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Old 01-30-2008, 01:11 AM
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Smile Knowledge


One of the tasks of contemporary people is to gain knowledge of one another. Knowledge cannot be gained without the participation of the consciousness’ manifestations. In order to be able to gain knowledge of one another, people should pass through the four fields of the consciousness: the sub consciousness, the consciousness, the self-consciousness, and the over-consciousness. The sub-consciousness resembles the child within its mother’s womb; the consciousness resembles the newborn child; the self-consciousness resembles the child that already goes to school; the over-consciousness resembles a man, who serves God. The result of these four states is a person striving and Life. As I talk about the manifestations of the consciousness within man, I mean the organized life – not the life of suffering and trials. The organized life implies a complete union of the human thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

In the first chapter of Genesis, it is written, that God has “formed man of the dust of the ground”. While man was dust on the ground, he was deprived of consciousness. He was in a “pregnant state” – as is the state of the water that flows, of the air that moves, and of the stones on which he steps.

“And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Verse 7) From this moment on the consciousness awoke. The nose is related to the human consciousness; the mouth – with the human sub-consciousness, the ears – with the human self-consciousness, and the eyes – with the human over-consciousness. These phases of the consciousness unite through Love.

The gaining of knowledge conceals the great idea – the attainment of Love. Love includes in itself two processes: descent and ascent. Only the rational man descends. In general, only God descends. As we talk about ascension, you should know that it is again God that ascends – as a Rational Beginning. No one can ascend or descend where God ascends and descends. The life we bear within us shows the presence of God within us. He has descended from His exalted world into our world. In order to descend into our world, God has adapted especially, so that He can take the appropriate place, so that He can settle among us as among his children. He has rejected everything He has – His glory and greatness. Thus God lives among us like a human. As we go to Him, we will also live like humans. Since He has come to us, He is looking for a way to transfer to us His blessings, so that we do not misuse them. In order that we can appreciate these goods, we pass through a school of joy and suffering. The suffering begins after a man overstrains himself. It is enough for him to overstrain his stomach, heart, or brain, so that he can experience certain suffering. As man undertakes to do a job for which he is not ready, he suffers. After he does a job for which he is ready – he enjoys himself.

Everyone strives towards Love, because it is only Love that can transform the world. Initially, a man lived for himself. This is a Divine quality. Initially, God also lived for Himself. After He created the world, He began to live for all the beings he Himself created. In this way He self-restrained, but He enjoyed His self-restrain that let Him gain knowledge of the creatures He had created. The presence of God within the small beings became the reason for their sufferings. To restrain yourself means to stand besides a great mountain that casts a shadow over you. Standing in the shadow of the mountain you suffer and torment, because you are deprived of the space that you would have if you were up the mountain, or in front of it. Each man suffers due to overshadowing – constantly someone has overshadowed him. The daughter suffers due to her mother that overshadows her, the son – due to his father, the disciple – due to his master, the servant – due to his lord. The world is full of overshadowed people. When they want to break free from the houses that overshadow them, people destroy them. If they want to break free from the forests that overshadow them – the people clear them. Consequently, in the future - in order not to overshadow one another - the people should be transparent. The mothers, fathers, children, masters, disciples, lords, and servants should be transparent, so that they do not overshadow anyone. The houses should also be transparent, made of glass, so that they do not overshadow one another. Only Love can make things transparent, though. The word “transparent” implies lack of any resistance or opposition to the light and elevated human thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Contemporary people live in a world that they do not appreciate as a result they are displeased. No one is pleased about the situation he is in. The mother is displeased because her children do not love her as she would like. The father is also displeased with his children. The children are displeased that their parents are not as they would prefer them to be. Sometimes, the father and the mother are forced to become like bandmasters. They want that their children might become good singers, but their children have not yet studied singing well. All people want to live well, but have not yet learned how to attain this art. Initially, man was closed in an egg. In order to come out of it, he should know what to do. The one, who does not know this art, opens the egg. They call the opening of the egg the basic tone of life. The one, who strikes the basic tone of life properly, never gets ill. Illnesses show that the human did not strike the proper tone of life.

If the human wants to gain knowledge about himself and about his fellow man, this means that they should mutually create conditions for their own development as regards their physique, heart, and mind. New life brings opportunities for gaining knowledge about people. The familiarizing begins with a conversation. The person about whom you should gain knowledge will begin to talk to you. At this moment all the opportunities will manifest themselves for a man. His soul will open and he will see what means are available to him - mechanically, organically, and psychically. Each form is an opportunity for a man. As he studies this form, he gets in touch with it and acquires certain wealth. The one, who does not understand this, thinks that the plants do not have any intelligence. He is deceiving himself, though. The plants are sensible and intelligent. It was observed that as a criminal gets near a tree – it withers. If the righteous man touches a tree – it comes back to life. So, when crimes are being committed – the trees wither; as people do good things in the world - the withered trees come back to life. When crimes are being committed – people die; when good deeds are being done – people are born. Some humans think that only people are reasonable beings. Each man thinks good for himself only. This is a limited comprehension.

In the olden times, there lived three masters that were competing for one and the same mission. They made them vote, so that it could be decided which one of the three should perform the mission. As they checked the voting papers they found three different names – each of them had voted for himself.

At the meeting of a European king, 12 beautiful young ladies were chosen and each of them carried a bunch of flowers. It was decided, that one of the young ladies should present the bunches of flowers to the king. They had to vote, so that they could choose which of them should perform the mission. As they checked the voting papers, they found 12 different names on them – here, too, each young lady had voted for herself.

This is a discrepancy that exists everywhere in the world. How can this discrepancy be solved? The discrepancy will be solved with the coming of 12 kings. Thus each young lady will present one bunch of flowers. In life, as the young lady is to be married, this problem finds a different solution. The young man whom she is to marry is the king whom they meet. The bride is the young lady intended to give the king the bunch of flowers. Subsequently, the newborn child resembles this king, while the mother resembles the young lady with the bunch of flowers. In order for discrepancies not to exist in life, a man should have just one idea in his mind – the king they meet, and one feeling within his heart – the queen they meet. The king always comes with his queen, though.

So, a new understanding for both Life and Love is required from each man. To love somebody means to come down to his level; to love somebody means to give him some of your goods and teach him how to use them; to love somebody means to accept him within yourself and take him to your homeland. The homeland of the human soul represents heaven – the place of all the opportunities and goods that man has ever had. Today, each man strives to return to heaven from where he came out. A dark zone exists between Earth and heaven, though, through which man should inevitably pass. In order to pass peacefully through it, he needs light equal to the light of 25 million candles. As soon as he passes through the dark zone and enters the Divine World, the candle is no longer necessary. In the Divine World it looks like a feeble red light that hardly glimmers. The dark zone is distinguished by bitter cold. The temperature there is 273 degrees below zero. In order to pass through this zone, man should have Love. Only his Love is able to pass through this cold and dark zone. The heat of Love is great. It overcomes even the greatest physical cold.

It is not easy to pass through the dark and cold zone. Whether he realizes that or not, man holds tightly to the Earth. He does not want to leave it. Man holds onto the Earth because of his selfishness. The two poles of the Earth – the North Pole and the South Pole, show the selfishness of man and woman. The North Pole represents the selfishness and shows the selfishness of the man, that is – the selfishness of the mind, while the South Pole represents the selfishness of the woman, that is – the selfishness of the heart. In order to understand what the selfishness of the North Pole is, imagine, that all the ice of the pole is gathered in one place and forms an ice mountain, which is 2000 meters high. If you spread out this ice all over the Earth, an ice layer 40 meters thick will be formed. The female selfishness is like the male selfishness. Selfishness does not mean unhappiness for a man – it is a good that he should know how to use it. Selfishness is the wealth that men and women have gathered since their exit from heaven until today. As they didn’t know where to store it, they have piled it up on the two poles – on both the South and the North Pole.

Contemporary people are looking for a way to break free from selfishness. How can they break free from it? Where will they put it? If they scatter it on the surface of the ground, it will destroy life; it will destroy all culture. If they melt it, there will be a flood on Earth – a flood which humanity has never seen. The only force that can properly cope with selfishness is Love. It would melt it little by little – imperceptibly. Consequently, do not hasten to break free from your selfishness at once. If you scatter it all over the Earth, it will stop your evolution. If you melt it at once, it will cause a great flood within you that will drown you. Leave your selfishness where it is - to wait for the coming of Love. The selfishness of a man is gathered within the human mind, while the selfishness of a woman is gathered within the human heart. As he sees the danger that stalks a man, God calls the woman first and says: “My child, give me your heart!” God wants to meet the woman first, so that He can cope with her selfishness and organize it. After that, He will call the man. For thousands of years now God has melted the selfishness of the woman. This is the old age. The new age that is coming now will be occupied with melting and organizing the selfishness of the man. This will be the age of the man. Since the woman has already broken free from her selfishness, she will help the man, so that he can break free as well. This is the reason for which a man seeks the Love of a woman. Love has heat, so it will melt the selfishness of the man. I take the words “man” and “woman” in their broad sense and I say: The human heart should help the human mind. A man conceals within himself great gifts, capabilities, and forces, but he does not realize them. As he does not realize them, he lacks faith in himself. As he does not believe in himself, man lives in a made up world and thinks that nothing can come of him. As you look at the Earth in winter you may also think that nothing will come of it. Have a little patience, though. Four or five months later, as the sun light and heat manifest themselves stronger, as the moisture increases, you will see many heads appear from the ground and you will see how life is bubbling everywhere.

Now as you study life on Earth you see that it makes two main movements: around the Sun and around itself. The result of the movement of the Earth around the Sun is the four seasons; the result of the movement of the Earth around its axis is the day and the night. As he lives on Earth, man takes part in these movements. The result of man’s movement around himself is his joys and sorrows. The joy represents the bright side of human life – the day; the suffering represents the dark side of the human life – the night. The day in the human life takes turns with the night – likewise the joy takes turns with suffering. And vice versa – the suffering takes turns with joy. Man moves around himself, but he also moves around the Sun – around God. The result of this movement is the four seasons within him.

As disciples of a Great School, your task is to study the ground on which you live, but at the same time you can explore the other planets as well. Today, with the capabilities and the feelings you have, you can study the land, but a time will come, when you will develop your inner feelings and capabilities. Then you will be able to move from one planet to another. As you travel consciously from one planet to another, you will be able to trace the way through which you have passed. You will see that there is life on the other planets as well. There are also beings that process their soil as the people on Earth do. Then, the beings from the other planets will descend to Earth. If today some being says that it has descended on the Earth from another planet, no one would believe it - the people would call it crazy, a liar, etc. If someone dares to say that he has descended from the Sun, no one would believe him. Why? Because people have a special concept about the Sun. According to many humans, the Sun is a burning body with a very high temperature.

There is a special Sun on which each man should go, though. The inhabitants of this sun elevate human life. They are called Brothers of Love. As a greater number of them descend to Earth, the planet will be completely transformed. Then all the people will be called brothers and sisters. All the people will speak one language. All the mothers and fathers will form one mother and one father. They will come out of the human head, but they will pass through his eyes. The eyes are the only place through which they will pass. As they come to the Earth, they will bring joy and delight within the human soul. That is why the psalm singer says: “As I see God, my soul will be filled with joy.”

The outer light we see is a result of the thoughts of the Elevated Beings above us. It comes out from the eyes of these Beings. Animals perceive the light that comes out from us. They do not see things as we see them, because they perceive the light that has passed through two dense types of media, as a result it has undergone double refraction. A man is an instrument; the important thing is what kind of music will come out from him. The thoughts and the feelings represent the music of a man. What will be the thought of a man and what light will he emit depends on his disposition towards the Brothers of Love that come from above. As both young and old you should receive Love wherever it comes from. Love is for everyone – not just for the young ones. In my opinion, young is the man, who has gardens full of good-quality fruit-trees and who picks the fruits by himself. Isn’t it possible that each man has such a garden and will be forever young?

The new way of life towards which everyone is striving leads to the Divine gardens and suggests that everyone should pick from the fruits of their fruit-trees. In this sense, the new life requires young and loving people. Now we invite you to leave the old life and enter the Divine gardens of the new life and pick from the new fruits by yourself. Time makes this process easier, but we will also help you to enter these gardens and choose from the most beautiful fruits. Everyone will choose according to the taste of his mind and his heart.

Be ready now to accept the goods that your Brothers bring to you. Humanity awaits these Brothers for thousands of years. They are already coming. The people, who do not understand the reason for their coming, say that the second coming is near. Other people call it “the end of the world”. Those people who understand things, though, say that the “beginning of the new life” is coming.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 12, 5 a.m.


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