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Old 04-11-2009, 11:15 AM
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Default D.B.S.D And Why Some Religious People Need To Be Destroyed

Let me preface this article by saying that not ALL religious people are evil. Nor do all of them suffer from D.B.S.D, a grave disorder of the mind. With that said, however, I will go on to discuss the role of D.B.S.D (Delusional Belief System Disorder) and it's role in the true conspiracy.

Most people are happy to live and let live. Unfortunately, all too often we have fruitcakes who want to kill just about everyone. We find this often centers on two rather broad areas: Politics and Religion.

Delusional Belief System Disorder usually has a hand in this. A person suffering from this disorder has total faith in a political or religious leader or in a certain interpertation of a Holy Book. Because they lack doubt, they are convinced they are doing the right thing.
This usually leads to either convictions that seem to disagree with known facts of the world and sometimes science. Such as the world being created in seven days, e.t.c. Usually this is harmless.
However, what has happened is that an unholy mix of politics and religion has come about. These people are convinced they know what is right for everyone else, and because of their disorder, will attempt to force others to comply.
In the West, (U.S.A) this is the Christian Fundementalists. In many Arab nations, it is the Muslim Fundementalists and even some hard core Jewish Fundementalists in Israel. While theologically they disagree, in practice there is wide agreement.
They believe they have been ordered by God to destroy the infidel, or the liberals, e.t.c. Since they have influence in politics, their fellow travellers aid them in their conspiracy of a theocracy based on their interpertation of their Holy Book or what they believe is an order from God.
Their Delusion, which supports their overall belief syndrome, make them fanatical and borderline insane. They may speak of love, but it is a love that is only given by submission and obedience. In their long range plans, they intend to create their New Theocratic World Order, and make everyone else obey or treat them like second class citizens.

Let me give you a brief example. Please note Pastor Joshua is a goof, but he voices the bigotry of many people. While people are allowed to believe as they desire, such beliefs have consequences on those they say they "love". One group that some people like to denigrate is Ab/Dl's. At this site: Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers: Alternate Lifestyle or Mental Illness? [UPDATED] Blogs 4 Brownback.

People ask me why I seem so militant and wish to destroy these people. The reason is they wish to destroy me. Given an oppurtunity, they would oppress us and often their religions (or their interpertation of their religion and/or Holy Book) plainly says dissenters deserve eternal torture or death. Anyone knows that in a situation where it is kill or be killed, you must destroy the one trying to kill you before they can do so.
They say , in many cases, I either deserve death or torture. My answer to that is to destroy them, since like Al Queda, if I don't fight them they certainly will me.
Therefore, for my own survival, and the survival of others like myself, the New Theological World Order must be defeated and their adherents liquidated. As brutal as it sounds, the truth is an enemy dead is an enemy who is no longer a threat. Since they refuse to compromise and since they plainly desire my death and/or torture, I can not turn the other cheek and believe they will show mercy.
No, they and all who hold their delusional beliefs must be eliminated. They must be crushed so they can offer no harm to anyone else ever again.
However, those who DO NOT hold such views, it is unnecessary to do this. As they offer no harm to me, I offer no harm to them as well.

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