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Another local girl, age 13, has been found (not far from her home) dead.

Again, a sex-offender who knew her mother. This is why she let him in at midnight.

The same line: "it's sad that it takes something like this to bring a community together" came from the lips of a well-meaning person,

as well as: "America Needs To Wake Up".

To some, that have their views on 'much larger' issues, this is nothing more than, "yeah, we know, the mother knew this guy, they all live in a trailer park, the teen had tendancies to runaway".....

Yes, I heard those words with my own ears. People will just say their prayers, show their respects, voice themselves for a few days (some off-color things as well), and then life goes on.

Do THEY keep these type of criminals amonst us as if to KEEP US in 'our place'? For us to truly WAKE UP? And do something?
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Without knowing a thing GR i'll give you the scenario...

The guy was a crack/amphetamine/coke dealer (probably amphetamine) who was supplying this lady.

She could'nt pay and was exchanging sex for drugs.

The guy was a heavy user and due to this, his frontal lobes had been severly affected denying him any 'cognitive', 'ethical' foundation to control his vastly increased sexual appertite...due to his drug use.

It's like a merry go round.

God knows I've had my fair share of drugs. But there is a dark scene where you dont want to go.

I'm afraid of very little, but there is a place where drugs, secret societies, the occult and scum meet.

Be they trailer park trash or NWO scum out of Western Europe and beyond...little boys and girls are being murdered, ritually sacrificed and held captive by what can only be described as people who have crossed a line and can never come back.

They have always been around. Some have had good upbringings, some bad...most are just plain evil and in a close community would have nowhere to hide.

I beleive that the current view that all we need is a better society and these people will not develop this way is wrong. There is evil in this world.

Form strong communal bonds with people who hold similar values. Be prepared to pull over and ask the little scum bag why he is'nt in school and why he's checking out peoples houses.

I know people who have had the most horrendous upbringings. To hurt other people is simply not on their mind.

Only by standing together and getting involved in our communities can these things be stopped.

We might start by actually putting down roots instead of moving house constantly.

Of course, the NWO needs a 'flexible labour force' so you can never settle into a job and a community.

They are tearing us apart with their scams.




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