in touch with the conditions of its life, one will not know what a thing bread is.

It is already time for humans to free their consciousness from all layers of the past – all diseases and indispositions of people are due to these layers. Someone is sitting silently but meanwhile he is thinking of some of his sicknesses; another one is thinking of his house not being well arranged; a third one is thinking of new clothes and shoes. I do not say that these things are bad, but they take humans away from the Right path in which they should go.

So, unity in thoughts, feelings and actions is required from everyone. You may forget all you heard here, but remember one thing: everyone must have unity in his thought, unity in his feelings and unity in his acts. If next year you come to the Lakes and you keep this unity in yourselves, you will attain great goods and wealth from Nature. If you do not have unity in yourselves, the enemy will be around you and fire at you with machine-guns. If you wish that the enemy does not fire at you, then work hard and consciously over cleansing and over liberating the consciousness from all sediments and layers of the past.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 1 August 1931


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