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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

Wait, there's more :-P Time To Set the Record Straight: Part 1 (continued)
God willing, there will be.

I won't be able to cover it all in the length allowed by this report -not by a long shot. Just consider this the first of a series of reports. My intent is only to tell the truth as I know it, to correct misinformation, to refute false allegations, erroneous suppositions or
theories which I have seen published or which have come back to me as rumours through the grapevine. Any opinions expressed here are solely my own; and I do not presume to speak for anyone but myself.

But since it's my life that's the issue, and my reputation that's at stake, it's important that to the best of my ability, I let the truth be known. As for the facts I present here, they should also speak for themselves.


I was born on March 12, 1951 on Manhattan Island in NYC. (March 13,
Universal or 'Zulu' Time) I am indeed 50 years of age, despite the opinions expressed by those who insist that I "could not be old enough" to have the extensive history which I claim as my own. It seems these folks are judging by the photos of me posted on my website. Those photos were all taken between 1997-2000. I can't help it if I look younger than I am; but I'm tired of my appearance compromising my credibility.

I AM a survivor of the following gov't black operations: CIA MK ULTRA;
Phoenix Project - colloquially known as Montauk- and otherwise known as 'Rainbow'; and of other 'deep black' CIA sponsored or related operations which for now shall remain nameless.

I was never involved in the project known as 'Monarch', that being
publicized by Mark Phillips and others.

I was never victimized/utilized as a so-called 'sex slave' or 'presidential model' as many people seem to have falsely assumed --erroneously supposing that my experiences have been similar to those being publicized by Cathy O'Brien; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor and others in this milieu.

I am not a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I am not a survivor of pedophilia, child pornography or incest.

I broke out of CIA black ops and related mind control programming
not suddenly, or all at once - but finally and irrevocably in 1994- after a years-long battle with my handlers - and started to go public in 1996.

I have not been 'deprogrammed' by any formal methodolgy or with the help of any professional 'deprogrammer'. I broke the mind control programming through many years of prayer and with God's help.


There's not enough space to include all the details here, but only an overview.

My professional background, education, training and credentials are mainly in the areas of metaphysics/ parapsychology/spiritual disciplines. I was ordained and licensed as a minister in the Universalist Church in 1979, and specialized in spiritual/pastoral counselling, but I have not practiced as a minister in many years and am no longer affiliated with any church or organized religion.

I am trained in the Jungian/Transpersonal method of psychotherapy and 'psychological' astrology. I am a certified hypnotherapist
and my work as a Jungian-method astrologer, psychotherapist and lecturer on these subjects has been endorsed by the Carl Jung Society in NYC and Westport, CT as well as numerous other educational institutes.

I lectured and taught classes on metaphysics and spiritual disciplines for over 20 years at various institutes. During this time frame, I also worked as a professional clairvoyant. In practicing these various disciplines my work included private counselling for individuals and families; investigative work on cases for legal firms and DA's offices, some of which were international in scope; personnel counselling and consulting for corporate entities.

CIA 'fronts' and proprietaries (including some of these corporations
and legal firms) regularly contracted my services.

I was considered a professional CIA asset and utilized in various capacities as such for many years.

My "cover" was that I was working as an "independent contractor" or
"talent". On the 'outside' I appeared to be 'self-employed', which though legitimate, does not describe the complex nature of my situation. In actuality, I functioned as a deep cover operative, acting partially - though not totally - under programmed controls.

I have also worked as an investigative journalist in both electronic and print media for over 20 years. From 1987-1995 I hosted/produced radio and TV programs in Connecticut, on WGCH radio, Greenwich, CT and Cablevision of CT, Norwalk, while residing in Greenwich, CT.

The topics I addressed on these programs were related mostly to the spiritual/paranormal/metaphysical; UFO research; gov't corruption and conspiracies; human and animal rights, and political activism.

My training as 'on-camera talent' and in TV production was sponsored by a CIA front company which also funded my TV programs and paid me a monthly stipend for various consulting services.

I had been trained and groomed by CIA ( among other things ) as a 'media representative' (read propagandist) for the 'New Age' and New World Order.

I will address these issues in more detail in an upcoming article : CIA Propaganda Ministry: The New Age and New World Order.

During the 1980s, I served as a press representative and investigator for Amnesty International.

From 1986 to the present I have conducted extensive research on UFOs and related phenomena, both as a field investigator and an investigative journalist. While hosting/producing my radio and TV programs I interviewed many of the most well-known UFO researchers and 'abductees' ; 'contactees' ; 'experiencers' as they variously described themselves.

Between 1994 and 1997 I conducted an intensive investigation in Pine Bush, NY and surrounding areas, including nearby West Point. My investigation mainly focussed on covert gov't/military black ops being run out of this and other areas, some of which I had been personally utilized in while still under programmed control.

For many years I led what I can only describe as a 'double life',
or even more strange, a 'multiple life'. And by that I don't mean
'multiple personality disorder'.

Due to the utterly bizarre nature of the so-called 'paranormal' aspects of the projects in whihc I was was utilized, such as Phoenix/Montauk - which can only be characterized as 'deep black' ops - some of my experiences defy description. I realize the extreme difficulty of gathering solid evidence, not only to substantiate my own experiences and involvement - but for the very existence of the operations.

When you are dealing with hyper-space, multi dimensonal and interdimensional planes of existence and the like, it can be next to impossible to nail down the absolute truth, much less prove it.

I am well aware that speaking about the stranger-than-fiction aspects
of my experiences, and what I KNOW-but cannot prove- to be true
has been a major stumbling block as regards my credibility.
Therefore, I have tried to stick as much as possible to the more mundane aspects of the operations, though my frustration in not being able to do justice to the 'real truth' often gets the better of me.

What I find most important is to expose the massive violations of
human rights which are instrumental in the black operations and
mind control programs in which I and others were victimized.

I consider myself a champion of individual rights; a defender of the constitution; an advocate for the oppressed. Before such violations can be stopped - the ultimate goal - they must be exposed.

I chose to go public about my own involvement in black ops for these purposes. As a whistleblower, I can offer my own testimony. As an investigative journalist I can publicize cases of other victims/survivors/targeted individuals.

And as someone who has been involved in human rights activism for
over 30 years - my first arrest for civil disobedience was in 1969 -
I continue to do all in my power to put a stop to the abuses which
I have witnessed and experienced.

I am not now - nor have I ever been- affiliated with any group or
organization for survivors of mind control or other forms of abuse. I currently workas an independent researcher and journalist.

Since I have been blacklisted from the mainstream media due to my whistleblower status, I publish my own material on my website and in my newsletter, the Hartwell Intelligence Report.

I intend to start serializing on the Internet the material intended
for my book, so that in the event I don't live long enough to finish the book, at least I will have put out as much material as possible which can later be edited by others into an anthology or comprehensive volume.


TED GUNDERSON, FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge, Bureau Chief Los Angeles,CA, ret. I first met Ted in 1997 when he and I were both speakers at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado. I subsequently developed a friendship and professional association with Ted. Ted conducted an investigation of my case between 1997 and 2000.

During that time, I spent many hours in phone conversations and meetings with Ted, which took place at various locations around the U.S. I also spoke publicly with him in radio and TV interviews and shared the same podium in lectures and seminars.

Any rumours that I was romantically involved with Ted are false; there was a close friendship and professional relationship but
nothing more. Also false are rumours that Ted was ever my 'handler' ,
'programmer' or 'deprogrammer'.

In January 2000, I had a serious disagreement with Ted which created a
conflict of interests and led to my decision to break off my professional association with him. The major point of contention concerned Ted's allegations -in conjunction with those of Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor- that Kurt Billings was a 'CIA plant'.

I told Ted that based on my own interactions with Kurt, I strongly
disagreed that Kurt was a 'plant'. I asked Ted and Sue to furnish
evidence for this allegation, but no evidence whatsoever was forthcoming, only their personal opinions.

Speculative hearsay was also relayed by other associates of Ted and Sue whose 'bona fides' and credibility I considered dubious at best. I told Ted at that time that I was unwilling to take part in what I could only see as a slander campaign for the purpose of discrediting Kurt, a colleague whom I also considered a friend, and still do.

As a result of these (IMO, false) allegations, which were being disseminated by Sue and Ted, and which may have compromised Kurt's reputation, I subsequently wrote a public testimonial in Kurt's defense, because I believed -and still do- that Kurt's reputation and character were being unjustly defamed. Kurt did not ask me to write anything on his behalf; it was my decision based on what I deemed to be the ethically correct thing to do.

I will not offer a lengthy opinion here as to the reasons why Sue Ford and Ted Gunderson claimed to believe Kurt to be a 'plant'. I
will only say that from Sue's perspective, I believe it had to do with Kurt's unwillingness to follow along with what he
considered Sue's ill-advised ideas regarding what was best for her daughter Kelly, who has been seriously damaged as a result of extreme abuses dating from her early childhood. Kurt is a Christian minister, a 20 -year researcher of mind control and has worked with mind control victims, and in this capacity Sue had asked Kurt to see if he might be able to help Kelly.

But Kurt clearly stated to Sue after observing Kelly's seriously debilitated physical and mental condition that he was simply not qualified in the capacity of a psychiatric/ mental health professional to work with Kelly and that the type of help Kelly needed could not possibly be provided by him. As for myself, I can understand Kurt's position. There is much more to this story, which it is not my place to publicly tell; and also because I must honor confidences that were shared with me. But I have no reason to believe Kurt to be a 'CIA plant' ; and in fact many good reasons to disbelieve it, having been in a position to observe certain situations and to hear both sides of the controversy.

So let's set this one to rest: I do not believe Kurt Billings to be a "CIA plant" nor have I ever been part of a campaign to discredit
Kurt, publicly nor privately. And while we're on the subject, one more
thing: any rumours that Kurt was ever my 'handler' or 'programmer' are also false and are based purely on speculation from uninformed sources and/or have been planted as purposeful disinformation in an attempt to discredit myself and Kurt.

A number of people subsequently contacted me claiming to have information about Ted Gunderson.Some claimed they had "inside info" re Ted. I listened with an open mind to what all of them had to say. All I was ever interested in was finding the truth. Some of the people whose testimony I heard regarding Ted -both pro and con- are people I respect; others are people for whom -with good reason- I have no respect.

I cannot speak for any of these people, nor can I prove or disprove their allegations. But I don't form my own opinions based on anyone else's good or bad experiences, especially if there is no hard evidence to substantiate their testimony. And I refuse to be a part of spreading public slander about anyone, including Ted. All I can go by are my own personal experiences with any individual along with facts and evidence I am able to establish.

Although my disagreement with Ted was a source of great sadness;
caused me considerable stress; and prompted much soul-searching
on my part, in all fairness to Ted I must say that he never treated me
personally with anything but kindness, respect and concern for my
well-being. I will also say that he never refused to help me when I was in need of it and that there were times when his help and advice were instrumental in saving my life. Ted never took any money from me; in fact he repeatedly spent his own money in connection with my case.

In the spring of 2000, journalists from NewsMakingNews published
the Ted Gunderson Data Dump. http://www.newsmakingnews.com/gunderson.htm

Included in the 'dump' was "Gunderson Delves Even More Deeply Into Mind Control: The Case of Barbara Hartwell ". This link to my case on the site was NOT placed there by my request nor with my permission; but I am aware that since the security letter I wrote, dated Oct. 13, 1999, which contained my testimony - some of it in reference to Ted - had already been published on several sites on the Internet, it was not a breach of my legal rights by the journalists from NewsMakingNews. They offered to publish an article written by me re my dealings with Ted; but in the context of the 'data dump' which is decidedly anti-Ted, I decided that it would not have served any good purpose.

RE THE LINDA WIEGAND CASE: In October/November 1997 I was asked by Ted
Gunderson to assist him in his investigation of the Linda Wiegand case.

My involvement was as a journalist, helping to get publicity for the case through my media contacts in Connecticut and in helping to
re-write and edit a legal case summary. (I am not an attorney but have
sufficient legal training to write briefs and am fluent in 'legalese'. )

To my knowledge, Ted received no compensation for working on the case.
Donations from Linda Wiegand's supporters payed only travel expenses,
accomodations, etc. Ted did not even have a car, and for a few days I let him use one I had borrowed from a friend and later arranged for him to be driven around by one of my associates who lived in the area.
At that time Linda was living in an apartment in Connecticut.

I will not go into all the details I learned about the case. Information is available elsewhere from many sources, promoting various conflicting viewpoints. All I will say is that from MY OWN observations and analysis - which PRECEDED Ted later publicly denouncing the Wiegand case as bogus - my opinion was that Linda was in collusion with federal authorities for the purpose of 'setting up' and discrediting certain people in the Christian/Patriot community, including Ted and Bo Gritz, among other agendas.

While working with Ted and Linda, it was clear to me that Ted really
believed in the veracity of Linda's case and sincerely wanted to help -for all the right reasons. But I did not approve of the way Linda treated Ted - ordering him around as if he were a servant, and snapping at him if he didn't move fast enough to do everything she wanted, which I witnessed repeatedly. She showed little appreciation for Ted's help, especially considering the fact that he wasn't being paid.

Although I was horrified by Linda's tale of the satanic and sexual abuse of her children, I saw something in Linda's eyes which I can only describe as a coldness, which did not seem in keeping with the trauma and heartbreak one would expect to be displayed in the countenance of a mother whose children were being so brutally abused.
I honestly can't claim to know the absolute truth of the situation and I don't claim to have x-ray vision regarding other people's feelings or motives. I am only giving my observations, for what they're worth - and they may be worth nothing.

As a professional psychic for over 20 years, I had worked on many legal cases and my intuitive feeling from the beginning -in this particular case- was: 'Something is wrong with this picture'.

I also got the feeling that Linda regarded me with suspicion, and didn't trust me. She seemed uncomfortable and somewhat defensive when I was asking detailed questions in order to establish facts and a timeline for events relating to the case so that I could write an accurate case summary.

Anyway, when Ted finally had to leave Connecticut because no more money was available to pay his expenses, I decided not to continue working on the case with Linda, as Ted asked me to do, because by that time I knew it was in my own best interests to leave. And the arrest of Bo Gritz for 'kidnapping'Linda's children at the school further confirmed my feeling that all was not as it seemed; and certainly not as it was being presented by Linda.

My last discussion with Ted re the Wiegand case was two years later, in November 1999, and we established at that time that we were in agreement that Wiegand was a gov't plant being used for a sub rosa agenda.

In summary, since I've known Ted, he and I have agreed about a number of things and disagreed about others. I enjoyed working with him. Ted
never attempted to exert undue influence over me and even when we
disagreed or when I declined to take his advice, he well knew I wasn't
the type to be strongarmed by anyone. Sometimes he thought I was stubborn because I refused to defer to his advice and insisted on fighting my own battles, unlike some of the other survivors he was used to working with, who seemed to regard Ted as someone who had all the solutions to their problems. Although I was - and still am - grateful for his support, I never viewed Ted in this way and he knew it.

But sadly, some of my disagreements with Ted - his allegations re Kurt Billings as well as his continued unconditional endorsement of the testimony and activities of Susan Ford, which I considered -by association- a liability to myself and others- created a conflict of interests and that is the reason I no longer have a professional association with Ted, though I care no less about him as a friend and still consider him as such.


I first met Sue Ford in 1997 at the same conference where I met Ted
Gunderson. I developed a friendship with Sue and over roughly a
3 year period, I had spoken publicly with Sue on a number of occasions, in radio and TV interviews and on the lecture circuit.

In January 2000, I finally broke off contact with Sue for a number of
reasons. As previously mentioned, I could not in good conscience
support what I considered Sue's unfair treatment of Kurt Billings,
nor share her viewpoint that he is a "CIA plant". But this particular disagreement between Sue and myself was only one of the reasons for my decision not to continue a professional or personal association with her. Frankly, I found her overall treatment of me to be inappropriate and unacceptable.

For one thing, Sue repeatedly overstepped her bounds by trying to tell me what issues I should -and should not- be addressing in public.Among the issues which she did NOT think I should be speaking about were my involvement in 'deep black' operations such as Phoenix/Montauk; the 'paranormal' aspects of these projects as well as my extensive research in connection to UFOs and related phenomena. She told me that the public was "not ready to hear or believe" these things and that speaking about them could only serve
to discredit me and other mind control survivors -including herself- if I added them to the mix in speaking about my own experiences of mind control.

I strongly disagreed with Sue and bluntly told her so. In my experience, the audiences I had addressed, whether on radio and TV or -as a guest or interviewer- and in my seminars and lectures - over a 20 year period of public speaking- were very open-minded about these topics and wanted to know more. More significant is the fact that since these 'deep black'projects constituted the bulk of my own experiences and are the primary area of my expertise, NOT speaking about them would have placed me under severe limitations. NOT telling the whole truth -at least what I know of it- would only have muddied the waters and compromised my credibility even more.

More importantly, I do not allow anyone to tell me what issues I should - and should not - be addressing, since that is my prerogative and since I speak only for myself, based on my own experiences and research, and never as a member or representative of any group. I do not join groups, pure and simple, since I refuse to toe anybody's party line or adopt or promote consensus opinions - about mind control or anything else.I also refuse to allow anyone to practice "containment" strategies on me. It's been tried many times, by various agents and minions of the US gov't - and has always
failed. As far as I could see, this 'containment' of my testimony
- and the larger issues it involved- was part of the larger agenda - an agenda certainly not designed by Sue Ford, since she was clearly not the one calling the shots.

Sue also repeatedly tried to persuade me that I should stay in the
background and let her have the "lion's share" of time in public
appearances, lectures and media interviews where we were both invited
to present.

I often didn't have much choice in the matter. Somehow or other it was always 'arranged' for Sue to take the lion's share of alloted time -whether I agreed to it or not- using it to promote her specific viewpoints and 'party-line' position.

Since I have no desire to compete with anyone, nor to become anyone's
satellite or sidekick, I realized that I was better off not making
public appearances with Sue, whose background and experiences had little commonality with my own. And whose viewpoints and agenda appeared to have been determined by someone else. A 'someone' who was not operating out of a love of truth, freedom and justice.

But I later learned that Sue had also been telling people, including
professional colleagues and conference promoters -behind my back- that she thought I should NOT be speaking AT ALL in public about mind control since I had never been formally "deprogrammed" by the methods Sue and some of her associates endorse, foremost among them the
EEG bio-feedback method which Sue has been promoting and practicing for the past several years.

Unfortunately this meddling and spreading of disinformation by Sue and some of her cronies caused me to lose speaking engagements
because I was not invited back - or else "blacklisted" even before
I had the opportunity to speak at certain conferences where the
promoters had in fact been considering me as aspeaker.

It is true that I have never been formally 'deprogrammed'. This has been by my own choice, since I have always been very careful as to whom I allowed to mess with my psyche --considering the fact
that the CIA programmers and handlers had already made quite a mess
of it !-- and I had never found anyone I trusted enough whom I also
considered qualified AND who was willing to work with me. Since I could not afford to pay for such services, the field of my options was woefully narrow: I can only compare it to trying to discern how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

There were several people who offered their services as 'deprogrammers' gratis- after I had already broken out of the program- including Sue Ford herself, via the EEG biofeedback method, but I declined, forwhat by now should be obvious reasons. I sure didn't have any desire to be 're-programmed' . No thank you, No Ma'am !

As I tell everyone who asks: I broke mind control programming by many years of prayer and by the grace of God. And what I choose to speak about publicly is my own business - not the business of some self-styled ad hoc comitteee of people who bill themselves as "experts" on mind control or 'deprogramming'. I do not claim to be an expert on mind control. I speak only about my own experiences and research. And
I understand that my own experiences have little in common with most of the other mind control survivors I have ever met; read about or heard about.

I also experienced other problems with Sue. In 1999 Sue produced her own videotape, Mind Control Goes Public, mostly featuring herself in interviews and lectures. Also included in this tape is a TV interview featuring Sue Ford; FBI agent Ted Gunderson, retired ; ex-CIA agent Chip Tatum, and yours truly, Barbara Hartwell.

The moderator is journalist Ryan Elliott of Chicago Health Television, who interviewed the four of us after we gave a seminar at Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach, Fla. titled Insider Secrets of Gov't Corruption. To my knowledge, the original interview was never aired on the TV station because there may have been intimidation tactics used against the journalists/producers. The issues we addressed in this interview were of a very sensitive nature: CIA assassinations; drug running; black ops, mind control, etc.

However, a 'bootleg' copy of this interview was simultaneously taped by Jon Gentry, a videographer who often worked with Ted. The first I heard of the existence of this tape was when a man e-mailed me to say he had seen me on the tape, which he had purchased from Sue Ford. I later learned that Sue had made copies of the 'bootleg' tape, incorporated it into Mind Control Goes Public and started selling them like hotcakes via mail order and on the Internet. Sue never even told me she had made the tape. Worse, Sue never shared with me any of the money from sales. I had never signed a release for anyone to use the taped interview on which I appeared: EXCEPT Chicago Health Television.

Currently, this tape is being sold like crazy all over the Internet: not only by Sue Ford but also by Amazon.com; by David Icke; by Mark
Phillips; by Jon Gentry and God knows how many others.

Apparently there are now also other versions of the tape for sale -on which I appear- not only in the Ryan Elliott interview, but in portions of my pblic talks, pirated by the various producers and vendors of these tapes. I have NOT EVEN SEEN hese new versions. That's because ironically, I can't afford to buy them. Meanwhile, these people -including Jon Gentry and Sue Ford- have sold thousands of copies and are raking in the bucks. And I have never received a penny from ay of those people who exploited the fruits of my labor and - to this day- continue tocollect the profits.

But to add insult to injury, as Sue and others well know, I am dirt poor - a result of the perps' machinations of my finances not been able to aford to produce my OWN tapes, even using my OWN materials.

If that's not exploitation, I don't know what is !

I started my Legal Defense and Research Fund in 1997, in an attempt to raise money so that I could survive long enough to continue my research, with the goal of exposing CIA black ops in which I was involved, and to eventually file a class action lawsuit against CIA for damages in connection with violations of human and constitutional rights perpetrated against myself, certain family members and others.

Sue told me that she thought it would be more beneficial to us both if she and I worked TOGETHER on fund raising, instead of me working alone through my Legal Defense and Research Fund. I - in hindsight, foolishly- agreed to this proposal, as Sue assured me she had adequate financial resources and had made plans with a lawyer to legally incorporate a fund-raising organization. Sue promised me that she and I would "split the funding" so that we could each use our respective shares to pursue various avenues of endeavor.

I waited for Sue's plan to materialize, since I had no resources
at all and could barely pay the rent to keep a roof over my head. But I waited in vain. I was later told by Sue that she had decided to work on this project with someone else's organization in Canada instead of working with me, in association with my Legal Defense and Research Fund. And then, a short time later, I found out, in a phone conversation with Ted Gunderson -who assumed I had already been invited to participate- that Sue had arranged for a meeting in Los Angeles, for various activists, mind control survivors and therapists, to raise money on a large scale for the purpose of exposing mind control and providing legal and 'mental health/deprogramming' services for victims/survivors. A meeting - as I told Ted- to which Sue apparently considered me unworthy to be invited.

In a lecture at Global Sciences Congress, 1998, Sue Ford made a statement which I -and many others- found extremely disturbing: "Anyone who claims that they did NOT abuse their own children is NOT a real survivor."

When Sue issued this proclamation, I was sitting in the front row and when I heard this, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I also have it on videotape (the aforementioned Mind Control Goes Public ) and every time I hear Sue's words, it feels the same. As I and many other "real survivors" know, the measure of a "real survivor" is NOT whether they did -or did not- abuse their own children ! I can state categorically that I NEVER abused my children. I know this, and so do my children. There are many types of
"survivors", and we all have had our own tragic experiences. But to make such a blanket statement - which is patently false- only serves to cast aspersions on those of us who did NOT abuse our children. It also serves to provide cover for the abusers - whether those abusers are 'mind control survivors' or not- with the idea: They couldn't help it, they were under mind control !

It is not that I don't have compassion for Sue or for others who were
involved in intergenerational child abuse in connection to mind control. But it is just NOT TRUE that EVERYONE who was EVER under ANY kind of mind control was involved in child abuse -as a victim and/or an abuser. And no matter how great my compassion, it does not mean I am willing to be lumped into a category where I do not belong and to be falsely accused of something I have not done.

But there is another problem here: What about those people who are just waking up to the possibility that they MAY have been under mind control ?

For these people, hearing such a blanket statement -and not knowing better than to believe it- can effectively serve to keep them from being motivated to explore the possibility that they may have been under some form of programming. Because the very IDEA that they may "remember" having abused their own children -sexually or otherwise- may well be too much to bear. So for the benefit of any such people: I implore you, don't believe everything you
hear, just because one person who claims to be an expert on mind control says it's so. I repeat: IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO !

In February 2000, when I had finally reached the limits of my endurance, I wrote a letter to Sue Ford, confronting her with all the ways in which I felt she had treated me exploitively, manipulatively and unethically. I was very direct -as is my way- but not unkind. I reminded her that I had always tried to help her in any way I could and that I had loved her like a sister; but that I could no longer continue a professional association with her, since under the circumstances it was not in my best interests to do so. I told her that I was more than willing to discuss the issues; explained that I truly did care about her and that I hoped she would see fit to make an effort to resolve things with me.

But Sue just sidestepped my attempt to confront her. She never acknowledged any of the issues I brought up in my letter. All I got back from Sue was a brief personal e-mail with an attached long 'form letter' addressed to "Friends-in-the-Know". This letter mostly consisted of details about her daughter's case and more allegations against Kurt Billings, described again as a "CIA plant" and whom she apparently was blaming for a multitude of her problems as well as her own shortcomings as a mother.

In her short personal reply to me she also tried to blame Kurt for the rift between her and myself. But the fact of the matter is: I had not even KNOWN Kurt for most of the time I was involved with Sue. And there was no excuse for Sue to make a scapegoat of Kurt. Like myself, all Kurt ever did was try to help her, at HER request. And like myself, he refused to be manipulated or to do whatever Sue wanted on her own terms, at the expense of violating his own principles.

I will now refer to an article by Katherine Sullivan, titled The Latest Adventures of Mark Phillips, published in Conspiracy Planet.
Katherine mentions that Sue/Brice repeatedly claimed that directives
issued by "Jesus" were behind requests she made of Katherine; in such cases where Brice was attempting to influence Katherine in one way or another. Katherine gives an example: Brice claimed that "Jesus" told her that the two of them should confront Mark Phillips at a conference in Atlanta about his lies and his exploitation of Brice, Katherine and others. But then, in contradiction of this, Brice told Katherine at the last minute that "Jesus" apparently changed his mind
and said that it was "not the right time" for her -Brice- to confront Mark Phillips, leaving Katherine to face the situation alone.

I don't doubt the veracity of Katherine's statements regarding her
experiences with Brice/Sue; not only because I believe Katherine to be an honest person but also because similar advice claimed to issue from "Jesus" was also relayed to ME by Sue/Brice on a number of occasions. Sue told me that "Jesus" had been talking to her about me and that he advised her about what I "should be doing". C

Coincidentally, it just so happened that the opinions of "Jesus"
were in perfect alignment with Sue's own ideas and agenda --none of which could have benefitted me in the slightest. As I told Sue, I have access to my own spiritual guidance which I have been able to rely on for many years. And in any case, the way I see it, if I want advice from Jesus, I can always ask him myself.

Although I had discussed some of these issues with Katherine and we did seem to agree regarding a number of things, including about the M.O. being used by Brice Taylor/Sue Ford, we had also disagreed about several other issues.

Katherine and I certainly never reached any such definitive agreement about Ted Gunderson. I do know that Katherine considers
Ted one of the "cadre of bad guys" along with Mark Phillips, Walter Bowart, David Icke, as she describes them in her article. (And BTW: I do NOTdisagree that Phillips, Bowart and Icke fit in that
category, for my own reasons. ) Thus, my concern is that Katherine includes a comment about me in her article which is misleading and which does not accurately describe my viewoint, nor the true nature of my situation.

Katherine writes: "If the puppet victims are openly promoted by the cadre of bad guys working together behind the scenes with support nobody else can get, and if those survivors who do break away suddenly lose their support and are hounded mercilessly (like Barbara Hartwell when she started to wake up about Ted Gunderson ) how can we circumvent their crap and find a safe and clean way to get the information out? "

As regards this statement, it's important for me to correct and to clarify some things in relation to myself. Although I have discussed
Ted with Katherine, I did so privately -not as a discussion meant
to become a public issue-and I never indicated to her that I had reached the conclusion that Ted was one of the 'bad guys '. In fact, I repeatedly made it clear that Ted had always treated me well, and that despite the negative opinions certain other survivors -including Katherine- had about Ted, I was not about to let myself be unduely influenced by these opinions.

By the time I met Ted, I was far removed from the point where anyone -bad guys or whomever- could exert undue influence on me, no matter how desperate or life-threatening my circumstances became. It had been tried many times: The CIA tried to re-recruit me by offering me money; protection; publicity - on their terms, of course. My answer was always the same : No deal.

More importantly, I never believed -nor did I tell anyone, including Katherine- that the harassment being directed at me had anything to do my connection to Ted Gunderson. First of all, as mentioned previously, I finally broke out of CIA black ops in 1994, after many years of battling with my handlers. The "merciless hounding" which Katherine describes has certainly been a fact of my life. But the persecution I have been subjected to - which continues to this day - started LONG BEFORE I ever met Ted Gunderson and in fact did not begin with my decision to break off my professional association with him.

Rather, the extreme harassment had do with my refusal to cooperate with my handlers and my refusal to allow the CIA to get returns of their considerable investment in me -both financially and otherwise- an investment which began in my early childhood. I was targeted for 'neutralization' starting in 1994, when the perps deemed me a
threat to 'national security' --in reality a threat to their nefarious agenda-- because they know I am willing to do whatever it takes to expose and stop their massive violations of human rights, even if that means I have to pay for it with my life.

Although Katherine's statement about me is merely a parenthetical "example",it seems to be placed there as if to illustrate or be emblematic of, her thesis that 'puppet victims' who break away from their handlers are punished by being divested of support and the endorsement of those same "recycled handlers and programmers". For all I know, that may have been true in some cases, including the people she mentions by name in her article, such as Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor. But I have no way of knowing that for sure and do not wish to publicly engage in such speculation. However, speaking strictly for myself and about my particular case, I need to make it clear that Katherine's opinion regarding me is only that - an opinion- and does not stem from any factual information, nor from
any viewpoints I have ever expressed to Katherine nor to anyone else.

I respect Katherine, consider her a good friend and know her well
enough to say that I am sure she meant no disrespect to me. It is clear to me that she was only stating her opinions and that her intent was honorable. But I also need to make it clear that Katherine and I see some things very differently. As Katherine describes her own experiences in her published writings, they are similar in some ways to those of Cathy O'Brien and Sue Ford, whereas mine were very simply...NOT. I also have never been involved in any waywith the other men she describes as being among the "cadre of bad guys" and
"recycled handlers and programmers"-- Mark Phillips, David Icke, or Walter Bowart. To date, I have not publicly revealed who my handlers and programmers were and will not do so until I have something resembling solid evidence, and unless I feel it would serve a good purpose. But I will say that none of the people Katherine mentions in her article -including Ted Gunderson- were among them.

I hope that this report has answered some questions. I hope that it has corrected some misinformation and cleared some of the muddy
waters of disinformation. I hope that it has called into question some inaccurate theories and refuted some false allegations. At the very least, I hope that in speaking FOR MYSELF I have made my own position clear. Whatever.... I've done my best. After all, it's my life. And you've heard it here -from the horse's mouth.

In closing, please consider these words:

"By honors, medals, titles no true man [woman] is elated. To realize
that which we are, this is the honor for which we are created"....Angelus Silesius

"Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life. "....Marcus Aurelius

"Whoso would be a man [woman] would also be a nonconformist"....Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The words of truth are always paradoxical"...Lao Tzu

So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

One more, hope this works for ya, Angel. :-P 'The Manchurian Candidate':All-American Conspiracy
Real Life All-American Conspiracy ripped from yesterday’s headlines makes ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ movie a quick course in How the Real World Really Works.

Mind control. Microchip implants. Global slush funds. Programmed assassins and patsies. Phony wars for corporate profits. Stage-managed political conventions. It’s all there. You know - just like real life.

So here are the Real World analogues

* Mind control - The CIA’s MK-Ultra, Project Monarch, and other black (covert) projects recounted by survivors of trauma-based mind control, including Annie McKenna (‘Paper Dolls’), Kathleen Sullivan (‘Unshackled’), Brice Taylor (‘Thanks for the Memories’), and Arizona Wilder.

* Microchip implants - Verichip ™ manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions (Florida) and recently implanted in Mexico’s Attorney General office staff for “security.”

* 'Manchurian Global' - Stand-in for “Carlyle Group,” a global slush fund masquerading as a “private equity fund,” employing politicos and world class criminals like former President-CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush.

* Programmed assassin-patsies - Lee Harvey Oswald (John F. Kennedy murder), Sirhan Sirhan (Robert Kennedy murder), Mark David Chapman (John Lennon murder), Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bombing) et al

* Phony wars for corporate profits - World War II, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War on Iraq, War on Terrorism, War on Drugs (you could call them the War on American Citizens)

* Phony stage-managed political conventions - Republican Party-Bush, Democratic Party-Kerry (each so-called party selecting a member of Yale’s Order of Skull and Bones secret society as candidates for the US Presidential “election”; by the way, there are only 800 members of the Order world-wide).

Updating and reinventing the John Frankenheimer movie of 1963, director Jonathan Demme’s remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” reflects the sordid realities of realpolitik 21st Century Style.

The threat to America today is not the quaint Soviet Communism from the original movie and the Richard Condon novel, but Corporate Crony Capitalism, hell-bent on world domination using the US military as its own private enforcement and extortion arm. You know - like the Mafia, except financed by The City of London-Wall Street axis, which launders drug and weapons trafficking profits to consolidate money and power on a global basis.
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

This article is worthy of being placed on Jared Israel's "TENC"..the same gossipy shit.

She addresses nothing but her daily teenage disagreements and sook fights with a bunch of cash hungry 'professional victims'.

"I am trained in the Jungian/Transpersonal method of psychotherapy and 'psychological' astrology. I am a certified hypnotherapistand my work as a Jungian-method astrologer, psychotherapist and lecturer on these subjects has been endorsed by the Carl Jung Society in NYC and Westport, CT as well as numerous other educational institutes".

Well she better get back there and get re-assessed. Her inability to disentangle herself from teenage prattle and get down to the bones of it says alot. Anyone who has done serious work in the realms she speaks of would not allow themselves to be involved in this rubbish.

She says she will not allow 'anyone' to mess with her anymore so she keeps away from 'deprogramming'? Well, she is endorsed by the CJ Society? Plenty there to help? In fact, to be a 'Jungian' you are well and truly put through the hoops...she's full of it.

Me fears she is still working for the same people. In fact the whole lot of them smell! B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.

The lot of them sound like AA meetings. Something out of "Fight Club", professional 'victims' trotting from one book signing to the next.

I'm sorry...the whole lot of these mind control fiends smell like a David Icke article. They are well poiseners.

I dont doubt for a minute the use of 'mind control'...you get it every time you switch on the telly.

What of the real abuse? In Belgium little girls were kidnapped raped and killed...judges, police cheifs...you name it including Royalty involved...mainstream news....huge marches by the people...and now?...all Quiet On The Western Front. This was just the tip of the iceberg.

Massive sex slave rings run by the U.N! Virtual kidnapping from Eastern Europe into whore houses in Israel and elsewhere...the disgrace of the sex tour industry in Asia...AN ABSOLOUTE DISGRACE! Little 11 year old girls forced into sex with big fat ugly white men.

I'd like to see less of the pretenders getting press and a little more of the elephant in the living room.
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

Okay, you caught me red handed, True. I didn't really read any of these long posts. As long as it had some shit about MK-Ultra/Project Monarch, I posted it. :-P
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

The venom was aimed at the article, not you.

I do the same thing.
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

MKULTRA Documents

Electronic Mind Control
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

I'm quite sure that "mind control" victims who have been released back into society with amnesia as to their past abuse at the hands of the United State's government, were put to "sleep" and experimented on further unknowingly.

They would not release any of their victims back into society because they are nice people.

When and if they awake, I have no doubt that they will most probably fall back under the control of the perpetrators. They are in suggestible states of mind and this can be accomplished in many ways so that they can be discredited individually as well as all mind control victims as a whole.

To suggest that the CIA had a criminal involvement in your past is to brand yourself a "paranoid schizophrenic." Of course, another discrediting technique perpetrated upon the masses. Mind control in a much less gross fashion than the guniea pig experiments conducted on the victims individually and in group studies as well.

Their goal in subjecting their victims to grotesque abuse whether on Holocaust prisoners, American and Canadian citizens was to learn how to control the masses.

But, you already know this!!
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

nohope187 wrote:
So should I assume you're like everyone else who's totally oblivious to the existence of the patriot act and the creation of Homeland Security? :-P

Absolutely not!! I think most people know about the Patriot Act and Homeland Security they just don't realize the implications they have on our freedoms!!
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

nohope187 wrote:
What, you want me to start jumping through hoops for you and dig up some articles?
As a former indentured servant to the government, I know that you won't be able to indict anyone even if you have reasonable proof, especially if those agents you're after are valuable to them. If not, then maybe you do have a chance, though still small. :-P
No! I don't want you to jump through hoops for me. As a former indentured servant to the government, I'm sure you jumped through many hoops, but I wouldn't ask you to do that.

Thanks for the articles, but I'm familiar with most of them already.

I have access to the web and have researched the MKULTRA documents that were recently released by the CIA.

I was just browsing for new input. That's all!!

You're right though, the chances are slim to none for all of the victims/survivors.
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Default Re: What do you know about MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

nohope187 wrote:
I could find some info for you if you say, "Please?" :-P
Sorry, but I'm not a mind controlled robot any longer.

I wasn't looking for someone to HELP me find information.

I was just looking for input. Discussion, perhaps!!

Sorry to have annoyed you!! You are reading more into my question than there is. As if it were some personal request of you.
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