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Default Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?
http://www.davidickeforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27748&highlight=australian+pyramid s+glyphs

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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Go to the link for pcs;
Illustration of boat Japanese illustration depicting the raft on which the ancient Israelites crossed over to Japan.

Daber: in Hebrew, to speak.
Daberu: Japanese for chatting.

Goi: a non-Hebrew or foreigner.
Gai'Jeen: prefix for a foreigner, a non-Japanese.

Kor: cold in Hebrew.
Koru: to freeze in Japanese.

Knesset: Parliament in Hebrew.
Kensei: Constitutional government in Japanese.

These are among the thousands of words and names of places with no real etymological meaning in Japanese. And they all correspond with Hebrew words. Even the Kings have similar names. The first known king of Japan, who was named Osee, ruled around 730 BC. This king has been identified with the last king of Israel, Hoshea, who died around the same time, at the time of the Assyrian exile of the ten tribes from Israel. The holy Japanese shinto temple strongly recalls the ancient holy Isrealite temple, which housed a holy of holies section and several gates. Several artifacts in Japan have been traced to Assyrian and Jewish sources, among them, a well in Koryugi with the words "well of Israel" inscribed on its side.

It has also been suggested that the carts of Otsu and Kyoto are of ancient biblical origin, as they are different from any others in Japan. Might the ancient Israelites and their wives and children have been conveyed to Japan in these carts? Among the Samurai sect, there is a tradition that their ancient ancestors came to Japan from western Asia around 660 BC.The name 'Samurai' recalls 'Samaria'. And to which tribe do the Japanese belong? There are those who claim that the Mikado, the Japanese emperor, is a descendant of the Hebrew tribe of Gad. 'Mikado' recalls the Hebrew word for 'his majesty the king,' 'Malchuto'.
************************************************** *
Ethiopian women Ethiopian women with qita, unleavened bread baked for passover.
Beta Israel-Ethiopia

In the latter part of the twelfth century, a legend appeared which persisted for several centuries and reached Egypt, Palestine and Europe. According to this legend, a Christian priest named Prester John ruled as monarch over a vast and wealthy Christian Empire. According to many traditions, Ethiopia was the land of the powerful Prester John's kingdom, as well as the home of the ten lost tribes. Persistent rumor had it that these African Israelite kingdoms were at constant war with Prester John, and that their armies were advancing on Rome.

Who are these African-Jewish tribesmen so central to the Prester John legend? These are the Ethiopian Jews known both as Falashas, the Amharic word for landless, wandering Jews, and as Beta Israel, the house of Israel. In Ethiopia, they engaged primarily in agriculture, but were known also for their exquisite crafts and jewelry. Today, most of the Beta Israel live in the state of Israel. In the 1970's and 80's, the Israeli government airlifted thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, rescuing them from political and economic distress.

According to one tradition, the Ethiopian Jews are the descendants of one of the ten tribes, as their religion is an ancient form of biblical Judaism. Their religious practices are prescribed by the Orit, the Torah translated into their Gez dialect. They possess none of the post-biblical laws. Over the centuries, the Beta Israel have been connected with the tribe of Dan. This association has eased the process of their return to the state of Israel in recent times.

Torrance The Scottish missionary Rev. Thomas Torrance in China, 1920s.
Torrance claimed the Chiang-Min of West Szechuan were descendants of the ancient Israelites.
Chiang-Min China

"Behold, These are coming from afar. These from the north and the west and these from the land of Sinim." This prophecy, spoken by Isaiah, promised the return of Lost Israelites from all corners of the Earth and from Sinim. Interestingly, Sinim is the Hebrew word for China. In fort-like villages in the high mountain ranges on the Chinese-Tibetan border live the Chiang-Min of West Szechuan. It has been claimed that the Chiang-Min are descendants of the ancient Israelites who arrived in China several hundred years before Christ.

The missionary Torrance, who visited Cheng-du in the early party of this century, insisted that the Chiang-Min strongly resemble the Israelite branch of the Semitic race. He observed that several of their customs were reminiscent of ancient Israelite tradition. Said Torrance: "The plough the Chiang use is similar to the ancient Israelite plough and is drawn by two oxen, never by an ox and an ass. This in accordance with the Biblical stipulation: 'You shall not plough with an ox and ass together.'" The Chaing-Min believe in one God. During "times of calamity or acute distress," writes Torrance, "they issue a moan or cry which sounds like 'Yawei', suggestive of the biblical name of God. The Scottish missionary also claims that the Chinese conception of Sacrifice came from the ancient Israelites.

Finally, Chiang-Min priests, like the ancient Israelite priests, wear girdles to bind their robes, and bear a sacred rod shaped like a serpent, reminiscent of the brass serpent fashioned by Moses in the wilderness.

Images: (1-3) Maxima New Media; (4) New York Public Library; (5-6,8) Jewish National and University Library; (7) Cicada Films; (9-10) Beth Hatefutsoth exhibition and catalogue "Beyond the Sambatyon: The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes", Tel Aviv, Summer 1991.
Where are the Ten Lost Tribes? | Tudor Parfitt's Remarkable Journey
Mystery of Great Zimbabwe | Build a Family Tree | Resources
Teacher's Guide | Transcript | Site Map | Lost Tribes of Israel Home
Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?
Part 3 | Back to Part 2

Beyond the Sambatyon | Historical Introduction | Benjamin of Tudela
New World Part I | New World Part II | The False Messiah | Tribal Groups
Japan | Beta Israel-Ethiopia | Chiang-Min China
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Originally Posted by Ciggy
Originally Posted by true-lilly
Judah and Israel, were just two of the twelve brothers, who got scattered and mixed around the world, many times over.
BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Wrong answer. Lovely parting gifts.

Israel was the whole of all of them. It wasn't a "tribe".

Maybe Tsarion fans will fall for your "Japanese Jews" but I think most people here will simply :funny: at it. Rightly so.

Assyrians conquered the northern 10 of the tribes, leaving Judah and Benjamin. In those days what a nation would typically do after the conquest of another nation was:

1. Kill all the adult men.
2. Enslave all the women and children.
3. Take possession of all else.

So the most likely fate of the 10 northern tribes was just that: the men got slaughtered, the women became slaves, and the children were raised to be slaves for the rest of their days. After a few generations of rape by the Assyrian masters, not a whole lot of "pure" Israelite DNA would be left of them. And by modern times, completely diluted to a meaningless blip.

The hilarious thing about the "10 lost tribes" muffins as they spout out there is that they have to give you, as a premise, that the Assyrians would just "let them go" after winning the war.

Again Ciggy, you're just repeating the "Elitists" propaganda, that isn't actually in The Bible. The half baked and incomplete stories, re-told but not read from, The Multi layered histories actually written in it. Line upon line, here a little, there a little. And again you know it, yet you lie.

Yes there are stronger groups and gatherings of different family lines, fullfilling different prophisied rolls, but the individuals in each group, are what count. Half of my genetic material, comes from those early "slaves", the Slavs, and the other half from the branch that grew strong in the Urals.

I was taught our peoples history, from our perspective, as a child. I don't have a purely Anglo view history, I look for the 'ignored bits', and then (no suprise to me "now") find them in The Bible. Including (among them all) the roll of Australian Aboriginals, THE most ignored peoples of history. For which their is a "diabolical" reason.

But we all have a mixing of blood to some degree, as you acknowledge in the keeping of women, when different groups wared against and raided. And the peoples who just plain up and moved in with others.

The lies Ciggy's repeating, are just some of the many used over generations (by "them"), to make people too angry to read The Bible with "respectfull, OPEN eyes".

It's easy to do (only see nonsence) when you compress the keys of the whole history of all mankind, into one short time and place, which The Bible doesn't do, so any attempt to make it, also makes a nonsence of what it's actually saying. "The" intention of "their" plan.

Line upon line, here a little there a little, it goes on through history, and that's how it says to read it, yet the false, evil shepherds lie, and say they've "pegged it all", in the wrong times and places, and tell you to take "their word" as gosple, which again The Bible tells us not to, but study for ourselves.

I just got an offer of a free 'study' Bible from one of those American false Christian churches. Great, hard covered book, with lots of "explanations", but that's just it, it "explains" it all in a Middle Eastern context, yet again spreading the lie and confussion that comes with it.

Ciggy's disresect for Ancient Peoples Oral History, is a refection of his disrespect for truth, that isn't hidden, but deliberately ignored, as God said would happen, by those who choose to serve The father of The Lie.

Yes, when it comes to the modern postion of the Empire on which the Sun Never Set, and it's Powerfull Brother (Ephraim and Manasseh) you can see their roll being played out in our time. Still, belonging to these peoples, is not a free pass (they have duties, putting pride above them, is also part of the prophesied disobedience), but a reminder that God didn't lie.

That "straight as an arrow", "successfull" nature of the Assyrian blood can be seen playing out their Kingly roll over Ephraim as prophesied, in their current dragging us all to war.

Modern Israel, is NOT the promised land of The Bible (which many Jews have always said, but been drowned out by Zionist propaganda), but you can't see that if you don't try to read it as all going on in the Middle East.

So why doesn't Ciggy want folk to understand we all come from rightious stock, and can all claim our Holy Inheritance in God's re-born, resurrected Family?

Oh, missed a bit; Israel is both the one line brother's line and the name for the whole. Line upon line, here a little there a little. As it says to read it.
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Ancient Chinese Language Supports Creation

One of the primary characteristics which separates human behavior from animals is the ability to transfer abstract concepts to another human via written language.
The Bible teaches that this ability came directly from a creator God and states that the vastly different languages of the world are a result of the confusion of one original language during an event known as the tower of Babel.
Our English word babble (meaning gibberish, chatter, nonsense) has it roots in this event. If this event was a factual, historical happening, there would be clues in ancient writing for such important events such as the creation of man, the fall of man, the existence of a creator (God) and a deceiver (Satan), the world wide flood, and the dispersion of man (at the tower of Babel).

Knowledge of all of these events can be found not just in the Bible but through the ancient writing of people throughout the world. One of the more interesting clues can be found within the very characters of the ancient Chinese letter symbols. Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism dominate the religious beliefs of China today but 2000 years before the appearance of any of these religious beliefs the ancient Chinese served a single creator god known as "Shang Ti".

Ancient Chinese writing consisted of a series of word pictures or pictographs, which combined simpler features to express an idea or concept. The symbol for Shang Ti (God) is a combination of the symbol for emperor and the symbol for heaven (or above).

Thus, the original God worshiped by the Chinese was a single heavenly emperor (not a plurality of many gods).

The Bible describes the creation of man as God having formed him from the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life. The Chinese symbol for create is a combination of person (or breath), dust, walking, and alive.

Thus, to create is to bring a person from dust to life and have it walk.

The Bible describes the devil as the great deceiver who first tempted mankind during a private conversation among the trees of the Garden of Eden. The Chinese symbol for Devil is a combination of alive, man, garden, and secret {i.e. something alive tells man a secret in a garden}. Even more revealing is the symbol for tempter. This symbol adds devil to trees and cover.

Thus, the great tempter is a devil telling man a secret under trees.

The Bible describes a world wide flood catastrophe in which all human life with the exception of eight individuals on a floating vessel were destroyed. The Chinese symbol for boat is vessel, eight, and people.

Thus, a boat is eight people onboard of a vessel!

The Bible describes that man was told to spread out over the earth after the worldwide flood yet he rebelled and built a tower to his own glory. God ended this rebellion by confusing man's languages so that they set out and journeyed across the globe in different language groups. Interestingly the Chinese chose to use the identical symbol for confusion and rebellion...a combination of tongue and right leg (or journey).

Thus, to confuse is to set out on a journey with a new tongue (or language).

Many more examples can be found in an excellent book by C.H. Kang and Ethel Nelson called The Discovery of Genesis.
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Update from Yemen: Translations.

In 2002, John McGovern, busy documenting the First Tongue in Australia, located pictures of inscriptions from the what is believed to be The Queen of Sheba's archaeological site in Yemen. The language on the wall, although stylized into a font, appears to be First Tongue. Click HERE to see a recently uncovered panel and our attempt at a meaningful translation. Additional translations of a stone, partially buried in the sand and unexcavated, are attempted HERE.

We suggest that this ancient alphabet was used much as Latin inscriptions and Roman Numerals are used on contemporary dedication plaques. A dead language never changes and is therefore constant through time.


Most recently, Viewzone received photographs from a team in Australia who depicted similar petroglyphs of a much older date (i.e. in excess of 1800 B.C.) These were examined and translations of the material proved that it originated with the same root culture and ascribed to the same rules of grammar and symbols.

Translation of these Australian panels, a style known locally as Panaramitee Tradition, has been completed but the complete and the results have been successful. We provide some examples here.

The Australian Petroglyphs (2000) #1
The Australian Petroglyphs (2000) #2
Australian Petroglyphs (2001) #3

After 5,000 years Australia's Amazing Hieroglyphs still struggle for recognition !

Egyptian hieroglyphs found in New South Wales:

The hieroglyphs tell the tale of early Egyptian explorers, injured and stranded, in ancient Australia. The discovery centres around a most unusual set of rock carvings found in the National Park forest of the Hunter Valley, 100 km north of Sydney.

The enigmatic carvings have been part of the local folklore of the area for nearly a century with reports of people who sighted them as far back as the early 1900's.

The site was secretly visited by families "in the know" in the 1950's and fell back into local mythology for a couple of decades until it was accidentally rediscovered by a man looking for his lost dog.

The carvings are in a rock cleft, a large block of split sandstone on a cliff-face that has created a small chasm or "chamber" of two flat stone walls facing each other that widens out from two to four metres and is covered in by a huge flat rock as a "roof" at the narrow end.

The cleft is most cave-like and only accessible by a small rock chute from above or below, well disguised from the average bush-walker.

When you first come up the rock chute and climb into the stone hallway you are immediately confronted by a number of worn carvings that are obviously ancient Egyptian symbols. These are certainly not your average Aboriginal animal carvings, but something clearly alien in the Australian bush setting.

There are at least 250 hieroglyphs.

At the end of the chamber, protected by the remaining section of stone roof, is a remarkable third-life sized carving of the ancient Egyptian god "Anubis", the Judge of the Dead !

The hieroglyphs were extremely ancient, in the archaic style of the early dynasties.

This archaic style is very little known and untranslatable by most Egyptologists who are all trained to read Middle Egyptian upward.

The classic Egyptian dictionaries only handle Middle Egyptian, and there are few people in the world who can read and translate the early formative style.

Because the old style contains early forms of glyphs that correlate with archaic Phoenician and Sumerian sources one can see how the university researchers who saw them could so easily have thought them to be bizarre and ill-conceived forgeries.

The ageing Egyptologist Ray Johnson, who had translated extremely ancient texts for the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo eventually was successful in documenting and translating the two facing walls of Egyptian characters - which stemmed from the Third Dynasty.

The rock walls chronicle a tragic saga of ancient explorers shipwrecked in a strange and hostile land, and the untimely death of their royal leader, "Lord Djes-eb".

A group of three cartouches (framed clusters of glyphs) record the name of "RA-JEDEF" as reigning King of the Upper and Lower Nile, and son of "KHUFU" who, in turn, is son of the King "SNEFERU".

This dates the expedition just after the reign of King Khufu (known in the Greek as "Cheops" reputed builder of the Great Pyramid) somewhere between 1779 and 2748 BC.

Lord Djes-eb may have actually been one of the sons of the Pharaoh Ra Djedef, who reigned after Khufu.

The hieroglyphic text was apparently written under the instruction of a ship's captain or similar, with the corner glyph on the wall displaying the title of a high official or chief priest.

The scribe is "speaking for his Highness, the Prince, from this wretched place where we were carried by ship."

The expedition's leader, as mentioned before is described in the inscriptions as the King's son, "Lord Djes-eb", who came to grief a long way from home.

The hieroglyphics sketch his journey and his tragic demise:

"For two seasons he made his way westward, weary, but strong to the end.

Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects. He, the servant of God, said God brought the insects.

Have gone around hills and deserts, in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand.

He was killed while carrying the Golden Falcon Standard up front in a foreign land, crossing mountains, desert and water along the way.

He, who died before, is here laid to rest.

May he have life everlasting. He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer. MER meaning "love".

There was a moat around the pyramid called the "waters of Mer".

The second facing wall, which was much more seriously eroded, details the tragedy further.

This wall begins with the badly eroded glyph of a snake (Heft), with a glyph of jaws (to bite) and the symbol for 'twice'.

The snake bit twice.

Those followers of the diving Lord "KHUFU", mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, not all shall return.

We must go forward and not look back.

All the creek and river beds are dry. Our boat is damaged and tied up with rope.

Death was caused by snake.

We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest and prayed to AMEN, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice."

Burial rituals, prayers and preparations are described.

"We walled in the side entrance to the chamber with stones from all around.

We aligned the chamber with the Western Heavens."

The three doors of eternity were connected to the rear end of the royal tomb and sealed in.

We placed beside it a vessel, the holy offering, should he awaken from the tomb.

Separated from home is the Royal body and all others.

The extraordinary 5,000 year-old story of the death and burial of "Lord Djes-eb" one of the sons of the Pharaoh Ra Djedef.

Visual observation of the site makes it obvious that the very worn carvings exposed to the coastal weather would have to be several centuries to a thousand years old at least.

When first found the site was completely overgrown with thick vegetation and filled in with smashed rock and a much higher soil line.

A number of excavation attempts by interested parties have not turned up any artefacts or bodies but sophisticated and expensive laser scanning techniques have not been applied.

There is significant evidence that the ancients were well aware of the Great South land.

There were both Sumerian and Mayan traditions of a "lost motherland" in the Pacific.

Australia appears under the name of "Antoecie" on the famous spherical world map of Crates of Mallos, even appearing on the Greek map of Eratosthenese in 239 BC

It seems fairly certain that the maritime civilisations of antiquity were quite capable of extensive ocean voyages.

Particularly the early Egyptians, as evidenced by Giza's remarkable "Tomb of the Boat".

In the 1950's, a streamlined 4,500 year old hundred foot, ocean going vessel was excavated from right next to the Great Pyramid.

In 1991 an entire fleet of even older boats was found buried in the desert at Abydos in Upper Egypt.

According to Cairo Times, in 1982, archaeologists working at Fayum, near the Siwa Oasis uncovered fossils of kangaroos and other Australian marsupials.

And there's also the strange set of golded boomerangs discovered by Prof. Carter in the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Ciggy and Synergy, there are countless versions of your "opinions", for the reason that every time they're shown as nonsence, details get fiddled with, to keep the lies alive a little longer.

No matter how hard you try, you can't swap the consistantcy of The Bible and it's worth, for the inconsistant oceans of red herrings and tripe, Anti-Christians throw at it.

Mohamed wasn't even born untill nearly 250 after the council of Nicea, when you Anti-Christians love to say, the Illuminati/Power Elite set up Christianity to con mankind, yet you won't even consider Islam being just another one of their very many "bastard children". That sounds racist, bigotted, hypocritical, close minded, "judgemental" and just plain stupid.

And please, don't go into your, Catholic is Christian, lies.
Rome, just as the Pharisees and countless others before, did counterfeit God's messages to mankind, but none well enough to kill it.

What now has the name Christian, was around before Jesus, before Moses and before Abraham. So why do you give more respect to a religion that had 250 years of The Bible, wisdom it contains and success it was having, to steal from, and truely corupt?

There, I answered that one for you. You love anything that corupts God's Word.

I've been trying to show that no one agrees 100% on the history of mankind, yet many facts are still ignored while many disproven 'bad guesses' are still being taught as fact.

The people God scattered all around the world, weren't all White 'Jews', but all the 'types' the family contained, black, white, smooth, hairy and ginger.

Now Jacob/Israel went to the land of the Orientals and found a cousin to fall in love with. Her father's name means "white". But in the early life of recessive 'white' genes, white children would have been in minority, yet back then, even having a hairy ginger pop up, didn't seem to freak parents out like they do today.

Whereas "cultural discrimination" always seems to have been with us, "colour discrimination" seems to have taken a long time to take off and came from man, not God.

Whiteness is genetic devolution, yet God did choose white people to represent His Family too. This just tells me God wants us to know our physical form, already dying at birth, is of no consequence to our character, that God wants to return to man's original, radiant form.

Archeological, linguistic and time/culture anomolies, along with oral histories of peoples from ALL continants, keep supporting Genesis, and that's only with what hasn't been destroyed, hidden and reburied.

This indicates to me, that there is a KNOWN "Secret", countless have been killed to keep.

Now with all the "Great" cultures openly flouting God's laws, at the times of their falls, yet a branch or twig always rising again to declare, "This time, we know how to save mankind! We've been Illuminated!", it would be a pretty safe bet that "They" KNOW, man can't save mankind. So, how powerless would the Power Elite become overnight, if we all woke up to that fact.

I'd say that would be THE secret "They" would justify generations of murders, tortures, racial hatred and genocide, to keep secret. Because "They" do hate God and all His children, of the ONE, HUMAN 'race'.

Oh, and just a little side note; could those weird, long, miss-shaped skull, people, along with other odd, early skeletons, have been the irredeemably evil, pre-flood people?

Could Ham have missed his old pre-flood buddies, who didn't make him feel bad when he was, and his embelished reminiscances, inspired those 'fish head gods' depicted in his family line?
"EGYPT", is Nowhere in The Bible.
http://www.davidickeforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37784&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&st art=0
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Just to re-clarify; When Anti-Christians keep repeatedly accusing Catholic, Pagan, Babylonian etc. myth acceptance, by Christians who keep asking people to look past all that tacked on BS to the consistant truth still in The Bible, it kind of tells you there isn't much about Christianity for a reasonable person to hate.

Knowing that Satan would always lie to man about God, proofs of God's Word have also been scattered through times and places, to be found and understood by those who would otherwise lead others to believe Satan's lie, that God is our enemy. The proofs required in one age are different to proofs required for another, yet still they support or explain past ways, rather than contradict.

Circumcision; did work to show just how wide spread Israel was scattered, as yet another, proof of truth of The Bible, as well as being a hygene plus (that kept healthy birth rates up) for people constantly moving into harsh, unknown climates and terrains.
God made a point of choosing physically weak but spiritualy strong people to so greatly multiply (a reminder, even the best and most beautifull body, is rotting and dying but spirit is life beyond the carnal), so strict health and hygene laws were needed to make sure they did multiply, but even by Jesus' time, you could go mad or starve trying to keep all those health laws, so He left us with The Holy Spirit, to help us.

Female 'circucision' was never anything more than a paedophile's excuse to take little girls, and never Biblical. The Anglo version of this, I grew up with was, "old enough to bleed, old enough to seed", which in itself is a dirty, big fat, lie against biology and social science, but still hasn't stopped "illuminated" God haters from teaching it to generations of sons.

It was always our hearts, that God wanted stripped of 'deadly germ' harbouring excess.
When that happens, mutilating your son or daughter, to keep in good with the "churchy set", doesn't cross your mind. We're now well warned of all the pretences God haters would live by, to lead the babes in Christ astray and know that this age is for the training, sifting and sorting of our spiritual character, not building our physical or intellectual strength.

So of course, Eugenics is all the rage again!
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

My my, such ragging mantras.

Just one of 12 houses, of countless other divisions, but like a fear trigger, it's all you can focus on.

How many times do I have to say I don't agree with all of any of the links, but they offer a range of views on a topic, that, like it not, tell the stories of man's movements around the world.

Fact is, gene mapping and "accepted time lines", don't support each other. There's another little science war going on. Gene Mapping isn't 100% (and still requires interpretation), but a usefull tool in social manipulation, when quoted as an infalible source.

What you find, is everyone with an agenda, focusing on the isolated results that fit their 'ideal', skipping, over looking, the 'anomolies', but still, there are common threads. Mankind has been crossing and re-crossing paths, throughout time. Very different people, continants apart, are closely genetically related. Then you add culturally, linguisticly, religiously, and the 'whole' story, is very different from the nonsence we're taught as 'the' story.
By any camp.
Deep down everyone wants a 'superior' race, and to belong to it, so there's a version for everyone, but they all build it on or around something. They're the bits you should notice. They all claim a part of the Hebrew Bible as their history.
Hebrew is found on Ancient Australian rocks and in the Americas. Hebrew ain't "Jew", read past the attention grabbing (think stopping trigger), headline word "Jew", and follow the common story...We Are All Related.
Like a road bike team, we all take our turns at the hard lead and easy slipstream. We all have, "our time and place (for good and bad)", important to the whole.

We're talking about mankind here, all the pieces, Black, Red Head, White, Red. All brothers, uncles, cousins, aunts; geneticaly we've all had a common relative somewhere along the line. Some lines grow very strong and numerous, while others do die out.

Different gifts are found in scattered clusters, from engineering and hydrolics, to poetry and music, medicine to magic, and so on, through all groups around the world. It really is childish to shut your eyes to the whole because you don't like a (mixed) aspect.
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

You can think and see that is good. For now it is best to leave the REAL HOUSE OF IS-RA-EL hidden. In fact it can not be revealed.
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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

This is just the end of a very long and interesting post on the wutang-corp forum. Again, I don't agree with all of it, but unlike most, they at least give the Austral/Indian conection a mention too. What still aspounds me is that Africans themselves have oral history of coming from somewhere else, but they still stop short of of looking into the most ancient continuous peoples, Australian Aboriginals.


These Black Afrikans who founded civilization in China were often called Li Min "Black headed people" by the Zhou dynasts, which is similar to the Sumero-Akkadian / Babylonian term Sag- Gig-Ga also meaning "Black headed people."

Currently, Blacks are very rare in China because of the genocide of blending the races, which may be a racist tool applied there and throughout the world to eliminate the Black skin. (Add a cup of milk to jet Black coffee and see if you can still identify the Blackness.)

This is exactly what took place in Argentina, a nation which had more Blacks than whites during the 1700's, and it also occurred in Mexico and most parts of Latin America, where the Blacks are still severely oppressed. In sections of North Afrika, the Middle East and Southern Europe, the genocide of mixing was successful in eliminating all the Black populations from these regions except in India, where the racist caste system preserved the purest of India's original Black Negros to this day. These include the Black Dalit or Untouchables (Negro-Australoids) who were kept segregated and isolated for thousands of years by the Indo-European invaders who migrated from Central Asia/North-Eastern Europe.

The original or first people of India were also Black Afrikans, in fact, the Latin word India comes from the Greek word Indus (Indos) which means Black
. These Black Afrikans, many of whom came from Ethiopia and called Dravidians (afro-Australoids), founded the great Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 B.C., bringing many spiritual sciences that originated in Afrika like Yoga, Kundalini and Reflexology with them.

Also, being masters of urban planning and architecture, their homes and cities had running water, toilets, and an underground sewage system as seen at the Mohenjo Daro ruins around 2000 B.C. It is also believed that the Ganges, the sacred river of India, was named after an Ethiopian king by that name who conquered Asia up to this river. Buddha, Krishna, (two of the world's best known Black deities outside of the western world), the great King Asoka and other great Black sages emerged from these successive civilizations.

But in the western world nothing is mentioned that India was once a part of the great Black Ethiopian Empire, but this is verified in the Ethiopian sacred text known as The Kebra Negast which regarded West India as a part of the Ethiopian or Kushite Empire. In biblical times, Afrika included much of what European maps refer to as the Middle East, but it was the European mapmakers who determined that regions on the top of Afrika should be divided, based on distances from Europe to the Near East, Middle East and Far East. The name Afrika was imposed on this great continent by European explorers who have this knack for renaming and degrading everything they come across to suit themselves.

A replica of an ancient Chinese map which included a recognizable outline of Afrika was made public in November 2002 in South Afrika's Parliament. This Map of the Great Ming Empire Da Ming Hun Yi Tu which dates back to 1389, was created decades before the first European voyages to Afrika, but this presents another problem, as European scientists could not explain how the Chinese possessed such a map that was dated decades before Europeans had sailed to Afrika.

The normal response when something surfaces in an area that cannot be linked back to Europe, their scientists will come up with some statement like, "We have our team of experts working on that."

This is a carefully constructed drawback which suggests that everything documented in history is supposed to be measured to and from Europe, - a baby civilization.

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