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Old 02-17-2008, 08:01 PM
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Default Re: Leo Zagami, high level illuminati defector

First of all, David Icke has lost his marbles. He has used the loss of marbles to trick people, make money and see himself as a sort of God like person.

Leo Zagami, I see he lives in Norway now.

Leo Zagami - Telefonkatalog

Easy to find him too, so he cant be that troubled by the illuminati posse?

Zagami says that a right wing politican Per Christian Krogh, with others, have been following him in Norway. He say that the torture him, and with the aid of police and secret service..well, I dunno what they have done to him. He also point to this guy as the secretary of Illuminati in Norway

untitled picture

Eh...okay? A death metal guy with a beerbelly? Well, Zagami says this is the Illuminati of Norway

Ordo Templi Orientis Norge - Ordo Templi Orientis Norge

So is Per Christian, according to Zagami.

This beer belly death metal guy, Færseth, who quotes death metal lyrics on his blog and seems to be into that scene, is also a member of AMORC. By the way, anybody can be a member of AMORC. Its teaching is by mail! Wow, amazing hidden secret stuff found here!

What I see is death metal freaks, who think highly of themselfs and like this kinda mambojambo. They join this kinda stuff to look cool, and to get laid with all the wannabie teen metal geek girls.

Zagami claimed that Færseth was the used NewTruthseeker on Conspiracy Central, but the webpage xiandos have found that to be a 21 year old girl from Trondheim. After that Zagami claimed it to be the user Njegosh.

Zagami claimed in 2005 that the winner of the american election would be, John Kerry, caus he knew this thru his illuminati connection. But I guess they changed the plan, when they heard Zagami exposed it. Sure.

In his writing The Swedish, Norwegian and Scandinavian Branches of the Illuminati, he fails to inform you that one of the first things the nazis did was to close the freemason lodges, the one i Oslo was even made open for the public. He also fails to mention basic history, that many in Europa, and all over the world, were open to Hitler. Many saw England as the big bad Wolf, just read the history of norwegian writer Hamsun.

In the same articel he writes "Sweden was the place were the first commercial porno movies were made by the sick illuminati to promote Satanism and decadence.", and it just shows how little he even cares to check facts. The first pornfilms were made in the early 1900, and what Zagami is refering to is sex ed like films from sweden that became very popular, caus they could hide themselfs as scientific or documentary. Remember that film De Niro watches in Taxi Driver? Anyway, Zagami shows he is just making up stuff.

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