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Old 08-07-2008, 05:14 PM
justgroovy justgroovy is offline
workin' for the man
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

well for me i will like having everything under one umbrella. i'll log into the cg community, check what's up on the forums that interest me, maybe poke around other forums if i have a specific question about say my car or medicine my dogs are taking, etc.

here's some info from the crowdgather site:

Crowd ID

Slated for Fall 2008 release

How many online identities do you have? 5, 20, 50? How likely is it that you'll create a new identity to participate in a new forum? CrowdID makes it easy for anyone to create an account on your forum using OpenID, OpenSocial, NingID, your Facebook login or any email address to access your forum. CrowdID is a Vbulletin plug-in that reduces the registration barrier and makes it easy for people to actively participate in your forum threads.

Crowd FinderCrowd Finder

Slated for Fall 2008 release

We know the internet is full of experts, but it's not always easy to find them when you need them. CrowdFinder searches forums to find the answer to your question by displaying the most relevant forums and threads. If we can't find a thread with your answer, CrowdFinder will find forum experts who can answer your question. CrowdFinder finds your answer on forums.

Crowd BloggerCrowd Blogger

Slated for Fall 2008 release

Whether you participate in forums or write a blog, you want to have a conversation. Before CrowdBlogger you had to choose how to have your conversation. Do you go down into the darkly lit forum threads? Or do you surf the well-designed but perhaps abandoned and out of date blogosphere? With the CrowdBlogger WP plug-in you can turn your forum threads into easy to read blog posts that anyone can comment or bookmark. In addition, bloggers can bring their posts to the forum communities by creating a thread from their blog post.

Forum users don't have to have accounts to post their threads as a blog entry. With a customized template, forum owners can quickly add a blog to their forum, easily sharing threads with everyone. Crowdblogger WP automatically posts the thread as a blog post and any responses as comments, where non-forum members can participate.

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Old 08-20-2008, 08:14 PM
jester5150 jester5150 is offline
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Can A Mod Or Admin Please Delete My Account And Any Information Assioated With My Profile Thank You
The Victor Will Never Be Asked If He Told The Truth - Adolf Hitler

All War Is Deception - Sun Tzu

The Worst Thing In This World, Next To Anarchy, Is Government - Henry Ward Beecher

In The Absence Of Justice, What Is Sovereignty But Organized Robbery - Saint Augustine
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Old 08-21-2008, 08:47 AM
justgroovy justgroovy is offline
workin' for the man
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Originally Posted by jester5150 View Post
Can A Mod Or Admin Please Delete My Account And Any Information Assioated With My Profile Thank You
Hi there and yes I'll forward your request to my boss, I'd just like to know why you are leaving us. Is there something wrong here that you think needs fixing? Did another member push you too far? Any answer is fine really, I just am curious since I am the official "Community Manager" for this place it really is my job to try and make ClubConspiracy a place where people want to be, not a place where people want to be deleted

Thanks for your time.
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Old 08-26-2008, 08:01 PM
justgroovy justgroovy is offline
workin' for the man
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Seriously, justgroovy, what is the deal with the question about whether or not another member pushed this guy too far?
Well it wasn't aimed at anyone specifically at all, but it really is my job to try and keep this place running smoothly. If people start bailing I'd like to know why. I haven't been here too long, obviously, so I'm not sure if there is forum drama between people, if he just doesn't trust crowdgather, or if he's crossed over to the dark side.

I'm just curious, and even if someone in particular pissed him off it's not like that's going to make me come down on someone. I'm just interested. This is a conspiracy theory forum. There are tons of conspiracies and not everyone who comes here is going to agree on all of them. But I'm kinda hoping people realize that already.
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Old 08-28-2008, 10:42 PM
Operative Operative is offline
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Some of the comments that were deleted by Heather from the Help/FAQ/About this site thread:

Re: Who are the new owners

BlueAngel said:


justgroovy said:

not by me

Administrator said:

Nope. Just deleting off-topic posts.

BlueAngel said:


Well, then, you certainly will have your hands full if you continue deleting off topic posts, but I assume you only deleted off topic posts in this thread such as the following, which were NOT off topic as justgroovy and I were discussing YOU and the title of this thread is "Who are the New Owners."

The following is posted on your BLOG for all to see, so why are you ashamed for it to be posted here?


- the universe speaks
Today sucked. For whatever reasons I hated everyone. It's times like this
that the first solution that comes to my mind is to kill myself. I just
don't want to live in a world filled with the kind of shit this one is
filled with. I know that sounds like a cop out. I know I should focus on the
positive good things. But I just want to cease to exist. I am too good, even
with my flaws, to continue to exist in this shithole called reality. I feel
death for myself or I want to destroy the world. Fucking bomb everything and
kill everyone (metaphorically, of course). It's strong emotions for my
little frame probably wracked full of chemical hormones. Fight or flight. Mad
Max road rage.

This mood only worsened on the drive home, behind sheeply drivers (20 mph max
up coldwater) behind sunday driving potty mouth cursers law breakers on
mulholland and retarded gridlockers. I am driving a weapon, but where is my
battering ram?

I know in these times, the times I hate my fellow stupid race, that I just need
to get home as fast as possible and not leave. Heather, the introvert, needs
massive rejuvenation. Alone. Solitude. Leave me the fuck alone with my thoughts
and my books and my ideas and my notebooks. Leave me alone with my crackpot
theories and understandings of the universe and why we all exist.

Sometimes the simple nourishment of this fragile ethereal temple called my body
is much of what it takes to calm my torrid 3rd world Armageddon vision. But an
hour wait for the pizza delivery was too long. Might as well blow my head off.
(Yes, I can be a bit extreme at times.) The boyfriend convinced me that it was
better to go to astroburger instead and to live another day.

I flipped my unicorn hair and off we went - me sulking and vomiting venom
through words. He's telling me to use the power of my mind, but what in my
mind is not pleasant at all. We're walking in and waiting in line. I'm
still grumpy, pondering what I might want. And then, someone walks in who make
me re-think about destroying the world in fire and ice: David Lynch.

I do a double-take. He looks just like his picture. He's wearing a suit. A
young unshaven man is with him. They are right behind me in line. I think, hmmm,
I guess David Lynch is a pretty good reason to let the world continue in my
mind. I'm thinking about my banana costume and syd who makes tesla coils. I
think of Iowa fields, the gothic house and TM. For some reason these are the
things that are loosely associated with David Lynch in my brain.

I'm not even going to say a word. I'm playing it cool - with my rainbow
dyed unicorn hair of course they would stare. Just another day in Hollyweird.
What would / could I say to him anyway? It's the universe's little
reminder - it's that glimmer of hope. It's the memory that even in all
the shit of this world, there are diamonds.

Then my number is called - except it's not my number, and I already have my
food - but it's the final wink, that says... what is said without words.

It's a moment. Something changes. And it matters, and yet does not. Because
all this will be played out again tomorrow and the day after, and has been each
day from when time began. The world is destroyed every day and rebuilt again.

Posted on July 16, 2008 at 09:40 PM in Introspection | Permalink


FYI, deleting posts that you feel are off-topic on a thread is completely out of line.

It's called CENSORING and, with CENSORING, Freedom of Speech does not exist.

How 'bout deleting the perverted pictures so many of us have asked to have deleted, but still remain?

They're off topic.

Very inappropriate for you to access a poster's account and DELETE their posts.

YOU cannot be trusted.

BlueAngel said:

Here is a message from Heather to me.

She refers to my post of her blog as stalking.


Blue Angel,

If you continue to post your blog-stalkings of me on this site, I will delete them and have you banned. These posts are not topic related and not conducive to positive conversations.

Please stay on topic.

Thank you.


BlueAngel said:

I obtained your blog link from a thread that RedRat authored.

How come he wasn't threatened with banishment?

I can't find the thread and/or post wherein RedRat links to Heather's blog.

I assume Heather deleted it and perhaps warned RedRat of banishment, as well.


A blog is available for all the world to read.

If you're going to write something that you want to remain private, you certainly don't do it on a BLOG!!!


So, what's the problem?


Seems Heather has deactivated her BLOG.

This is a warning to Heather.

Do not censor any thread I have authored or any comment I have posted within a thread.
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Old 08-28-2008, 10:49 PM
Operative Operative is offline
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Heather said that her writings on her blog are not related to the topic at hand and not conducive to positive conversations.

Couldn't agree more about this ONE particular blog entry as far as not being positive.

However, it is related to the topic at hand because justgroovy said on this thread that you were her Boss (one of the comments by justgroovy that Heather deleted) and the one blog entry I posted that was initially provided by RedRat was written by her BOSS.
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Old 08-29-2008, 12:46 AM
Operative Operative is offline
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Your blog is an insight into who you are.

Are you suicidal and crying out for help or can this one entry from your blog be classified as creative writing?

After all, justgroovy did say that she changed your mind with her winning personality.

Creative types do very often possess a depressive side to their personality which, many times, is expressed through their writing.

This offers a "window" into their soul for all to see.

This is THEIR outlet.

If they can express it, in a sense, this allows them the ability to continue on.

Just as a painter expresses himself on canvas, writers/poets/lyricists express themselves through words.

The words/lyrics/paintings reflect how artists see themselves and life, which is not always in a favorable fashion.

It is this expression that attracts others to their work for they are able to convey that which one might feel and think but, otherwise, cannot make known through words or on canvas.

I wish you well,

Last edited by Operative : 08-29-2008 at 12:48 AM.
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Old 08-30-2008, 11:54 PM
Ozziecynic's Avatar
Ozziecynic Ozziecynic is offline
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Post Re: Who are the new owners

The last thing i would think of is that the site is kind of club so that pretty corny for a start. Second thing is the fourm needs to have some kind of common goal or statement of its purpose or else it just seems like pointless.
For example i will not spend endless days arguing with people whom are not even social conservatives to begin as most quientessential conspiracy people from time the time of Nesta webser right to through to Deyo early 80s and Makow and Alex jones although not icke have all been social or political conservatives attempting to make a stand against Liberal ism in the west by exposing the dark hidden forces e.g occult and proto zionism.
Just groovy is not the kind poster that strikes me as be the least bit conservative about any matter nor sanjay the owner. Besides your site has many technical glitches in regards to cookies etc i have logged in and posted several times quite lengthy posts where i have been logged one moment then not logged the next only to find my cookies have been disappearing between html transitions and hence i was not logged at all any posts did not appear needless to say this is frustrating and time wasting and until you fix the bugs i dont see the point in hanging around.I hope this post makes in through atleast.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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Old 08-31-2008, 09:32 AM
justgroovy justgroovy is offline
workin' for the man
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Hi Ozzie =)

1. I didn't name the site, CG aquired it just as it is, they are working on getting things fixed but they own somewhere near 80 messageboards and some need more attention than others. I will let the main office know about the cookie issue and disappearing posts, these are not totally uncommon throughout the network and I do know they have purchased a lot of new hardware/servers to get all of their sites centrally located and running smoother and faster. When sites start switching servers there are bound to be little things that crop up.

2. I understand not wanting to spend "endless days" arguing with people who you think are never going to be on the same page as you. However, debate and discussions can lead to people seeing your point more clearly, it doesn't mean they will agree with you 100% but I think it can be helpful.

3. I am neither conservative nor liberal. Left, Right, Middle. Three choices? Nah. Not my thing. I'd rather think things through for myself one situation at a time than be pigeon holed into one or two sets of ideals.
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Old 08-31-2008, 03:04 PM
Operative Operative is offline
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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Thanks for bringing up the issue of typing a reply that is lengthy; hitting the submit button only to find that you are not logged in when you were logged in to begin with.

I always copy what I write in order to avoid losing it when the aforementioned occurs.

I have also encountered an issue wherein I am constantly informed that my message is too short, which it is not.

Since when have I ever written a short message???
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