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Old 01-22-2008, 04:16 AM
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Exclamation We are headed towards depression.

We are on the verge of depression!

Everyone is talking about recession, but I feel the underlying panic.

People who have made their incomes off of flipping houses, shorting stocks,
and general raping of the hard working, product and service producing public,
are going to suffer the worst.

Just like in the great depression, when stock market "players" were jumping from
windows to their death, because they had invested in their portfolios, instead of
their souls.

People tend to forget, that in 1929, it took three months for the stock market to drop 40%

Then it took 3 yrs to completely tank.

Before 9/11, the economy was headed towards recession. Remember?

Well what happened, was we went to war, and the war machine needed to be funded, so the Fed decides to inject a ton of new printed money into the economy.

Remember all the new bills lately. There was a lapse before the old bills are removed. So there is a false indicator that there is more money in the economy.

So as the gov removes the old bills, the money then is squeezed back down, creating less currency in the economy.

Now this doesn't affect the upper class, but the lower and middle classes take the hit.

And that is what is happening.

Since their is less currency, there is a squeeze taking place.

At the same time, the value of the dollar is dropping, because foreign markets see this happening.

Houses are foreclosing. Banks say they take a hit. Pfft. Most cases they've already receive years of payments, plus they get back the property, which they auction off to the highest bidder.

The banks hedge fund is the payments the owners has already made, plus the property.

Welcome to reality.

We are slaves of the Federal Reserve.

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Old 01-23-2008, 06:35 PM
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Default o'yeah

I must agree, I'm from europe, in a small country and i'm having a great interest in what is going on in your "country", why, because anything that happens "over there" has an effect on the rest of the world like an ripple effect afterwards. There are much trouble in are own stockmarket at the moment, and it has been dropping 30% since the mid december.

One little thing, do you remember (can't remember which one. think it was) Donald Rumsfeld or was it Rudy Giulliani that stated on SEPTEMBER 10 in 2001, that there was a huge amont of money that was gone, and they could'nt explain why or how. bullshit. The reason they said it on this day, before 911, was because no one would remember it because of what would happen on 911. (They are collecting huge and huge amont of money from various places to what will come, Enslavement of you american people. [800 camps that are empty, ready for use] We from the "outside" world can see many things every day that shock us from what are going on over there, but are every american citizien aware of all this, and what are about to come????? I'm glad that there are many people starting to wake up, but there should be more.)

May i also remind you that there are not enough cash in especially usa if every us citizen would want to get their money in cash when you get a loan, or just would want to have your savings or fortune in cash (if every american did this, there would be a total caos)..... there are just some digital numbers on a screen in a bank ect.....they can just type in whatever they are loaning you, and "zim zala bim" they just created money out of thin air. No one will ever loan cash when they are to buy a house ect. bla bla bla because it is so much easier. Exactly why the did create this corrupted system, no one would ever go to the bank and take out their money, and when no one are doing this, what is better than to just create money out of nothing....

Have you ever thought over why there are so much "credit sharks", why are there so much much much more advertising about credit now then there was before.... because they have to ................ interested for more stuff.... I suggest that you give your life 47 min to this documentary (below), instead of wasting it on some mind dead tv.

PS : Did you know that your past 43 presidents have gained up to a 1.01 trillion dollars in dept together, and that bush which is 1 president have made up to 1.03 trillion dollars in dept alone since 2000, that is more then all your 43 other presidents have barrowed together...... scary if you ask me. And when i then talk about presidents. Unfortunately Hilary Clinton will be your next president, whether you like it or not. It's not election, but selection. She was picked out long time ago. And when she is to be president..... not good.


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