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Old 10-22-2008, 10:46 AM
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Default Just Another Brick In The Wall E 2008

YouTube - zausuaz's Channel

Here you will find my vids of WALL E the adorable childrens movie about...

The post apocalyptic future? The world covered in Trash, and in good swing with Freemason Symbolism this one takes the cake! Synchromystic's will get a kick out of this too, HOHO!
considering the context involved, its not even a stretch!!!

WALL E, plus Pink Floyd "The Wall" as soundtrack, started at the end of Walt Disneys famous diddle? Sound crazy? It is, by far the most insane thing i have ever seen, The movie is so blatant you can even find those who dont know about this quoted as referencing them together, without the foggiest clue why...

But, like all good Freemasonic schemes, The person being introduced to the idea has seen it so many times before the hair trigger denial reaction is hardwired...

and i mean HARDWIRED!

And now, on to the insane notion im speaking of!

A little lamp(illuminati?) named LUXO JR.(The Pixar mascot) comes into frame and stamps down the I(eye) of Pixar before turning to face the audience. It should be noted that The LUXO( j )R grounds of ancient thebes were the site of many sun/light related
happenings, including the Religion instituted by Amenhotep III who was commonly known as the "sun-king". But lets not dwell on a lamp named after a sun temple stamping out
our eyes, lets just get to the meat of the matter shall we?


WALL E(5th letter of the alphabet, 22nd being V, 5th from the end of the alphabet, keep this in mind) is a cube shaped robot, with an uncanny likeness to another robot, Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit... ? weirdness? no? keep reading...

He is introduced as the last of a race of sentient(??) trash compactors that try to "save" whats left of earth. He is seen within the first few minutes setting trash cubes into a wall, "just another brick in the wall?" and lives in his rectangular home! Upon entering his home, he uses an Ipod(the corporate adverts and government propaganda arent enough for these people???) To watch 1969 Hello Dolly, Same year as...

The moon landing(which is seen later on in the movie) and the death of
Judy Garland, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

I didnt believe the DSOTM and Wizard of Oz thing until this came along, but im inclined to apologize to those i told were "crazy" for thinking something so ludacris... Now im in their boat!!

Wall E holds up a rubix cube and sets it on the shelf(daddy what did you leave behind for me?)(all in all it was, just bricks in the wall) then holds up a spork to match it up with forks and spoons...

"THE WALL" movie at this point is showing the kid "not fitting in", which is only more confirmation of the strangeness of this endeaver.

the female robots name is EVE, her design is based on a phone(officially admitted), and she carries a sun symbol plant with three leaves representing the trinity in the christian cross(Global Warming anyone??). The song accompanying when she enters is "mother"(the first part of which is a dial tone) and she carries the plant that saves the human's in space
Brings them back to... EARTH! THE REAL WORLD. Watch the robotic arm, he types in a code of 5 points, draw it on a piece of paper and you get?

A PENTAGRAM!!!! In the movies soundtrack at this point... the stock sound for "a matrix glitch"!!! Subconscious Engineering at its best!

Let this soak in for a second, you watched(without the Wall album behind it) A cell phone designed robot named EVE(E = 5 V = 5(roman/5th from last letter of alphabet) E = 5) brought to life by a 5 digit pentagram code
with a "trinity" symbol on her, AND the plant that saves the humans is held INSIDE her.

Take a look at the first scene of "The Matrix"...

Can you see it? Is it starting to make sense now? HOHO, if not i will explain.

TRINITY travels through the stargate/phone booth/spacetime to get to the REAL WORLD by PHONE BOOTH! She is in front of a BRICK WALL and wouldn't you know it?

She holds up her hand, congratulations you are now aware that Occultists have meddled the collective mind of the world into a easy to control single entity. Take the Red Pill, but never forget that "The Matrix" is just a key, as all media this day is, they are pointing the way out but only to catch YOU off guard.

WALL E = Wall End?

Ok, Now, get ready the rabbit hole just keeps going...

In the movie V for Vendetta, V was the roman numeral as it was explained in the movie. Eve was the main female characters name... and the premise of the movie? "There are no such thing as coincidences", HOHO!
In Short Circuit the main robots name is Jhonny 5, and it is admitted by the people who made Wall E he's based on that character. Coincidence? YEAH RIGHT!

Is this all a bit much? Thats because its supposed to be, otherwise people might believe it...

A good tactic for confusing people?

The "double-bind",

In "The Wizard of Oz" it was used fairly obviously. Whenever a character was needed to step up, it was always the character beating themself for not being who they wanted to be that fulfilled those actions.

I.E. the cowardly lion always acts brave when needed,
The tinsman is the one with no brain and all the good ideas, and the scarecrow without a heart shows the most remorse...

The card game "illuminati"'s slogan?

Dont believe any of this, it is all true.

Take a look at the cards and tell me you dont see the events of 9/11 and others fulfilled, it was released in 1995.

Hope you enjoy the vids, i spent several days sync'ing them as well i could.
(changing the start time by 1/32 of a second is no easy task!)

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Old 10-22-2008, 10:53 AM
zausuaz zausuaz is offline
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Default Re: Just Another Brick In The Wall E 2008

Id also like to add that several forums have banned me for life, its only been 4 DAYS!!!

I cant imagine the vids will last much longer, unless ofcourse this is part of the Illuminati Plot(I dont put anything past these people... Take a look at a vid called "Big Business, Big Brother" that came out on CNBC 2 years ago...

Not being able to find "terrorists" is an absolute lie....
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Old 10-22-2008, 03:07 PM
zausuaz zausuaz is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2008
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Default Re: Just Another Brick In The Wall E 2008

I have compiled all the timing syncs of the first 10 minutes, does anyone want to run the probable odds?

I think it would be something like 1 in INSERT MASSIVE NUMBER HERE

Considering you also have to start with the fact that the name of the movie is WALL E and the track is the album THE WALL

ok then, here we are...
0:36 pixar lamp jumps in perfect time
0:39 pixar lamp looks down in perfect time
0:42 one beat later logo fades
0:47 Walt Disney comes up in time with guitar
0:49 logo leaves in time with guitar
0:55 pixar logo comes up in time and appropriately leaves in time also
1:05 camera change quarter beat afterward
1:11 earth comes into view on guitar breaking out
1:20 faded view becomes clearer in time
1:29 camera fade in time
1:35 camera fade in time
1:45 camera fade in time again
1:54 the word "show" is when the last fade ends in perfect sync
2:31 WallE trash compactor door begins close in time
2:33 LIGHTS! WALL E is clearly visible
2:37 brick comes out of WALLE a quarter beat off
2:41 "where are my sound effects?" the cockroach is introduced
2:49 the word "action" wallE begins moving the brick into place on the Wall
2:55 "drop it on them" he begins to pull out the hub cap
2:58 "drop it on them" he pulls it out in perfect time of the word "them"
3:05 GOLDEN! Perfect sync with touching the button on his chest
3:33 GOLDEN! WALL E logo fades perfectly
4:14 Cockroach "winks"
4:40 Walle gets new treads and camera change is perfect for the word "skating"
5:07 screen opens to show WALLE's on the word "feet"
5:13 The ship AXIOM on the word "mind"
5:22 guy next to pool "winks" in time with music
5:24 captain turns and autopilot begins moving
5:25 autopilot snaps into position as captian salutes
5:37 ship pans from people inside to whole view
5:39 on music change view of "SHELBY FORTHRIGHT" as Axiom takes off
5:49 camera snap to on beat
5:57 camera pan to Wall E on high note
6:05 Wall E reaches home next song begins
6:22 "daddy's flown" in time with music on next beat WallE touches a button that turns on all his lights
6:33 "just a memory" WallE begins movement on beat and passes pre-trashed earth stuff
6:43 "a snapshot in the family album" a casette is placed in the player
6:52 "daddy what else did you leave for ME" on the word "me" he grabs his lunchbox and holds it above his head,
chunky guitar comes in he holds it above his head
7:03 GOLDEN! hub cap in the air to the background of hello dolly dance, PERFECT sync
7:11 the word "was" walle looks at a spork
7:12 GOLDEN! the word "brick" is when wallE first touches the rubix cube and it comes on screen
7:13 GOLDEN! the word "wall" he suddenly sets the cube on the shelf...
7:17 spork is set down in time(begins to move on the beat)
7:27 GOLDEN zippo lighter touches the "moving wall" was guitar comes back in
7:40 rythm guitar comes in on camera change to "hello dolly" and the two holdin hands
7:44 GOLDEN! record button on WallE's chest is pressed in exact time to the music
7:46 camera change to hello dolly
7:57 wallE's hands come together in time
8:06 wallE moves onto slanted door in time
8:08 first stroke of lunchbox is in perfect timing
8:17 play(?)button pressed in time
8:34-8:35 WallE moves with music
8:51 cockroach sync as diving into twinke
9:00 End of song "another brick in the wall" wallE becomes a brick in the wall...
9:16 music fade matches fade of movie...
9:19 guitar and camera change to WallE's "solar charge level" warning light is flashing on every half beat of the music
9:55-9:57 walle beings to dismantle solar panel and ends in perfect sync.

thats a total of 39, some of which are so dead on you would have to be DAIN BRAMAGED to deny this movie wasn't fit for this score.
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