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Default Life Takes VISA

In a previous thread, I explain the mark and number of the beast as VISA

Also, I point out that the beast itself is the VISA Chaordic Credit system.
OtherWise Dee Hock - The Birth of the Chaordic Century: Out of Control and Into Order (Part 1 of 2)

VISA is different than other cards.

Remember, in the old days, when MasterCard and American Express was really
the two main cards. VISA, was a system that MC and AE use to process transactions
between banks, companies, and eventually retail.

VISA set up the network for Bank Of America (BAC) to use their card. But the originator, Dee Hock, saw the beauty of the system and the future potential, and with the help of the World Bank, IMF and WTO, installed a worldwide network which eventually grew to the world wide web (WWW).

Dee Hock, saw a future where everyone used computers to do business, and he put in a system that received a small cut of each transaction.

Money would become nothing but alphanumeric data in the form of arranged electrons and photons that would move around the world at the speed of light, at minuscule cost, by infinitely diverse paths throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Credit card was a misnomer. It must be reconceived as a device for the exchange of value in the form of arranged electronic particles.
Fast forward to Friday, March 14th, 2008. Bear Stearn (BSC) announces it's broke, belly up, busted. Yet two days before, the CEO was on CNBC stating everthings great!

Let me introduce the reader to Naked Short Selling

stockgate, massive stockfraud named "naked short selling" (moneyfiles)
Short-selling involves a bet that a company's stock will fall. Typically, an investor sells borrowed stock, and hopes to buy it back at a lower price to replenish the lender. In a naked short sale, the investor sells stock that has not yet been borrowed. Naked short selling is usually illegal, in part because the stock supposedly underlying the transaction may never be borrowed or may not exist. It can be permitted to promote market stability
It could also be used to run the stock market up or down, creating volatility. As the volatility increased, traders learned to sell when stock was rising, and buy when stock was declining, further increasing the volatility, and sending the stock market into a shark feeding frenzy, because people where making billions, and the economy in general was being pumped full of money through the Fed in the form of cheap house loans.

Then, since it became easier and easier to get large loans with less down, this shot the price of housing up and up.

Now at this time, if one had sold their 5 bedroom 7 bath house and bought a 3 bed 2 bath house and paid outright, to get out from under the loan, they would have been fine.

But in steps one-upping the Jones. We have a nice house, now we need the $100,000 boat because the Jones have a $75,000 boat. But we don't have the money, so in steps the refinance companies/subprime loans.

Everything is great, until the value of your house goes down, and the Adjustable Rate Mortgage goes up, gas goes up, buying power of the dollar goes down.

A sack of flour that used to cost 1$ in the fall of 2007, is now $2. Everything has doubled.

Now here is where VISA steps in. Where is all this money going? If the money is put into the economy, it doesn't just evaporate, where does it go. Overseas? Well, their economies are in debt too, so no. Where does all that money go?

Into large banks of computers. As the money is transferred into the digital domain, the Federal Reserve Notes (US Dollar, Euro, Yen etc) are destroyed, causing less and less tangible income in the system and pushing people to rely more and more on cards and digital money transactions.

Some will tell you this is the best way, cause it's easier, quicker. Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is, it's more expensive. Why? Because VISA gets their cut for every dollar of every transaction.

Now, people by this point might begin to understand the amount of power the VISA system wields. Everyday, VISA handles billions and billions of financial transactions through their routers.

It would be easy to inject a false number hear and there, to make things look different, like in the stock market. Stocks are traded electronically, and incomes are put on cards. I would be willing to bet, 95% of the stock traders have a VISA branded card in their wallet.

It may be a Chase Manhattan Bank account, but VISA controls the network that the card uses. And VISA has some control of the Dow numbers too. How you say? Through Naked Short Selling.

The phantom trading that is going on, bringing down companies like Overstock.Com through plunges in their stock, which causes a run on the bank, like Bear Stearns.

So VISA offers up their IPO at a time of stress in the economy, propping up the banks that own stock in them, like JP Morgan, Bank Of America, Citibank.

VISA makes a deal with these banks, specifically JP Morgan, and the Federal Reserve, to plunge Bear Stearns, and scoop them up, because what they gain is Real Estate, United States soil, for pennies on the dollar
Also, Bear Stearns doesn't want to jump on the VISA network. So now, with BSC under JPM control, their systems can be intergrated into VISA. That is why they got the building.

JPM has held on to the BSC stock because once the building is swapped over to VISA, the company will open back up for business, by borrowing from "the window". And then BSC stock will soar again, hence the current speculation.

VISA, before the deal, set up with their stockholders to buy back $10B of the $17B sold, with an option to do it again, in the fall of 2008. VISA also set up litigation account in the $1B range for each company in the anticipation of lawsuits, once people figure out what's going on.

VISA is already dealing with several lawsuits with MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, due to the aggressiveness of the take-over.

Now, with VISA firmly in control of the majority of the stockmarkets, and nearly all financial transactions, it will become more and more obvious how powerful VISA is.

As the Beast emerges from obscurity into clarity, people will reject them, but it will be too late, unless you are completely off the grid and self sufficient.

And those people will be targets.

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Default Re: Life Takes VISA

strong message i believe it 100%
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Default Re: Life Takes VISA

A cashless society before the implant is mandatory for all is the game plan. I strong believe what you have posted here. I think they want us to stop using cash,making us believe that it makes sense in that, our money and wallets can get lost or stolen. Then they say your cards can become stolen etc.etc.etc. Next its "Line to the left is for chipping only." "Step right up and get your chip here." They know excatly what their doing and have planned it for many years.
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