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Old 01-02-2008, 09:09 AM
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Contemporary people aim at happiness and acquisition of knowledge and force. They do not know that all this can be acquired by a rightful thought. Which thought could be considered rightful? Rightful is the thought that can transfer all it has taken from God to a man. If it cannot transfer this – then it is not to be considered rightful. Which thought could be considered rightful? Rightful is the thought that accepts only goodness. Wherever it meets goodness, it gathers it and lets nothing fall on the ground. It accepts goodness, cultivates it within itself and sends it away. Both the rightful and the positive thought give something to a man, but as long as he works. If he does not work and wants only to win, man resembles an aristocrat, who counts on his servants. His servants do things for him, yet he says that all the wealth belongs to him. This wealth is a fictitious capital. Suppose you have two disciples, one of them studies - the other expects to be told all the lessons without any effort; one of them will gain more. The one who studies will gain more than the one who does not study.

As disciples of the occult school, you should examine things in their deep meaning and penetrate into their essence. For instance, contemporary chemists say that water consists of two elements - oxygen and hydrogen. They do not know that water comprises one more element as well. Up till now, scientists could not discover the third element of water, for it is a matter that resists material examination. Although, water is highly necessary for a man, it causes great damage as well. It can drown him, and when it happens, the reasonable world holds hydrogen and oxygen responsible. From a material point of view, hydrogen and oxygen are unconscious, irrational beings, controlled by rational ones. Namely these rational beings are responsible for all the damages water causes to man. The rational being, like the artist, uses brushes and paints as training aids, with which to express the great ideas of existence. Water is a bearer of the great Divine principle. Through hydrogen and oxygen man examines the character of the rational beings that control them. Oxygen makes the water dynamic, while hydrogen makes the water soft. Therefore we say: the water that does not transfer dynamism and softness to a person is not clean. Since it is not clean - it is not healthy.

Contemporary people are interested in the good quality of water as much as they are interested in their own actions. What deed is good? Imagine that some friend of yours brings you a basket full of grapes, apples, and pears. What will you do with these fruits? Can you eat them at once? You cannot. Do you have to throw them away just because you cannot eat them at once, though? If you throw them away, this means that you have not appreciated them - this will hurt your friend. Every day, you will eat a fruit or two until they are finished. As you eat, gather the seeds of these fruits and plant them. This is a good deed. Why? This is a good deed because both the outer and the inner lines of conduct correspond to each other. So, each thought, whose lines coincide with the lines of the human mind, heart, will, and Spirit, has a beautiful form. When you receive such a thought, you better preserve it, process it well and repay it properly. Each thought, with lines that do not correspond to the lines of the man, causes him a pinch, like old and ineffectively made shoes. The thoughts that make an invalid from a man are not to be considered rightful. In a religious sense, there are also thoughts, the lines of which do not coincide with the lines of the mind, heart, will, soul, and of the human Spirit. A man cannot benefit from such thoughts. They can turn him into an invalid. In order not to become an invalid, he should avoid them.

It has often been said to contemporary people, that they have to say thank you at each meal. This does not mean that they have never been thankful - it means they should be awake and they should realize that exclusively the goods God has given them have sustained their life. In their consciousness, there has to be something new, so that growth might exist. If these processes do not exist within his consciousness - a man is destined to stagnation. Stagnation exists only in the material world - a man is put in the organic life, though, where everything grows, blossoms, develops fruits, and ripens. What would you say to your friend if he gives you a pear modelled from clay, or painted on paper? You will thank your friend, you will enjoy the pear, but you will not be able to taste it. This pear can be preserved for a long time. You can give it to a museum as a model, that might characterise the art in a given age, but there is no growth in it. This pear will never rot, because it is not genuine - there is no life in it. Genuine is the pear on the tree that grows, develops, and acquires something new each day. The fact that it rots does not deprive it of a future life. It bears a seed - the beginning of new life. Then also, each fruit should have some aroma and scent. Until it ripens, pears do not allow it to be touched. As soon as you go near it, the pear says: "Do not touch me!" As soon as it ripens, it offers itself and says: "You can eat me now." If in the first case you do not touch it, you do God’s will. If in the second case - when the pear tells you to eat it - you fulfil its wish, you also do the will of God. Therefore, until the fruit ripens - do not touch it. As soon as it ripens - you can pick and eat it.

Many people want to love and to be loved. To love somebody means to eat him. This person has come to you, so you accept him as a king: you take off his coat and take him into your living room, where great honour and respect await him. If your guest is close to you, you will kiss him and then begin the tasting - to see if he is sweet or not. In everyday life, this process is called eating, but with the highly elevated people it is called affection as well. If you tell this to an ordinary person, you will embarrass him. He would not understand the deep meaning of affection. No matter how much you talk to him about it, he will not be able to get it. If you tell him, that he cannot love everyone, he will consider this as a restriction. I ask - how would you love the bee? To love it means to invite it to your place. To invite it means to give it honey to eat. Only under this condition will it visit you. As soon as the honey is spent, it will quickly leave you. You cannot “eat” it, though, that is - you cannot give it a corresponding place in your heart.

As he has come on Earth, man needs communication with people. But in order to communicate with the people and relate to them, man has to observe two conditions: to appreciate a man and to love him. Thus the souls are related in the invisible world. So, if some of you enter a society of rational beings from the invisible world, he will return with great presents. He can use these presents all his life. This shows that they have valued and loved him as he valued and loved them. If he descends to Earth without presents, this means that the rational beings have not valued him, nor he has valued the rational beings - as a result, no relation has been established between them. Consequently, whenever man complains of his poverty, it means he has not valued and conceived the deep affection for God that he should. If you love God, He will never drop and leave you in privation. If you love a person, it is impossible for him not to respond and be ready to do some good for you. If he is not ready to do something for you, then your Love towards him has been self-interested. You have not done him any favours and you have not sacrificed yourself. As it loves someone, even a bee sacrifices itself and gives its life for him. A person suffers from rheumatism in his legs, but he cannot be healed. Why? He cannot be healed because no one loves him. He seeks help from doctors, but they cannot help him either. Finally, the bee comes to help him. It stings his legs several times, so his rheumatism vanishes. With these stings a bee sacrifices its life for him. Knowing the properties of the acid the bee secretes, you can heal yourself consciously.

Contemporary scientists examine water and its properties and use it for healing, but they do not do this in one and the same way. Some recommend cold compresses - others recommend warm ones. When you put a cold compress on the ill spot, the capillary tube vessels narrow, as a result special reactions are provoked inside the human organism. If you put warm compresses on the ill spot, they provoke favourable reactions in the organism. Warm water causes expansion of the blood vessels, as a result the circulation of the blood improves. As he knows the properties of the warm and cold water, man can heal in a spiritual way. For instance, instead of warm water, man can be healed by his thought that may expand the capillary tube vessels in the same way as the warm water.

So, as in the human organism there are two flows - arterial and venous, so in the human thought the same two flows exist. The arterial flow brings joy and delight a person, makes him bright and cheerful; the venous flood makes him sad, a pessimist, and indisposed. Through sorrow human blood is being purified, but meanwhile he is displeased, angry, and wants to quarrel with the others. It is not bad to quarrel with other people from time to time, but man should know how to argue with them and what to say. As he meets a bad person he should tell him: you are very good - better than you should. To the rich man he should say: you are rich, but you are heavily loaded - it is dangerous - your spine might break. Be careful not to fall under the pressure of the wealth you have won. To a strong person he might say: you are a very strong person. Wherever you go, whatever you catch, turns into dust. A rich person might ask how he can come out of the difficult situation he is in. A person will tell him, that he should become generous and give. To the strong one he might say, to work and help the weak people, so that he can spend his excessive energy. To the good person he might tell him to manifest his goodness not only towards himself, but towards his fellow men as well.

I will give an example to illustrate my idea. There lived a man, who was such a miser, that he thought only about money. A young man appeared, accompanied by several servants, who carried a huge wagon full of various silver and golden jewels. They were giving jewels to whomever they met on their way. As they heard that, the people began to crowd to this young man. Each of them carried a container - bigger or smaller - so that he could get some of these riches. The miser heard about that and immediately went to the place, where the riches were being distributed. He saw people carrying big or small plates, but they seemed insufficient to him, therefore he took a huge container. As they saw him, the young man said to him: Lie down on the ground! The miser did lie on the ground and waited. The young man ordered his servants to put the container he had brought on his chest and started putting spades full of jewellery in it one after another. Heavily burdened by the weight of the container, the miser started to shout: "It is enough. Stop loading me, I cannot breathe, I am suffocating!" The young man looked at him and said to his servants: "Do not take the container off his chest yet - let him learn his lesson." Thus the rational world wanted to teach him a good lesson, so that he could understand that he has lived exclusively for himself and has always taken more than he had to.

So, the suffering contemporary people experience is nothing but results from their greediness. These sufferings show that each person has taken more than he should from the goods. Man should not be greedy. It is enough to give him a small dish from these goods. How much does one gram of diamonds cost today? If one gram of diamonds costs a lot, then how much more would the goods the invisible world has given to every man cost? If he is greedy taking more than what has been given to him, a man will find himself in the position of fish, that is – within the reality of many wishes and great suffering. Water cannot give fish what they need: food, air, and light. Water makes them mobile, but it deprives them of the conditions that human beings have. They have no speech; they have no culture at all. Their life is a life of self-extermination. For this reason, some fish succeeded in leaving the conditions of the water and turned into birds. Even as birds, they are not satisfied by their life, so they strive for something higher again. As for the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen it should be known that they did not transfer any special features to the creatures that live within the water and in the air, so these creatures strive to come out of their environment and enter the area in which the human lives. The elements used by contemporary chemistry are great aristocrats. If you do not know how to deal with them - you will suffer. Do you know how many learned men, how many chemists have suffered from radium, until they learn its properties? For instance, men often play games with dynamic Love without suspecting the damage it may cause them. Dynamic Love may drain the human heart and turn it into dried meat. Contemporary people - young and old want to love. They do not even suspect that Love is a complicated science for the examination of which thousands of years are necessary. To love a person means to examine him. Man cannot love himself, yet he cannot break free from selfish Love. Namely this kind of Love causes the greatest misfortunes. It transfers a greater amount of heat to the human heart, as a result, after a certain amount of time it gets charred. Due to this Love, the human mind reddens, while a man himself becomes neurasthenic. At last, even the person’s will becomes black. As his will gets black, he is considered an evil man. This is a figurative presentation of the changes that a person undergoes. In order to get rid of his drying heart, of his reddening mind, and of his will blackening, man has to strive for rational Love. He should become a master of his mind, heart, and will.

As disciples, you should strive to transform the colours red and black into white. If the learned people have succeeded in transforming the limy stones into lime with which to whitewash their houses, should they not turn the colours black and red into white? Besides, they should obtain such a white colour that does not ever change. Once they obtain this colour, it should be preserved forever.

So, as he awakens, a person should retain some fundamental thought in his mind, that can show him what he should do and how he should give from what he has taken. After that, he should retain a substantial feeling in his heart - to show himself how to receive the goods and process them. Finally, he should stop his thought on some essential deed - to serve as a model for his further actions. Man should know that each one of his actions towards any person is an action towards God. Man should be careful towards people born from God. The person, who was born from God, has a bright mind, noble heart, strong will, exalted soul, and strong Spirit. Each person, who does not posses these features, was born from his fellow man. As you meet a person born from God, direct all your love towards him. Meeting such a person means you have acquired something valuable in your life. Every day, you should aim at meeting one such person. In his present life, though, man can hardly meet at least one person born from God. All the people that you meet today are servants of the one that was born from God. When they say that a man should have an alert consciousness, this implies that he should be on the lookout for the moment when he is to meet the truly born person. If he does not keep this moment, he loses favourable opportunities in his life. To fall in love for a person does not mean to look for someone to marry – it means to find the one, who was truly born. If he meets such a person, he has received the great blessing of life. If he never meets him, he will be exposed to great suffering. Each one is looking for this person, but he is not to be easily found. When can you see the Sun? After it rises. No one can see the Sun before it has risen or after it has gone down.

Consequently, if you would like to see the most distant stars in heaven, you should use a telescope, that magnifies and brings the objects near the human eye. To the spiritual eyesight, the mind is like the telescope for the physical eyesight. If the human mind is not bright, it will not be able to magnify all the forms God has created and be able to study them. If you do not have a bright and alert mind, then you will pass by these forms without recognizing them. You will pass by the one that was born from God without knowing him. If you have a bright mind, you already have an opportunity to meet this person. If you have a kind heart as well, then your opportunities increase and you will meet him twice. If you have an exalted soul, you will meet him three times. If your Spirit is strong, you will meet him four times. And if you love God, you will meet him every day. This is one of the greatest truths in life. Do not think that it is easy to meet a man born from God. This is a Divine good and the Divine goods are being given only to the one, who can appreciate them. From the moment you meet this man, your position changes fundamentally - a real takeover occurs within you. For instance, Adam, before entering the Garden of Eden, was a common animal, but God met him, got him out the unfavourable conditions and lodged him in heaven - to rule the animals and be their master. One thing was required from Adam - obedience and rationality. In order retain the new conditions Adam had to fulfil what was required from him. Each person, who wants to get back to heaven, should fulfil the condition required from Adam: not to eat from the fruits of the tree that helped to distinguish good from evil. If he does not keep this condition, he would neither return to paradise, nor keep his present situation – instead, he will find himself in the position of an animal, wagging his tail and competing with the other animals.

So, keep rightful and positive thoughts in your mind, so that you can attain that which your soul strives for. Our aim is that you might come into terms with the great Divine law that functions in the world now. Express your thoughts rightfully without restricting yourself. Strive for what God created. If you cannot attain your wishes, do not get discouraged or angry. It is not bad for a person to get angry and lose his temper, but he should be ready for this. Wrath is an energy that aims at going out. In order that this energy gets out, man should be ready and know how and in which direction to direct it. If he is not ready, then he should postpone the war until he arms himself well. It makes sense that a person might make war, but just in case he is certain, that he will win. Until he gets ready, he should study. What would one gain if he tells someone he is bad and bad mannered?

Now, since you have come to Earth, you should study. Before you finish with your sciences, you will have to pass through many schools and masters. As disciples in the low school, you will pass through certain teachers; as disciples in the junior high school you will pass through other teachers; in the secondary school - through others, in university - through other masters. Finally, you will enter the school of the invisible world, where you should have excellent marks. On all the subjects, you should have 12 - the highest possible mark. First, they will ask you if you love your father and mother. As soon as you say, that you love them, they will give you a candle and make you light it. This candle can be lit only at the thought for your mother and father. If the candle does not start to burn, this means you do not love your father and mother. In such a case you will have to return to the Earth and work once more. After some time, they will make you pass the same exam again. You will not be allowed to be a disciple in the school of the invisible world, unless the candle begins to burn at the thought of your mother and father.

Many people say that human can live even without a burning candle. They have been mislead. A man cannot live without a burning candle. The burning candle represents the human mind that shines in the darkness and puts a person on the right track. If a man is given a task, he will solve it only if he thinks. If he does not think, he cannot solve his task. A man should constantly think. If someone gets angry, make him take several buckets of water and wash the wooden floor. As he begins to work, he will spend the energy that has piled within him and his anger will disappear. Anger in man is just a shaking of the fruit-bearing trees, so that everything useless can fall off them.

The basic thought you should bear in your mind is, that God manifests to the human through all the rightful deeds. While man eats with gratitude and breathes properly, God expresses Himself through him. Through each rightful thought, in each noble feeling and good deed, God also expresses Himself to him. If you come across some noble feeling, enjoy, for God makes Himself known through it. You might not be able to see this, but some day you will see and understand Him. You do not know what God has prepared for you. You hurry and you want to attain everything at once. This is not possible. A child from the first grade cannot enter university in any possible way no matter how hard he tries. Much more science and knowledge are required from such a child, but this should not discourage him. As a child studies regularly and with love, this child will begin to manifest as Love. So, young men should study Love, adult men - Wisdom, and old men – Truth, that is, putting things into practice. Love, Wisdom and Truth are three bites of the Divine World. Each person should taste these three bites, so that he can satisfy his spiritual hunger. While he is young, man should study life; as an adult, man should study knowledge and Light, as an old man - he should study the methods for the application of these things in life.

Now I wish you to accept Love, Wisdom, and Truth within yourselves as your daily bread that can give you strength to put your things in order.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 12, 2 o'clock p.m.


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