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Has anybody else heard bout the Dark Rain code? I'm really spooked. It's a cypher that is concealed in the pages of the book Dark Rain and tells exactly when Gaia is going to hit back. When the positive feedback in the chaos system of the weather will reach critical mass and tsunamis and heatwaves will wipe out like seven billion people. And there are secret government agencies involved in preparing for it, covering up what is happening and making sure that the 0.01% in power survive in some kind of new Eden. The code is or startys with a series of number. Like there are only five chapters, and the ISBN is 0-230-00010-X. Thats five zeros (if you dont count the one that is part of 10), 2+3=5, 10-:-2=5 and X is the roman numeral for 10. Five is like central to the code, and the fifth letter of the alphabet is E, which is the first letter of Eden.

There's more, like the total number of pages in the book (243)reduce to 9 (2+4+3=9)and the 9th and 10th words on page one are an anagram of Eden.

I haven't worked it all out yet, but it is definitely there. Has anybody else looked into this?
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