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Old 01-30-2008, 04:37 AM
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Smile The Eternal Life


As disciples of the Great School, you should be generous and give out the Divine Word abundantly – like Christ, who fed thousands of people with five loaves of bread. Whatever each of you has heard, accepted, and put into practice, let him give it out to those people that are genuinely interested. The one, who talks, might become a public speaker. The one, who does not speak, cannot become a public speaker; the one, who studies, might become a learned man; the one, who does not study, cannot become a learned man; the one, who sings, might become a singer; the one, who does not sing, cannot become a singer; the one, who loves, comes back to life; the one, who does not love - dies; the one, who loves Truth, might become a free man; the one, who does not love Truth, will become a slave.

Christ said to the wealthy man: “One thing you are short of.” One thing all the contemporary people are short of. A young man went to a qualified potter to follow the trade. As he worked for three years, he decided that he has already followed the trade, so he told to his master: Please announce that I am now a master, for I am already a man of age - I would like to get married and work on my own.

His master agreed, gave him the right to work as a master and sent him to work on his own. The young man made a lot of pottery, observing all the rules he had adopted from his master and put the pottery into the oven to bake. What was his surprise, when he saw, that after baking them all the pottery cracked. He quickly went to his master and told him about the disaster. His master told him: in order that your pottery does not crack, you should stay with me for another three years. – I’ll stay, because I want to learn this art as well, for no one buys cracked pottery.

Now he observed more carefully than before in what way his master pressed the clay, in what way he paddled and formed it, hoping, that he will see something more special than what he already knew. As the master was putting the pottery into the oven, he also observed carefully, trying not to miss anything, thinking, that a mystery or a new formula would be revealed to him. What did he notice? He noticed that as he was taking the pottery out of the oven, the master blew in each one of the pots and said: “Hou!” As he saw that, the young man said: I wonder why I had to waste three years for a “Hou!” The master replied to him: This “Hou!” shows your Love towards pottery. If you love what you are doing, the pottery will not crack. Loving pottery is like talking with them. Love is present in a home in which the pottery is being blown at. If you need solid pottery, - go to a home where Love is present.

Consequently, each home, founded on Love – succeeds. Each home, not founded on Love – fails. Love is a creative force that does not stand anything negative. As it creates, Love does not accept as constructive material even a single negative thought, feeling, or deed. Love does not bring doubt, hesitation, or any contradictions.

A young man of high origin fell in love with a beautiful young lady, whose parentage was high, too. As they married, he had doubts about her Love and suspected that she loved someone else. Because his nobility did not allow him to demand an explanation from her, he left his home desperate and hurt and went to the near-by river with the intention of drowning himself. As he was looking for a deeper place in the river, he heard steps behind his back. He turned and saw his beloved. She came near him and whispered something to him. He was delighted and immediately gave up his decision to drown himself. If someone had asked him what the young lady whispered to him, he would have answered: My sweetheart told me, that if I drown myself because of doubt and suspicion towards her, even the water will throw me out. The water likes to come into the man and quench his thirst, but it does not accept anyone within itself. His sweetheart has whispered to him that she loved him and that she has not loved anybody but him and that she would always be faithful to him. He told her that he was ready to correct his mistake and in the name of her Love – to live and Love everyone.

Today, I am also telling you: Do not doubt the Divine Love. Do not draw yourself into your suspicions, because you will fall into its depths, from where it will be difficult for you to exit. The one, who does not believe God, is drowning himself in his own suspicions. Seek God and trust in Him, so that you can meet his three daughters: Hope, Faith, and Love. As you meet Hope, you will become rich in the physical world. As you meet Faith – you will enter the spiritual world, so that your mind enlightens and you might gain knowledge. As you meet Love – you will enter the Divine World and attain eternal life.

Christ says: “This life is eternal – to know you – the One True God.” And I say: Have hope in the one that hopes. Trust in the one who trusts. Love the one that loves. To come into contact with Hope, Trust, and Love – this is the eternal life, towards which every soul strives.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 13, 5 a.m.

John, chapter 12, 1


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