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Old 12-25-2009, 04:35 AM
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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Only to an extent is my point....as long as the parents or guardians are the one's who are in control..the problem is when parents are not there or do not play the role that a parent must in their child's upbringing.....then agreed, they will eventually become more influenced by that media then the influence of that of their parents. & I can tell you in all honesty that our kids are not "Disney programmed"...& that goes for all the commercials they view as well.

I take full responsibility for my kids & if they ever began showing signs of being brainwashed or even begin placing too much value on any of this stuff, we would step in immediately & set them straight. You sound as if u feel that parents have no control over the matter & Co's like Disney, etc are the one's who are pulling all the strings....at least that's how I'm reading you....perhaps I'm not totally understanding you which could very well be the case here.
Well alot and i'd say the majority don't have supportive parents who are aware and able to educate there children against other extremely influential factors such as media.
You can't monitor your childrens thoughts. More will be going in than what they make you aware of and what they themselves are ware of.
When all of this garbage goes into there subconcience it can effect them later down the track.
Its not like there suddenly going to switch into a zombie like state i mean it most likely wont be obviouse.
I had great parents growing up... absent of religion and was taught to reason things out ethically and compassionatelly, though i do remember having funny thoughts when i was younger about the sort of shit i was exposed to..... and i was hardly plonked infront of the tv, spent most of my time outside.
and this ain't even disney, the rockabybaby song... how the cradel comes down with baby and all...did the baby get hurt, did it die??
Or i'd get visuals of hancel and grettle stewing in the pot at the hand of the witch in the gingerbread house... the list goes on.

Once i hit highschool i went through some life changing and sometimes unnecessarily traumatising experiences that my parents had no controle over. and maby not yet because i assume your children are still young, but eventually i think all parents have to realise that sometimes shit just happeneds without you being aware and you need to read between the lines and not just assume that your children will tell you everything thats going on in there lives and in particular there minds. Kids go through all levels of developement and once out in the real world and a little less restrained by the wisdom of there parents other factors, inclusive of there past ones, will effect them.

The themes through music and tv when they are children continue up this raunchy rude and sexist path into the sort of music they will be exposed to once in high school so on and so forth.
Luckily for your kids they have, from what i gather, an aware and perseptive parent, though when they go through there growing up and(as most do) go through there rebelliouse fase there going to enevitibly get influenced by there peers and the media that influences them.
The world would have alot less snm, violence....etc if the themes in childrens media and non the less media in general were more innocent. it's not ok to say that the value of education and themes within one of the most influential products of a childs development isn't relevent.
Alot of kids become obsessed with disney characters and a child can only devlope so much of a sense of the right and wrong portrayed in film when there 4.
What about all those children in refuges, under docs or are just unfortunate to have neglectful parents.
They usually tend to escape in ways to distract themselves from being lonely like watching tv or getting into music.
Alot of parents sit there kids infront of the tv to get them out of there face you know what i mean... all these kids are effected, maby not yours, though these ones are.

And going maby off topic a little:-
What about the kids who have trauma based mind controle, such universally viewed values provide the foundation for such abuse?

Were will the kids who are subjected to an unhealthy lifestyle at home and of which escape to the entertainment of media develope there understanding of good and bad.

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