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Old 01-24-2008, 12:21 AM
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Smile Light, Heat And Strength


Contemporary people have come to Earth to study, to be good disciples, and to do the Divine will. The one, who wants to be a good disciple, has to keep his mind, his heart, and his will in good working condition. When the oil flows out – the pot is not free from breakage; when the water flows out – the bottle is not free from breakage. What happens to the oil and water that flows out from the cracked containers? They lose their purity – something from outside gets into them and makes them impure. The people on Earth are in the same situation; as a result they come across great contradictions. For instance, a young lady and a young man love each another, marry, and have children. The mother and the father love each other and their children are born and raised with Love. Several years later, though, a disagreement occurs between the parents and the children. What is the reason for this? One or two people of the family are cracked pitchers: either the mother and the son, or the father and the daughter. If all the members of the family are pitchers without cracks, it is impossible for disagreements to arise among them. As the pitcher is cracked, its contents pours out, falls to the ground and acquires some external element that is not inherent in it. Namely, this element brings a certain disagreement for the surrounding people. As long as the father is alive, his sons and daughters live well among each other. As soon as the father departs for the other world, they begin to fight for the inheritance and each one wants to take a bigger part. Through the inheritance, their solidity is being tested. Now they understand that they are cracked pitchers. If the father had not died, his sons and daughters would not have known that they have something ill within themselves.

The parable of the “prodigal” son tells the story about the little brother, who wanted to break free from his father and live freely. In order not to offend him and not make him feel limited, his father gave him his share of the inheritance and sent him out to the wide world. After he ate and drank everything, the little son, whom they call “the prodigal son”, came back to his father tormented with remorse. He had understood that his father was a good and a rational person. As he returned home, his father accepted him with all his fatherly love and slaughtered the most fatted young calf in his honour. As he returned from work, the oldest son saw that his father had organized a great feast and asked for whom that feast was. As he understood that his father had organized the feast for his youngest brother, he got angry and told his father: I have been working for you for such a long time, but you have never slaughtered a fattened calf for me, so that I can enjoy myself with my friends. His father answered: Do not be angry. Your brother was lost and found, he was dead and came to life again, but you have to know that everything I have is yours. Should we not enjoy ourselves together with your lost brother? So, the father reconciled with his little son, while his older son was angry with him. Why? Because his pitcher has some crack. The younger son understood that his father is good and reasonable, while the older son accused him of injustice.

As disciples of the new teaching you want to go to the world and preach. What will you preach and teach the laymen? If you try to teach them order, control, and lawfulness – they know these things even better than you. Wherever you go among them you will see schools, churches, courts – everything is settled. If you want to teach them how to love each other – they know this also. As you go among laymen, mind that you do not do as the old crab does. An old crab told his son: My son, go straight! The young crab responded: My dad, show me how I should walk. Go straight and I will follow you, so that I can learn. The old crab started to walk and his son followed him. – Oh, my father, I also walk like that – said the young crab.

Consequently, as you go to a country, you should observe its laws. You should go in the direction in which the rest of the people go. To preach to the people does not mean to teach them what they already know, but to be able to share with them the goods that you yourself have. As long as you get some good, do not think that you are the only one worthy of it – be ready to share it with anyone who has some need. Do not argue who was the first one to get the good. It is not important who the first one was to receive a certain good, but who has assessed and used it properly. Many people see the sunrise, but few people use it reasonably. The painter sees the rising Sun in one way, the ordinary man - in another. This depends on the eye and on the understanding of a man.

Contemporary people suffer because of the wrong views of life they have. They do not understand life, but they do not understand themselves either. For instance, Peter, one of Christ’s beloved disciples, did not know his own self and did not know what was hidden within him. Although he was saying that he is ready to die for Christ, he denied Him three times. He was ready to die for Christ and cut the ear of a Roman soldier, but several hours later he denied Christ. So, Christ said to him: “Peter, hide the knife in the scabbard!” With these words Christ wanted to tell him that he could not do the job by cutting someone’s ear. As soon as a war is declared – at least one man should die. Sometimes you also think that you can correct yourself by a small sacrifice. No, at least one thing in you should die. Indeed, unless hatred, scepticism, and contradictions within man die, he will never be able to correct himself. As soon as the people hear the word “death”, they get confused. They do not understand the meaning of this word. For a man to die means that he passes from one world to another, from one type of understanding to another, from death to life.

Many people think that they can easily correct themselves. This is a self-delusion. No one can correct anyone. If the man himself does not want to correct himself, no one can correct him. Many mothers and fathers have made great efforts to correct their children, but they did not succeed. Even knowing this, man continues the self-delusion that he has corrected himself. But as he finds himself before a trial he sees that he has not corrected himself. Man understands his strength only in the face of the trials. They say that a man has to be cold-blooded and bear suffering in a philosophical way. It is easy to talk about cold-bloodedness before the trials come, but try to take the beautiful daughter of some mother and you will see how cold-blooded she is; try to take the son of some father and see how cold-blooded he is; try to take the money of the rich man, so that you can see how cold-blooded he is; take the beauty of the young lady, so that you can see how cold-blooded she is; take the health of the man, so that you can see how cold-blooded he is; take the weapon of the soldier, so that you can see if he is cold-blooded or not.

When do they use the word “cold-blooded”? They use it when they want to say that some man bears suffering and tests calmly. But this word is not used properly. Fish are also cold-blooded or with cold blood, but it is neither a philosopher, nor is it patient. When the arms and the feet of the man get cold, he becomes a philosopher: he does not steal, run, eat, and talk. He becomes like a saint. Wolves also gets cold in winter, but it is neither a saint, nor cold-blooded. As soon as it warms up, it immediately attacks the sheep. As it freezes, the sheep also becomes a saint - as it warms up – it starts to graze, though. The wolf excuses itself by saying: If the sheep had a very high, or a very low temperature I would have never attack it. Because it has a small amount of warmth – that is why I attack it. Consequently, the fault is in the sheep – not in me. Is the philosophy of the wolf right?

As they do not understand the deep sense of life, people kill the wolves, for they cause mischief. The wolf attacks mainly the sheep. Can you accustom the wolf and make it go without sheep? No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the wolf’s habits. As long as it remains a wolf – it will eat sheep. One of the reasons for which the wolf eats sheep lies in his desire to become a sheep – to soften its character. Everyone chases the wolf and kills it because of its bad character. He realizes that, so it tries to find a way to soften it. As it eats sheep – it will acquire their character and one day, in the distant future, the wolf will become a sheep. So, we draw the conclusion: man acquires the characteristics of the food he eats. If he wants to acquire Love – he should feed with its elements.

As you hear that the wolf might become a sheep, you think that it is impossible and contradictory. There are no contradictions in life, though. The contradictions exist only in the human minds. It is the contradictions that say, that someone’s character resembles the character of the wolf. Is it possible for someone to have a wolf’s character? It is. The food man uses might harden his character and turn him into an animal. The unclean and rough food, transformed into bad thoughts and feelings, make the human character brutal. Due to his bad and impure life, man gradually loses his virtues and manifests qualities that debase him. What would you say about the man who sells everything valuable he possesses because of his hard drinking. Selling all his property, he sells his wife and children as well. Such man has sold all his virtues. What would you say for a young lady that sells or pledges her beliefs for the beaux yeux of a young man? This young lady has lost one of her virtues. A day will come when the young man with the “beaux yeux” will “beaux yeux” her as well. Why? Because she has not sacrificed herself because of the soul of this young man – she has sacrificed herself for his beaux yeux. Some young lady falls in love with the hands and the fingers of a young man, so she says that his hands resemble the hands of an Angel. After she marries him, though, she learns the cost of his angelic hands. He becomes like a bandmaster for her and starts to wave with his hands in the air. As soon as she feels these hands on her back, she begins to cry. Each man in her place would have cried too. Each man would have cried as a result of the “beaux yeux” of that young man, who is able to impute to the young lady all the crimes.

If a young man loves a young woman, though, he should credit her with all the virtues. He should be an artist for her – not a bandmaster. As an artist, he should make paintings of her every day and to create an angelic image of her. As he paints good pictures, he has the right to sell them, but in no case has he the right to sell his beloved. In this sense, each man should become an artist and to notice the beauty in people. As soon as he gives way to the Divine within himself, man becomes beautiful. God has put into him Divine Spirit, soul, and heart. The bad within a man is like mud that can be cleaned. In order not to get muddy, do not dwell upon the unclean in man. As soon as life gets into him – it will clean everything. The task of the artist is to paint and study the distinguishing features of humans. He should know why the hair of one man is soft and of another one - coarse; why the nails of one man are short and wide and of another one - narrow and long; why the nose of one man is short and of another one – long. As he paints the people, the artist easily studies the features of the human face.

A famous artist was called by a rich American to paint him. The artist agreed with him and started to paint him. He worked on the portrait of the American for a whole month, but was surprised, that he could not paint his nose. Each time he corrected the nose, but the next day again something crooked appeared. After he worked on the portrait for a long time, the painter told the American: “I am sorry, but I cannot paint your nose – it does not yield. However I correct it – the next day again I find something crooked. It is the first time I cannot paint someone’s nose. Your nose is peculiar. – Quite naturally, said the American – because my nose is artificial. – Each time the American joggled his nose thus changing the direction of its lines.

I say: Do not paint artificial noses! Do not reconcile the irreconcilable things in life. If you owe something to someone, pay your debt. – But I’ll ask him to forgive me. – No, just pay your debt – nothing else. Consequently, if you like to be reconciled with God, you should love Him. You may cry and repent as much as you like, but if you do not love Him, no reconciliation is possible. Only Love is able to reconcile the contradictions in life. Without Love, the bitter words remain bitter, while the sweet words lose their sweetness. Without Love even the greatest good deeds remain fruitless.

A rich American died and immediately set out for heaven. At the portal of heaven Saint Peter met him and asked him: Where are you going? I am going to heaven. While I was on Earth, I did a lot of good deeds, due to which I ought to be there. What good deeds did you do? – I built a church. – What did you get for this? – All the newspapers wrote about me. – You have already got your salary. Any other good deed? – I built a school. – What did you get for this? – The school was named after me. – You have got paid for this, too. - Another good deed? – I helped various societies financially and all of them accepted me as an honorary member. – You got paid for this too. Such good deeds are not accepted here. Tell me about a good deed, which no one knows and no one has paid you. The American thought for a long time and finally said: Years ago, I went for business out of the town; a poor widow came after me so that I could give her some financial aid. I told her that I was in a hurry and could not stop, but she was persistently following me. Finally, in order to free myself from her, I threw to her one-dollar and left. – Oh, this is something else. For this deed I’ll consult with God – let Him pass his judgment. So, both of them went to God. Saint Peter entered and told the whole story. After He heard it, God said: Give him two dollars and send him back to Earth. Consequently, God does not accept each good deed, not made out of Love, but in order to gain glory from the people.

As disciples, you are required to become artists, to study people and to draw only their beautiful features. You can attain this by the help of Love. Only the one who loves can see the beautiful. Only the one who loves can sacrifice himself. Have you ever asked yourselves if you are able to love someone in such a way that you can sacrifice everything for him? Who might that one be? He may be either God, or your fellow man, or you yourself. Man should begin to love either himself, or his fellow man, or God. However he starts is good, but the important thing is to love. And as he loves, he should be ready for any sacrifice. The strength of man lies in this. A real artist is the one, who – with the strength of his mind, heart, and will - might sacrifice everything. The real artist paints all the lines in their proper places and creates a beautiful picture from them. The mistakes of the people are nothing but parts from the whole, that is – separate lines from a beautiful picture.

I wish all of you to be great artists, who paint beautiful paintings from the mistakes and the shortcomings. Love turns all the weaknesses and shortcomings of people into great virtues. The one, who does not understand this, encounters contradictions. The one, who understands Love knows that the crimes and the shortcomings are bad due to the only reason - that they are not committed at the proper time and place. If she feeds her newborn baby with solid food, the mother commits a crime, because the newborn baby should eat only milk. In this sense the evil and the crime - as parts of evil – in future, it will transform into virtues.

As disciples, you should learn how to overcome the difficulties. If someone gives you solid food, apply your teeth – your virtues. If you can chew this food – you are a strong man. Otherwise you are a weak man. Look what the plants do with carbon dioxide. Although it is a poisonous gas, they intake it as a food: they decompose it into carbon and oxygen. They retain the carbon within themselves and process it in complex chemical compositions, while they send the oxygen into the air thus refreshing and cleaning it. Today the world needs genius people that might transform the present evil into a future good. The people of the future will have within themselves the might and strength to transform evil into good, into sweet fruits - likewise the plants process carbon dioxide and transform it into foodstuff for themselves and the whole humanity.

I wish you all to be mighty and strong, to be heroes, to transform evil into good, sorrows into joys, to form sweet and tasty fruits - as for yourselves, so for your fellow-men.

From darkness – towards Light!
From cold – towards heat!
From weakness – towards strength!

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 6, 5 a.m.

John, chapter 18

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