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Old 02-26-2008, 06:29 AM
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Default 9-11 Hijackers used GPS?

According to Dr. Lani Kass, director of the Air Force Cyberspace Task Force,
the 9-11 hijackers used GPS to guide the planes into the World Trade Center.

The attacks of 9/11illustrate another kind of effect that can be inflicted through the use of the cyber domain. <b>The terrorists responsible for the attacks used global positioning system receivers to guide planes into the towers in New York.</b> They trained on aircraft simulators, they used the Internet to recruit participants, and they transferred money to fund their activities electronically.

Source: Air Force leaders to discuss new 'Cyber Command'
First of all, how do they know that? Did they find the devices?
There is an article about Atta and GPS.

Officials speculate Atta may have been in New York on September 10 to make a final visit to the World Trade Center to program the towers' location into a global positioning system, the source said.

Source: CNN.com - Source: Records suggest Atta in NYC on Sept. 10 - May 22, 2002
Somehow, speculation turned into fact.
But further research suggests it would be terribly difficult to fly a plane with
a handheld GPS device made today, let alone in 2001.

In the end it is rare for all of the satellites to align properly to allow the use of GPS onboard a commercial aircraft and I imagine it will only become more difficult with today’s security threats.

Source: 10 Myths about GPS GPS Review
But someone who has been using GPS technology is the military.

The H-764G product family includes the DoD Tri-Service Embedded GPS/INS standard navigator, or EGI, fielded for use on tactical aircraft, transports and military helicopters. The EGI and H-764G variants are in service on more than 70 airplane types for more than 30 nations, with thousands of units delivered. The H-764G is based on Honeywell's GG1320AN digital ring-laser gyro (RLG), Honeywell QA-2000 accelerometers, and embedded GPS receivers. The H-764G products have from two to four spare card slots, which can be used to host a number of interface cards or other functions, such as a multi-mode receiver or a radar altimeter module. The H-764G is flexible and tailorable to a wide range of applications.

Source: https://commerce.honeywell.com/webap...00000000000001
So what kind of person would know that the terrorists used GPS?

The cyber domain includes all the places an electron travels. The electron, which is part of the atom, can travel from one atom to the next. This concept is key to electronic communication and energy transmission.

An electron may travel from a cell phone to a cell tower, for instance. The path the electron takes, the shape of its path, the speed it travels, and the direction it travels are all critical to ensuring the cell phone works and that a usable signal is received. As part of a signal, an electron can travel from a handheld computer to a reception tower, over a wire to a telephone, to a television through an antenna, from a radio transmitter to radio, and from computer to computer as part of a network.

The electron can also travel, as part of energy transmission, from a microwave oven to popcorn seeds to make them pop, from generators over a wire to a light bulb, and from an X-ray machine through bone to a detection plate to make an image for a doctor to review.

The places where the electron travels is the cyber domain, or cyberspace. And the ability to deliver a full range of cyber effects -- to detect, deter, deceive, disrupt, defend, deny, and defeat any signal or electron transmission -- is the essence of fighting in cyberspace.

In the United States, Americans depend on the cyber domain for nearly everything they do. The cyber domain is the "center of gravity" for all aspects of national power, including economic, financial, technical, diplomatic and military might, Dr. Kass said.

Ummm, "to detect, deter, deceive, disrupt, defend, deny, and defeat any signal or electron transmission"

That is everything. Welcome to Big Brother.
Air Force Cyber Command - Home

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Old 02-29-2008, 05:00 PM
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Cool Re: 9-11 Hijackers used GPS?

The truth is important so email this to 10 people and ask them to do
the same. This is the only way the message will be spread effectively.

First site is about the 9/11 coincidences

Welcome To The 9/11 Coincidences Website

The second site is about the painful deceptions of 9/11

Welcome to the 9/11 Deception Website

The last site is about the London Bombing deception on 7/7

Welcome To The London 7/7 Bombing Deception Website

They are all video documentaries so you wont have to read anything, just watch!
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