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Here is the latest article of Israel Shamir: ... Gondor.htm

Let`s read some excerpts:

"(...) It is great to be a Christian for one can feel this uniting brotherhood-in-God with the native people in so many lands and places, be it among prosperous English folk of Reverend Stephen Sizer in the low church of Virginia Waters, or with the monks of Mount Athos in their candle-lit medieval chambers, with Jerusalemites in the small Palestinian Arab church of Father Attalla Hanna, or among throngs of jolly Italians in the vastness of St Peter in Rome, or among the unique mixture of Russian writers and peasants in the village church of Peredelkino near Moscow, - and among the Ethiopians in far-away Gondor.

It is quite dissimilar from the Jewish experience which, though equally globe-embracing, - there are synagogues in Venice and Cochin, New York and Curacao, - is basically the experience of expatriates meeting together wherever they go – the people are quite the same, like in different British Officers Clubs in various corners of the Empire, from Hong Kong to Vancouver. It is not a question of race but of doctrine – there was in Ethiopia a long-established Judaic community, whose members were not distinguishable from the rest of Ethiopians by their looks, blood, language or customs; but they received the call from Jerusalem and went there, to guard Tel Aviv cafes and man checkpoints in Palestine, humbly accepting their third-rate status in the new land. Thus they joined the members of other once-well-rooted communities from Germany and Russia, from Yemen and Morocco, for Jewishness unavoidably leads to separation from the native population and to exile. (...).

The role of the Church is also steadily diminishing. Its lands were confiscated and redistributed by the government and it has lost its ability to protect the people. The rural communities get uprooted by ceaseless fighting and a lack of water, its members drift into towns where they are reduced to begging. The younger generation of city dwellers does not go to church any more. The onslaught of Modernity is relentless everywhere, even in far-away Ethiopia. Not much is left; who knows maybe the Ethiopian priests count years better than we do: according to their calendar it is now AD 1997, with only three years to the millennium and the end of days."

The Zionists hate Israel Shamir and many Jews are ready to believe their lies, that Shamir is a self-hater Jew (they cannot say an "antisemit Jew" since Shamir is the offspring of an old Jewish lineage). Yet, as long as there would be Jews like I. Shamir, it would be impossible for any healthy human being to become what the Zionists call "anti-semite". Israel Shamir, just as others like Henry Makow or Noam Chomsky, show us how universal and beautyful can be the human soul, even in our corrupt times.