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Old 03-03-2015, 11:04 AM
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Default Know your enemy, masonic lucifer-lovers

Know your enemy, masonic lucifer-lovers

Welcome to Refined (3/3/15) part 8

65: Unmasking the devil. Jesus identifies satan as beelzebub. I need you to understand that my journey is supernatural and human. I want to show you that the freemasons in uniform (boys in blue = Lu) and government know exactly what they do. The English Gematria for Lu is 33, I told you No 33 is associated with satan/luci. Think about that, this means that the wicked freemasons are not mind-controlled as they most definitely know what they do (for self gain). There are some low level hidden branches of freemasonry that are definitely mind-controlled, research occultic MK-Ultra (not Wikipedia).

The gay lord has many guises over the centuries. Know your enemy, research beelzebub, black donald, the green man, moloch, asherah, jack in the green, ashteroth, pan, lord of the flies, the wind, the man, old scratch, rupert (German for beelzebub), the dragon (masonic dragoon guards), set (Egyptian name for satan), el diablo, old nick. jack o' lantern. So you don't believe that evil dresses up as good? get online and type in "The occultic Lucifer Trust". More later as I show you how the lose poof operates. I have deliberately used lower case (down below) letters for the wicked as upper case titles belong to "Up Above" (Heaven).

66: Are you serious about Jesus?. Wait till you find out that the luci-lovers actually believe that the gay lord is really their real Jesus and that luci was somehow wronged (you could not make this up). Listen to me, these luci lovers have been promised much by con man luci. These fools actually think they are chosen to go to luci's heaven and will be rewarded..... stop..... stop. Can you believe this? the freemasons are this world's biggest gang of pedophiles, drug dealers, murderers and war-mongers. They destroy innocent people and society (and breed more sprogs to do likewise) while they are here and they expect to be rewarded?????. So, does that mean that luci will renew them and turn them into "good" when they get to luci's dungheap?. Wake up you fools, luci's heaven is just a con, it does not exist. It's the criminal elite who are privately educated from the age of 2 (on how to con the gullible via secret societies and Egyptian mythology). They are using you to keep their bankers and royal families in power and opulence.

67. Save mr. mason?. Even the low level freemasons know all about about lucifer and his all seeing eye (a hollywood fantasy). The masons will absorb any old dross without reading truth. The rich people call these masons "useful idiots" and give them big stupid titles like "the most grand worshipful master moron (mason)”. I am trying to help you mr. mason, you can be saved. research online “freemasonry is a criminal organisation" at
Or checkout http://www.bilderberg.org

68: Beelzebul (aka lord of the flies aka the gay lord luci). There are various spellings of Beelzebub (but after much research and much persecution) I can confirm that the satanic freemasons prefer "Beelzebul". The wicked luci-lovers use words with bel/bell and bul/bull to refer to beelzebul in their masonic codes and imaginary curses. I have lots of back up. I want to show you how the criminal satanic elite use low level freemasons to destroy normal society. More later.

69: Number 6-66-666, the satanic freemasons love their sixes. Research "6 is the number of Man" (luci-satan is aka the Man, more later). A local Eastern Star Mason (ESM) who lives at No 66 and had a vehicle with 666 in the Reg plate. Previous pretend friend freemason moved into No 66. Local FM garage 956 66?? Other local ESMs with car Reg plates 666 (or 66) love to drive slowly past me (psychological terrorism) when I walk our dog. Before you judge me, I know where these masons live and I know their tactics and other masonic symbols within their car and house.

My half of one had keyhole surgery at Stobhill Hospital to remove painful gallstones and within 2 hours of the operation, the luci lover's gang had my her transferred to the royal Hospital, Glasgow. They put her into the masonic queen Elizabeth building and Ward 66, yeah rite (research Scottish rite or York rite?). Her Consultant and local Doctor both said this was crazy, she should not have been moved. I have documented this and their masonic perps at both hospitals. The masonic police fusion centre coordinated everything. Those who believe in the gay lord will try to live or trade from 66 or 666, or have these numbers in their vehicles/landlines/mobiles, wake up.

70: The criminal elite's cheap eyes and ears. Next time you are in the supermarket car park, have a look at the disney icons on car ariels. Also look for cuddly toys/shoes inside the car. Checkout what is hanging from their rear view mirror. They are all eastern star freemasons (ESMs). They are not very bright people, just controlled donkeys. Some are bullied, some rewarded but all are protected. Every ESM has the phone number of a police inspector should they ever get a problem (fact). The ESM will lie by saying they have an auntie or uncle in the police.These feeble minded slaves are the eyes and ears of the criminal elite. Do not feel sorry for them, they are also ruthless gang-stalkers who psychologically terrorise innocent people (all coordinated by the masonic police). These ESMs are rapidly destroying society. I wish no harm on these traitors, God will deal with them.

71: Freemasonry is the Anti-Christ (fact). Know your enemy, just type this in and research. Do not pay for information and watch out for the masonic disinfo merchants. Do not read or listen to the criminal elite news (bbc-itv-fox-cnn).Trust me, here are 3 of the best long-term truth websites for your daily news http://www.intmensorg.info/data.htm
and http://henrymakow.com and http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk You can also check out their links for even more truth. And me, I'm just passin' the time till Father's Sign.

72: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. So far it all sounds very depressing, doesn't it? boo hoo, what are we Christians going to do? Ha Ha. Did I tell you not to worry? Jesus Christ "Superstar" is here and you'd better believe it. I told you JC Superstar was my favourite album but mostly because of the title. The original record/lyrics were totally cruel, blasphemous, derogatory and always mocking Jesus. The false jews who wrote it did not think that they would actually educate people to truth. See how Father uses luci's bad and turns it into good?. Have I not told you that it is over for the wicked?, O yes, I told you they know who I am and they now know what happens next. I believe every Word of what the Holy Spirit writes for you. I am not here to be Hollywood Holy.

73: Message to all the luci lovers. You can perform daily for the gay lord but ye cannot escape God. What I want to know is "where is the poof?". Where are you luci?. I have seen your sad satanic minions but where are you hiding?. The only place must be the Paisley Sewage Works for the smell is the same as the lord of the flies feasting on dung (cheap gas masks on ebay).The masons use the code-letter "C" as it sounds i,e. C = See, Luc = lucee (as it sounds). Can you just tell us what happened to the flie swotted from the sky into the clutha (clu-luc) on a 333 (hint..... millennium). I wish you could grasp the power of God, before it grasps you (repent). I am just the messenger, my previous perps (or their partners) are dropping like flies lately. Wake up before they stitch you up.
Checkout this excellent expose “Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult” here at

74: GOD'S NUMBER IS 7. I told you that the twin towers (controlled demolition) on 911 was a sacrifice to satan. There was another controlled demolition to bring down Building 7. This was a direct attack on God by dumb luci-lovers who thought God had vacated His throne. It is divine knowledge that God's number is 7 (read about 7 in Revelation). I cannot force things to happen, nor would I wish death upon anyone (God gives everyone many chances). But God sees the wicked and their deeds. God warns them but they insist on playing satan's tunes “money-money-money” and “me-me-me”. Do you trust the BBC news?

75: Offer to the masons. None of this is fabricated, I/we can back up everything. I/we will only do this in a transparent, filmed environment. I have asked the self titled top freemasons in the UK for seven years now without reply, do you think the freemasons know what they do?. God knows your every thought and action since before you were born. Repent or lament, there will be no human viruses (false jews or freemasons) in the New Jerusalem.

Welcome to Refined (3/3/15) part 8. The Beautiful Bible must be true, the prophesies are unfolding in front of you. Love, Peace and FR33DOM (from the satanic freemasons) Joe Stirling (7 kisses for you xxxxxxx).

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Old 03-17-2015, 07:28 AM
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Default Re: Know your enemy, masonic lucifer-lovers

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Old 03-25-2015, 07:35 AM
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Default Re: Know your enemy, masonic lucifer-lovers

The only enemies of Freemasonry are ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny.

I do love how you continue to just make things up; redefining words, revising history, and just plain old fabrication of modern events. You attempt to discredit Masons who know you to be a fraud by calling them “low level” or “blind”, but you truly have no idea about a single thing you post.

FYI, the number 33 also applies to Christ. And if you were serious about Christ, you would cast off this militant paranoia and hatred and accept one of the greatest commandments taught by Christ…to love one another.

You call us criminals, but it’s all generalities. You never name those directly responsible. Name people. Quit using non-sequitur or any other logical arguments. Use facts, not lies.

Show us from the Masonic ritual where “sixes” are a prized number. Show us from the ritual where we Masons prefer “Beelzebul".

There is no such thing as a “Eastern Star Mason”, particularly where you live. Eastern Star doesn’t exist over in the UK, but even if it did, a Mason also belonging to the Eastern Star doesn’t make him an “Eastern Star Mason”. That is a title made up by you and which again shows how very little you know about this fraternity.

Nowhere in Freemasonry do we say that we attempting to scape God, but then again, you do not speak for us Freemasons or for God.

The more you post though, the more I’m convinced that you are not all there in the head.

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
You ditto'd yourself?
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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