Tamil Terrorists Put on Notice .. No Closer Than One Rifle Shot!

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6:43 AM - Mar 05, 2017 #1

Tamil woman in supermarket deli breathes heavily into the bag of fish a couple flecks of spittle land in the bag, she wraps it up throws it onto the counter and stalks off - Her ppl waged genocidal terror war against the ppl of Sri Lanka, the Australian Govt. granted them safe haven here.

Bring war and execution to the Tamil terror mindset that spits and snarls in Australian supermarkets - They are king size abortioners and prosecution is expected to bring most to the execution dais, both for outrage in Sri Lanka and for genocide against girl children!

Not long after the spitting incident in the supermarket and after I had made a complaint to the manager, when I went up to the same counter another one of the black ----- took a knife from a rack and plunged it into a stack of cardboard boxes, I interpreted his actions as a death threat..

And warned him to be no closer than one rifle shot to me and my household at any time!